Google Home Review – Smartthings Integration – Home Automation – Better than Amazon Echo?

This is a short review of Google Home for use in Home Automation and music. This video contains a short comparison of the Google Home vs Amazon Echo. Google Home is well-built and works very well for asking questions and appears more conversational than The Amazon Echo and New Echo Dot. Right now it works with Nest, Philips Hue, SmartThings, and IFTTT. Obviously, this list will grow as time goes. In my testing, it works very well with SmartThings and Nest. You can speak to Google Home naturally instead of being forced to speak robotically like speaking to Alexa. The speaker sounds good but it does not get as loud as the Amazon Echo and seems to lack a little bit of the detail that the larger Amazon Echo has. Overall, if you’re considering which one will be better for advanced Home Automation, the Echo would be a better fit at the moment. However, for everything else Google Home works better and will likely support just as many devices as the Amazon Echo as it matures.

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Keith Christensen says:

By far the best review I’ve seen. I’ve been researching this thing like crazy. Thanks! I think I’ll buy it.

Lars Rye Jeppesen says:

Great video. And no, phones didn’t go off with “hey google” but my google homes did, lol

Aldo Salazar says:

Hi, I live in Mexico, so am I able to make all those things work? first thing I noticed is that in the minute 39 of this video you are showing the google home screen and in there I see google assistant and below it show “things to ask”, “music”, “home control” etc. But if I go to same place in my phone I do not have the google assistant options, it only show “devices”. Do I have to do something to add the google assistant to the google home ??

michael galluzzo says:

great video!

Marge Thomas says:

I bought the G Home when it came out. My son bought me the Wink hub and outlet. From what I can tell….it won’t work together. Do you think it will in the future….or should I just return it and go with Smart things?

Bighomey103 says:

Excellent video. Thanks!

Terry McCoy says:

Best review of the Echo and Google Home I could find on Youtube. Great Job!!!

Vj L says:

Hey i have questions how to connect my Google home to my samsung ks8000 on cec

Adam Richardson says:

Those are some great JBLs I have the 305s and the 308s, and the matching sub….great sound at a great price!!

José A. Alvarado Moreira says:

Please detail a setup demo between Google home and Alexa and smartthings..

Dave Lemberg says:

Just watched a few of your videos. They are very informative and I love how you show examples and describe how things are set up. You’ve earned a new subscriber. Keep up the good work.

Loc Ho says:

Really good video. But if how can i do it with the fireplace please help thank

Murchy Murch says:

Google Home = BEAST

bert swannee says:

can I order through Google home. for example ordering pizza or Chinese food, clothes, house hold goods. can I set reminders for doctors appointments or special dates. set daily alarm for work. dial numbers or call 911 if needed.

imlon2 says:

Can you have google do something if your not home over the phone or an app? Like close garage door or adjust temp?

Sean Ellis says:

Can you explain more on the Honeywell alarm system integration? I have the same security system and would like to automate

Dreamless man says:

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of home automation on my blog at *dennisreviews. com/home-automation-review/* Thanks, Skipper.

Vince Karam says:

Nice Video thank you

arsmoriendi646 says:

i’m just getting into the home automation game and your vids have been the most helpful by far. thank you!

I.T. Intern says:

google needs to put aux out or optical output.

rfrancoi says:

Great video M. The only thing that I’ve observed during my research is that it uses proprietary technology. What I mean is that you can it doesn’t support Bluetooth out (to bluetooth speakers). You have to use speakers that support Chromecast.

Zimi Van Ende says:

Do you still need the smartthings hub or does it connect directly to the smartthings devices?

PokeIS300 says:

daaamn majestic you’ve done it again great review 🙂

Marcel Mason says:

Use Chromecast audio for the aux part.

Jake Frederick says:

Can you describe how you did the garage relay in more detail, please?

abitofrandom says:

If I can afford both should I and could I use both Echo and Google Home? Do you use both?

Stev A says:

has google said when we can expect upgrades such as memos, appts and to do’s??? Also, would love to know when a physical updated module will come out, as I’d hate to buy this one, and then an updated one came out like a month later. good review.

Zackery Trahan says:

Google home doesn’t need an aux cord it uses the chrome cast audio in place of that #bestbuyblueshirt #connectedhomespecialist

Relax Life says:

You have to use speakers that support Chromecast

Shewquet taylor says:

this is a great review I am glad I found your channel new sub here yes for team Google home

Breaking Elegance says:

great review bro

William Cary says:

I just bought a Google Home and have a 5.1 Sonos system set up, would Google home voice commands control my sonos system if i connected my sonos to a Samsung smartthings Hub?

Jason Lowe says:

This was an excellent review. I’m really surprised more people don’t know about you. Keep up the good work man!

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