Google Home Review: Assistant in a Box!

Google’s version of Amazon Alexa, complete with games and trivia!

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Awesomedude360 says:

Does the google home work with iOS devices

Andrei Besleaga says:

Hey @Marques Brownlee ! For the voice recognition problem for it to be available to multiple people: It could simply ask “Who is this?” or something, right? Example:
– You: “Hey google! How does my calendar look like?”
– Google home: “Are you Marques or Matt?”
– You: “I’m Marques”.
– Google home: “Ok Marques, here’s your calendar…”

This until better voice recognition will become available, of course.

Christian Ludvigsen says:

i will leave like .. bad devise haha

Nick Fish says:


Lucas Martins says:

What happens if you say “Ok google…” near both your phone & google home?

Hey Yo says:

Watching this through my bluetooth speaker was triggering google now everytime that marques was saying “ok google” ahahaha

k.a. kumar says:

I think it is OK Google

Lamarche Dutemps says:

I just bought it for my home Hue lights system and got a free Chrome cast along with my purchase.

James P says:

Song at 2:40?

Ridwan Kabir says:

I want google home voice by james Earl jones

FAMOUS AJ 2 says:


UnReal Fan says:

Sooner or later its going to be install in homes/ tool

Cameron Ryan says:

Having to say “Ok Google” so many times is redundant, they need to change it to a one word name/command

amclellan84 says:

I’m looking for a device that would stream Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. Does this do that? What about apple or Alexa? And I don’t mean via Bluetooth cell my phone, I mean through the speaker which would then be hooked up to my proper soundystem.

Ricky Leung says:

Can’t you use a smart phone instead? Like a Home, a smart phone has microphone, speaker and built in AI. You can use your existing phone and pay nothing, or you can buy a cheap $50 android phone instead of paying $100+ to buy a Home.

ClickIt149 says:

When will be able to say just google ? To activate it google home

Barney Patrick says:

Can you ask google to give you hand or blow job, when that happens I’ll be impressed.

Graham Wellington says:

Great review!

Chris Moore says:

My Google Home is going wild hahaha

PublicServiceAnnoucement25 says:

Why don’t they make this thing for cars

calenstube says:

I am dumping Alexa for Google

ahmad mifzal says:

look like a air fresh ner

Douglas Meng says:


Greg Thomas says:

Can’t watch on Google product…. Cause well… Ok Google..

Neha Sran says:

Why not just use the phone?

Johan Studt says:

499 Google Home devices disliked this video

TK Kanagaratnam says:

Listen to this on speakers and at 1:42 amazing things happen.

Christopher Barger says:

Google home is now a multiple person device <3 Awesome video, great to see real use and not just specs

Daniel Lopez says:

I think I would choose Google home over Amazon Echo because Google already knows everything about me.

Science of Sound says:

Love the review (as always), but LMFAO in your favourites playlist ….

shreenidhi ds says:

What’s the name of the songs. ??

Lil Uzi Rouge says:

what is the intro music ?

Marques Brownlee says:

Just testing the new comments pinning feature, nbd

Mustache Man says:

you just had to say ok Google didn’t you

swishpronoob says:

Google home is a hater! **gives the video a like

Bennett Schwarting says:

If you look on Google YouTube channel they did it it’s amazing

ThingsGetMessedUp2 on yt says:

Google home is better than siri

David Simon Tetruashvili says:

You should probably update this video… They added a bunch more features to it now.

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