GLAS smart thermostat review: Windows 10 smart-home device with Cortana and Alexa

GLAS, powered by Windows 10 IoT Core, is more than just a smart thermostat. It has Cortana and Alexa built-in. See at Amazon:

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TechOutsider says:

Great content, I am going broke watching this channel. Keep them coming!

Dennis Dowd says:

Of course, it isn’t worthy of the price: $320 thermostat???? It is truly insane. For me you are buying too much that won’t really be able to deliver. Like so many things it is best to keep things basic. You don’t need Window 10 to run a thermostat. It is overkill, and you are paying for that overkill. The other issue is that you need to know what the air pollution status is in every part of your home, this will only tell you where it is mounted. Then once it determines that you polluted, then what does, or can it do? Is inside are pollution really a problem in today’s homes? Yes, and no. It is mainly in homes which are well built and tight. In the past most of our homes leaked light a sieve, thus fresh outside air could easily be exchanged with the inside air; but with modern sealing techniques that may not be the case. With those homes then internal air pollution is real and should truly be addressed. Having an air pollution monitor that is stationary is of course way too simple of an approach. You either need one in each room of your home or one that is portable. Portable of course makes the most sense. Then if your monitor indicates pollution is high, then you need a HEPA filter in each room of the home that can address that issue in that room by simply turning it on. So, this is today’s approach, and thus I feel that this item is simply an attempt to appeal to the none educated on such matters. So, the other side of this is does it really work and makes a difference, working as it is designed, al by itself, and that is the real issues I have with such devices that try to appeal for reason outside of what it truly does. There is no studies that can tell you that having one of these types of thermostats will impact your health issues in a positive manner. So, you are basically believing the hype. It this system was truly throughout your home, that it was able to turn on an off HEPA filtering, monitor and control the humidity also in each room, etc. then it would possible be able to do what it is saying it can. But then we are now talking about a system that would have such a thermostat in each room of your home, that was so how connected to a HEPA filter along with a humidifier or a dehumidifier; I feel only with a full approach like this can one be helped by such a system if you have health issues. Also, there should be some way of telling the system that your are experiencing health issues with your breathing, so that it could go into an super monitoring mode, when needed. Humidity in several parts of your home is also an important issue, without having a disease diagnosis. The statics on air pollution can be easily found by Googling for them. Thanks for the video. (I have been a respiratory therapists for 40+ years)

Acb game says:

Seattle sounders on deck

Zorc says:

I wish companies would design more smart home tech that is actually useful. Like a bot that can prepare meals or do my laundry.

Jamie Karl says:

Air quality is also useful for people using heat recovery. It will save on the bill when nobodies home. Same with the outdoor weather data – it can use that to optimise your heat recovery.

Oscar Cooke-Abbott says:

It’s pretty, but what’s the point of a transparent display if it hangs on a wall in front of white plastic?

Habib Aliyu Usman says:

This is a great device #c4enuk

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