Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat – REVIEW

►Honeywell WiFi Touchscreen Thermostat:

This smart thermostat from Honeywell is a great “intermediate” product between the old school 7-day programmable thermostats, and the high-tech, expensive “Auto Learning” and “Auto Sensing” thermostats like the Nest or ecobee.

Here are my 4 Favorite Features:
1. Remote control access from anywhere, anytime! All from the app you can set temperature and system settings. Plus you can easily modify the 7-Day programmable schedule.
2. They have a website “app” that allows you to login and control this smart wifi thermostat from anywhere. Plus you can turn on email notifications for an assortment of possible scenarios.. “alert me when the humidity drops below 20%” etc
3. Simple to use scheduling interface. Very easy and quick to jump to a specific time/day, tweak heat/cooling wants and hit save.
4. Great touchscreen display. Vibrant colors, different themes, easy to navigate, easy to read.
(This could be a *great* thermostat for the elderly, as they can easily read and control the thermostat themselves, but someone else can login remotely and “help control/temp settings” if needed.)

-Honeywell In-Depth How-To Install video:

Thanks for watching! I hope this video was helpful.
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TheStewieGriffinShow says:

This thermostat has all the features I could ever want except the most important one. I just want to program it to come on at 5am and go off at 8am everyday. However, after talking with support it cannot function in that capacity.

There is no ‘on’ or ‘off’ feature in the programming schedule. It is ‘wake’ temperature and ‘sleep’ temperature so instead of coming on at 5am, it comes on around 3am. Instead of going off at 8am, it is generally still on at 11am and I have to hit the off button to get it to turn off.

I am really disappointed that it won’t follow the schedule that I have programmed it for. I have the smart feature turned off, and it still won’t follow my scheduled program.

This thermostat has turned out to be a nightmare because it keeps turning on outside of my scheduled program and will not turn off when I have it scheduled to shut off. Instead of saving me money, it costs me more.

Northerngulf says:

You said it monitors outdoor temps. Does it come with a wireless thermometer transmitter for outdoors?

Petty Teddy says:

Will it work with Alexa and google home?

dynomax666 says:

i like that thermostat better than my visionpro 8000. i have not started my system yet as home is just finishing construction. Can I access the gateway on my smartphone as well of internet? I was really hoping for usage history!!! like how much the system is running, when in aux mode heat / cool mode etc. I guess as long as I can change my temp while i’m away thats good for me

Deric Kettel says:

Oh I see that this is for 24v, I need one for 240v

Sheila Dunn says:

I just installed my wifi Honeywell thermostat and turned my power back on , but my thermostat is not starting up, Am I doing something wrong?


is it compactable with chiiler fcu?

Rizwan Rafeek says:

I bought one too, I like this Honeywell because it has large screen and simple functions.
Paying extra for features and function I have no benefit is money goes down on the drain.

Daniel Nsofor says:

monthly payment to Honeywell??

Brijesh Naidu says:

Have you had major issues with WiFi connections? How about malfunctions after a year or so? Most negative reviews indicate such behavior.

robbed18 says:

Having trouble finding a comparison between this and the Lyric T5. Seems the T5 does more, but maybe lower quality screen (color) explains the price difference?

Good vid, thank you.

Deric Kettel says:

Right now at work I have three of the Proliphix N130 24v Thermostats, they are not wireless but I have them direct wired to Ethernet. I can program them from my office or even at home with a little hoop jumping through a portal. These thermostats are about 10 or 12 years old now, and before I start having trouble, and so that I can be more in control of them, I would like to see what else is out there. What I can do that I haven’t see on other smart thermostats is I can schedule the heat to come on and shut down for particular days, weeks, months and really for a year in advance. This works perfectly for me as I need to schedule heat when guests are arriving and when they leave so that we are not heating dorms or apartments when they are empty.

Have you seen anything like this out there? I can go month to month, schedule in and out perfectly. So you might ask, why do I want to change thermostats? Well the short version is we no longer have support from the IT department where I work, so I need to find a solution that lets me bypass all of their nonsense and restrictions. 2 weeks ago at home I installed a 7 day programmable King/Atmoz thermostat, and I can control it from my phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately its only a 7 day programmable line voltage thermostat. Here at work I need a full year programmable stat so i can set schedules months at a time.

Morning Glory says:

Does this work with Apple Homekit?

Kenn Brooks says:

I have two HW wifi thermostats. How do I use one app for both thermostats?

songs songs says:

I hated mine. It only allow one account login in the app. Also, the Honeywell support phone line or live chat are always busy. Don’t waste money.

oracles -x says:

Can you please clarify followings.
• 1. If IP address has to be any system
• 2. Does Router needs to broadcast in any ways
• 3. Any port issues
• 4. Any Password issues
• 5. Are ther any security issuesand settings:
• 6. Any WPA issues
• 7. Any google DNS issues

wholeNwon says:

There ARE. Here ARE.
Some old houses have 120v thermostats. Be sure yours does NOT before doing any installations.

Alexander Hansen says:

how do you set it up to work with alexa? melany


Why do you talk like a robot?

Deric Kettel says:

So I bought one of those Atmoz WiFi stats, and the thing is total garbage. Never connects or has error after error. How can I be assured that this one will work? I’m tired of wasting money on this kind of crap!

chad elliott says:

What happens if wifi is out or power goes out? Reset remotely or any notifications?

Chris Heringer says:

Something I’m unfamiliar with, and having a varying temperature from the 3rd floor down to the basement……I found the “Circulate” feature to be a big help. It seems to kick the fan on periodically to keep the air circulating around the house, in hopes to avoid a sauna on the top floor and an ice box in the family room. Maybe this is a normal feature, but it was new to me, so I’m addition to the Pro’s you outlined, I added air circulation to my list.

Jeff Cameron says:

Do you happen to know the difference between the RTH9585WF (second generation) and the RTH9580WF (first generation). The difference I see is the LCD screen on the 9580 shows “date/time” and the 9585 only shows “time”. I’m wondering if the 9585 might work with some smart hubs that the 9580 “might” not and perhaps the 9585 has perhaps a newer wifi chip.

What I don’t know is if the 9585 has the same background color options as the 9580.

James Chapman says:

can you lock it from kids changing the temp?

Ulrico Izaguirre says:

Hi Guys! I have a question – thank you for this video. I need to get the MAC and CRC address for this thing so i can connect it to wifi. It is not on the back of the unit, how do i get this information from the unit itself? The card was not left by the previous home owners.

Fern Pereira says:

Can I use a Honeywell C7189R1004 Wireless Indoor Sensor with this thermostat ?

Andrew Conrad says:

I have this thermostat and it’s a nightmare to own.

wud47b says:

Does this work with Apple HomeKit?

Juan Rivera says:

Good info nice video. i got my ecobee 3 lite for 126 on eBay got lucky. the ecobee lite is sweet and now cheaper at 168 or 135 on eBay. The ecobee wifi sensors are a big plus and so is the integration with Alexa.

Michael Frasca says:

Is this HomeKit compatible

Josh Huber says:

If I buy a LockState Connect LS-24VAC transformer (plugs in like a phone charger) from Amazon for about $25. I now have wifi will that work with base board hot water heat

Maxime Poulin says:

Was on the fence about this product. Now i’m sold. Easy review, straight to the point. Good work.

CFL-Tech says:

Does the screen always stay on? There is an inactive setting to dim but it does not seem to go off on its own.

Jeff Cameron says:

Do you think the extra features you would like will be added to future firmware upgrades?

Alan Butki says:

When you say “anywhere” you do mean from a place outside the Home wifi network – in other words, from miles away, another State? Whose server connects to my home wifi?

Manuel Vásquez says:

How much for this baby?

Lance McGrew says:

Does the firmware auto-update or require user intervention?

Sheila Dunn says:

Have to change out my Thermostat just went out a very hot day, thanks for the video really helps, going to Home depot in the morning.

charlene smith says:

how to tell if connected to wifi

K. Austin Hopper says:

Will this give you historical data? I’m looking for a smart thermostat that will give me a graph of the temperature and humidity of the past day/week.

eddie larena says:

thanks for you tutorial … but i have problem ,I have only four cables NO C can you help me?

K Sa says:

No hype in this thermostat? Old school is better

Alan Fischer says:

Does it have a Ethernet Lan port and how much is the service charge

kuffs06 says:

Ive been using this for 3 years now. works like a charm. Better than nest

Josh Huber says:

Question do I have to have a C wire to run a wifi thermostat?

lvjohn2009 says:

Good video thanks for posting

Mohd Redzuan Anuar says:


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