Google Home Review – Look out, Siri!

Google Home is here! Does it live up to the hype?
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Google Home is a new hardware device by Google that uses the “Google Assistant” and artificial intelligence to power this smart speaker. It uses voice commands to look up information, control smart home devices, and do entertainment. Google Home might not be for everyone though, since many of the best features involve using it as a hub to control smart home devices, which not everyone has. It ties into your Google Account, so if you don’t use Google for everything, you’ll also get limited use. I think it’s a great competitor with Amazon Echo, another smart speaker, and Apple Siri, but which is best will depend on what eco-systems you use the most.

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Dave Satay says:

Does Thio pay for all hardware he reviews, or companies send him stuff for free, in exchange for YT review?

Shibby says:

how did you get the onscreen links to work on the phone? Is it just the new update to YouTube? I’m glad you specified! That’s cool

Red Woods says:

Without credit-debit-gift cards, you can NOT access Youtube Red music. Cheated!

Rajkumar savara says:

how can we install nougat 7.0 in coolpad note 3

Mario S says:

Netflix is now supported and works flawlessly. The Google play movies not working infuriates me though. I should be able to rent and playback movies on a Chromecast with this thing.. how does that even make sense??

Lachlant1984 says:

What do you think of Google Home in comparison to the Amazon Echo? I know you’ve reviewed that unit before. I know that Google Home has the whole context sensitive conversation thing which the Echo doesn’t have, but other than that what do you think of the 2 units in comparison to each other?

Tomas Trujillo says:

Chingatu tu madretu y luz

vacationboyvideos says:

the top of the unit should be a LCD or OLED touch screen!

Michael Hametner says:

Thanks for the review 🙂

Have you had any chance to check if it supports to play Spotify on another Spotify connect device?

ThioJoe says:

1 like = 1 electoral college vote

The Re-Uploads Hub says:

watching this and having your model respond to his commands… XD

Dave Satay says:

So Google Home listens and records all conversations in your living room, 24/7, and people are PAYING for this? WTF?

Such a violation of privacy!

Sebastian Chavez says:

Can you set the google home to be an alarm?

PIPE H says:

Ey marques .. its u ? :V ….

Paul de Groot says:

when you don’t live in America and haven’t heard of any of these products

AliE says:

This comment will be lost between all of these 300 comments. It will not reach 1000 likes and no one will respond to it, nor will ThioJoe respond to it even thought I am a big fan. May god bless you all!

lv RngxNightXmare vl says:

suh dude

krofna says:

Great review, i’ll probably buy it when I have a lil more money.

Poudyeln Nishal says:

is it chargeable

JimmyD says:

Sucks that you need YouTube Red

Sirous Mani says:

The issue at 6:00 is perfect for iphone users

The Flying Carpet says:


tits mcghee says:

siri is absolutely awful… i had the nexus 6p and had no problem using google to answer my questions, but siri can hardly get my questions right

dimitri kline says:

great review; more down to earth and comprehensive than others I’ve checked out.

Azeem Jutt says:

from which type of shop i can buy aluminium foil?

Ibrahima Conde says:

bonjour peut on l avoir en français ?

TheDarkMage1111 Nichols says:

Applet not trigger, THEY UPDATED

I bottle flip till 100 says:


Jaeger Bombastico says:

I’m really liking this new Thio Joe. I know he had a separate tech channel, but it feels higher quality now.

Luis Cardona says:

Great review!

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