Google Home Max Review

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The Google Home Max is a good speaker, but a not-so-great listener. Find out where it flies and where it fails in our Google Home Max review.

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Danrarbc says:

You can do your own EQ too. In the Google Home app

Samuel Davis says:

Nice review by the new guy

Suro Koida says:

That review was really fresh and reaaaally good in quality.

Reza Purnama says:

What adam doing here?

BroAnarchy says:

“the Home Max can pair to another Home max via Bluetooth..”
if you want to tether via Bluetooth some portable speakers, buy two JBL clips 2, and tether them up instead… they have great sound for small speakers, if your looking just to play some music. And you’ll save yourself a cool $680 in the process, too.

khogen Naorem says:

Create a vid about custom UI and stock android

Man Spider says:

this is a bit better sounding, louder and way smarter than the home pod….

Corey Stuber says:

it only took 4 months for you to finally do a review lol

Fixed says:

Is it has better sound then, for example, edifer 2700 ??

Julez DeJesus says:

What was the beat machine thingy you were using?

Marvin Williams says:

People forget that all the google homes have a small EQ to adjust the lows and highs in the home app. Don’t forget to include that

Darryn Regalado says:

You can skip on the controll line by double tapping on the left or right side

Abhi Nadella says:

But no one does like Harry Potter

hri doy says:

you AA will hit 3M subs soon
hope content from MWC will make that achievement quickly

Max says:

Do you like Apple homepod better?

Alexander Ho says:

Opening music is too loud!

Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi says:

deathly hallows…

Hans Frühwirth says:

Why not Bluetooth 5?

ro pro says:

WTF, the link to the full review in the description gives me ‘dummy post’

TheWaffleLord says:

Harry Potter sucks. Also you didn’t pronounce “Cabello” right.

Alexander Mielchen says:

You have Bass and Treble control sliders in the Home App -> Device Settings -> Equalizer
Therefore “lag of control” not really. Otherwise, nice review.

Michael Hartman says:

So u like the speaker! So what? Seriously give someone a YouTube channel….

Justin Gonzales says:

Sound Guys + Android Authority

Rajat Uchil says:

Review the redmi note 5 pro

Alessandro Eppacher says:

You can tweak bass and treble in the device settings

Clayton Manley says:

This is just a guess but when you say repeat and it goes on to the next song, it probably interpreted that as repeat the album or playlist, not the individual track. Similar to how in a music player app, there’s a repeat button but you have to press it again so that the little 1 shows up for it to repeat the song. Maybe if you specify to “repeat this song” you would get the desired result.

Dick B. says:

Good video.

Luka M says:

You can change the bass in the Google home app

Mohammed Kamal says:

Comparison with Apple homepod

Nice Guy says:

Damn the views have gone low on this channel

ThejewelCraft0100 says:

You said Google Home product. I swear I heard Google HomePod. Just no.

victorinoxs says:

I’m experiencing mic issues on my regular Google Home as well.

MrWazzup112 says:

Sound guys merging into AA?

WhatDoesntkillYa says:

smh really a shout out to horse face camila cabello? nty

Will Mercep says:

Who taught you how to make a graph? The independent variable should be on the x axis.

kierenkd says:

is it better than a set of JBL control 1 speakers

Sheela K says:


Mohammed Islam says:

A very well rounded and detailed review. #Respect

grin and bear it - says:

At one time not long ago IT professionals and geeks alike had just concerns of virus and malware. Today its reviewed and pushed to install the most intrusive spyware in you’re home knowingly. These things don’t collect data from you’re computer they collect from you children, wife, friends and you. Talk about this, you’re a product being marketed by what you say in the privacy of you’re home.

Garrett Chapman says:

When he said hey Google my assistant activated

Max says:

Also the Google home Max is for IPhone users

Igor Gabrielan says:

Kevin Allen says:

The max is obviously about a fairly compact/unobtrusive design. If you already own a nice stereo system, spending ~84 dollars on a home mini and chromecast audio will give you the same functionality with possibly better sound quality.

Alexander Barr says:

The symbol to represent the elder wand, the resurrection stone and the cloak of invisibility (deathly hallows) is what you tattoo is.

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