Home Automation | Smart Home System demo with SmartThings 2017

Home Automation of a Smart Home System using Amazon Echo and SmartThings 2017

Smart home video showing a short home automation demo by using Home Automation Systems and the Amazon Echo Alexa.


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By using home Automation it will simplify your life in 2017. You can use your Android phone, tablet or iphone ios and ipad to access your home automation system.

Having these products installed in your smart home will bring your house alive with home automation. This is the best home automation system in Toronto, with ifttt recipes and tutorial.

We can turn your home into a smart home in Canada, with the help of a smart home system, and the Amazon Echo Alexa. Once you are finished unboxing and setup the Amazon Echo you are ready to enjoy the parody. Also see our Google Home review

Smart home automation systems – From a home automation security perspective, this also includes your alarm system, video door bell, security cameras, motion sensors, and wireless window and door sensors.

Some of the iot (internet of things) hardware installed in your smart home are: in-wall Z-wave switches and dimmers, Lighting fixtures, and door locks.

The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Google Home also work in Canada, the UK and Germany.

Home automation also uses motion sensors, garage door openers, security systems, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Located in the Toronto area, Canada with surrounding areas of Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill, Bradford, Barrie, Unionville, Mississauga, Stouffville, York Region Ontario


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Haythem Lutfi says:

Hello again, and thank for your great videos. I wonder if you covered changing the lights color using Alexa in one of your videos that I missed. Thanks!

1/3 of The Formula says:

Video cool but she fine

Annunakki 420 says:

I’m missing the sensor of the light that you presented on the stairs. What the name of it?

Adrienne Fortin Garimbao says:

How much all if i buy all of that? and where to buy?

Steve says:

Awesome video!

Zina Boy says:

You may want to add Google home

Safdar says:

Very cool. But sad to see negative comments below. Who the hell are these guys who are passing foolish, silly jokes without a reason. If you didn’t like the video, get the hell out of here but why do you mock her pass nonsense comments on her. Every other duffer is using internet to shit around.

Jose Cardona says:

Alexa works for several languages or only in English?

Anderson Witherell says:

worst wig EVER

chazzico says:

Wait….how were you able to turn on/off the TV with that trigger phrase. I use blumoo to do that.

Steven Church says:

Combining JAQX and Alexa has been the greatest combination I have found yet with the best prices on the market for the most products. Let me know if you want to more.

Armon Mitchell says:

I’m 80% sure she is saying something important….but im uuuuh “distracted…?” Hottie!

Michael Brux says:

What motion sensors and door sensors are you using?

Michael Young says:

I have seen better acting on the Weather Channel.

M C says:

Your videos are awesome and informative. I’m learning about Home Automation watching your videos while deployed overseas. I’m returning in two months and plan to Home Automate my In-laws home because they’re in their 80’s and are having difficulty with everyday tasks. Thanks again

MrSabkelendrin says:


Beau Lorentzen says:

Nest and Smartthings are compatible now?

Jorge Gutierrez says:

Congratulations, Great video


Girl looks like one of these whovile people e.e

Clean Strokes Painting says:

Awesome video of home automation. I like the way you demonstrate how the lights and thermostat can be easily controlled with your phone and Amazon Alexa. Especially the kitchen cabinet lights.

chazzico says:

Nice video! Keep us updated please

Joey G says:

How did you get her to recognize your commute to work, since your in Canada, I am wondering how you did this, as there is no native support for alexa in Canada.  Thanks

Dennis Ramirez says:

Are you using smartthings? if so what are the flaws that you see with the system? I have a very similar set up but I’m currently with Wink, but would like to change to Smartthings because of the appliance functionality their integrating, but i keep hearing horror stories.

piyaji840 says:

good info , it would have been awesome ,had you added the info about the parts you used !!!
keep up the good work

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