GE Link Connected LED Review: Wireless Control In a $15 Bulb?!?

A $15 LED bulb with built in wireless remote control…sounds crazy, right? Meet GE’s Link Connected LED Bulb–AKA the Link 60W equivalent soft white 2700K A19 Connected Home LED Light Bulb. Does it measure up to existing LED bulbs? Watch the review to find out!


profiAcc says:

any thoughts on WeMo Belkin Lightbulbs? Have you done some reviews on them or have you tested them?


Brandon Wegner says:

Really. You guys couldn’t break the bank to show how multiple bulbs work? Cheap skates……

MobileDecay says:

Dude I think it’s time to shave that head of yours. It’s over my friend! Lol.

QuixoticQuaver says:

The future of lighting. This stuff is getting affordable now especially when you consider the energy savings they’ll bring. 

M I C H A E L says:

I’ll say, spend a bit more and get the Philips Hue.

patrick norton says:

@portaadonai How could I made it sound less like a commercial? Thought I pointed out the flaws and problem points for the Link esp w/ the wireless controls. Let me know!

Trevor Cartmill-Endow says:

Oh for crying out loud I bought the bulb and now I have to buy the hub as well? What a rip I thought I would just be able to use a smart lightbulb with my smart phone but it turns out I have to buy an extra piece called the hub pathetic..

Ron Moes says:

both Harrys razors and the wifi light bulbs aren’t purchasable in the Netherlands and shipping isn’t an option too..

jeramy murray says:

A19 and A21 refer to the shape of the bulb, not the wattage. A21 is bigger, like the old 150watt bulbs. A19 is the same shape as a regular bulb 

Khu NoPie says:

Can I use a shaver to trim my girlfriend’s pie?
She is like a lady Sasquatch!

PartyUpLive says:

I have CFL light bulbs in my house and garage and some of them have worked for 10 years. Never heard of them vibrating out if the sockets and never had any that regularly burned out in 18 months.

RickMakes says:

It would be more efficient than a 10 watt bulb if you dim it.

NATE&KY says:

is there not a way to just connect everything to my router ? and the app or do u have to have the box?

Jeff Cram says:

I love TEKZILLA, but i just watched a fucking commercial

John Ratko says:

Are you feeling okay? You have sort of a greenish hue in this video.

Losttouchjs says:

Here’s hoping that this is very successful! because it will drive the Philips Hue prices down.

Commodorefan64 says:

Vibrate out of their sockets? I’ve never heard of a light bulb vibrating out of their socket. For me I’ll just get some good non connected LED bulbs when they hit about $5 each, and can match the light output of all the CFL bulbs I have in my house. 

leoric21 says:

do they turn on when your phone is in range? or are they just on a timer?

Jacob Olsen says:

Let us know how well that bulb works for your Logitech hub, I’m rather intrigued myself

Michael Venezia says:

You will save about 20% on your electric bill by switching to all LED bulbs… This Company has the absolute best 100 watt equivalent bulb, it  is on amazon on sale for only 12 bucks and it cost less than 2.00 a year to run it 12 hrs a day. These are the latest LEDs not sold here in stores because they retail in he EU for about 75.00 bucks each. These are great for your outdoor light fixtures and they don’t heat up. Philips  is coming out with some great leds but they don’t compare to this one on price or energy savings, I just wish they had all the wattages and not just the 100 watt equivalent.The Company told me they will have all the sizes in about wo weeks because they are sold out.. Here’s the link

Pseudo Nym says:

Why are there so many online shaving supply sites now? Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s, and there is at least one other one I’ve seen sponsoring a YouTube channel. I thought it was a niche market but apparently not.

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