GE Link Connected LED Light Review and Connect to Wink Hub

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In previous videos we’ve talked about In Wall Switches and Plug In modules. There’s another device on the market that can help solve lighting problems.

Products Mentioned in this Video:
GE Link Connected LED Light:

Wink Hub:

GE In-wall Smart Switch:

Leviton Plug In Module:

It’s about half the cost of the appliance module and just as easy to install. And in some applications, it’s a much better fit than a wall switch.

Especially if you don’t wanna mess around with replacing a wall switch. This makes Smart Light Bulbs a good option for the DIY Smart Home. Today, we are going to look at the GE Connected LED Bulb.

Before we get too far you need to know something’ important. You’ll see these for sale in starter kits with what is called a “Link” hub. As of the day I recorded this video, I still see them sold this way.

Bad news.

Everything I read tells me the Link, that’s Link with an “L” is discontinued. And the lights, they no longer work with the Link Hub.

The Wink Hub, that’s Wink with a “W”, on the other hand does work with the bulb, and that’s one of the reasons I selected it.

So … Link – No … Wink – Yes.

You been warned!

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The bulb has a pretty cool look to it. I kind of like the Saint Louis Arch for the filament and the flying saucer ring. It’s the same size as a normal Medium Base Edison bulb. Really no difference. So it’s a clean replacement.

Now, I know what your thinking. Why would I use this light and not a plug in module or a wall switch. And the answer’s pretty simple. Take this bedroom light for example.

Rather than pay the 30 bucks for the wall switch and the hassle of putting it in, we can just replace the bulb itself. And the same is true for free-standing lamps where we would’ve used a plug-in module.

Now, in the plug in module comparison video … which you can find here:

we mentioned that certain modules like the Leviton can’t be controlled manually.

This particular Connected Bulb provides a manual override function.

What I mean by that is, if the switch that controls the light is turned on, the bulb automatically turns on, regardless of how it was set on or off in the app.

For example, if you turn the light off with the app, just turn the light switch off and back on to turn on the light.

I like this feature, because I am a freak for manual control.

So before we get into how to connect this bulb into your hub, let me just say that I see a number of benefits in a connected bulb.

And to be honest, I wasn’t really sold on them in the beginning.

I also want to say that I don’t really know how long they last. And that could be another factor in the decision to use these over other devices.

But I do see a future for these bulbs around my house.

Alright, let’s get this thing connected.

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Walter Robles says:

I’ve had the starter pack with the Link and a couple other ge bulbs and it works fine, the link is less functional non the less, while the wink supports a lot of devises and recently added support to remember the last status of the devises before the lights went off, the link is ONLY compatible with the ge bulbs, it constantly disconects and is a nightmare everytime the energy goes off


problem with these are if you have a power outage, all your connected bulbs will all turn on, bright, in the middle of the night lol. Only downside with this.

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