Full review of night vision YI Home Camera 1 YI smart wifi camera (Chinese version)#Sami Luo

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8 built-in 940 nm infrared light, best shooting range to 5 meter, it’s different from tradition infrared lamp, there is nothing light pollution in night.
Real-time Supports two-way voice calls function.(Android2.3+ / iOS7+ ), You can always know the situation at home.
111° wide-angle lens, 4 times digital zoom, can see every detail of the picture.
Ultra wide Angle, almost can cover the whole room. Boasts 7.2 megapixels, Micro SD(TF) support.

Upgraded motion detection technology, you can more accurate identification of objects in the picture is moving, greatly reducing the probability of false positives due to changes in light, or other interference factors and false. Only when the object movement records, save storage space, concurrent notification to your phone.
3 steps, one minute to complete the installation, just connect the power cord, intelligent family APP download Xiaomi can be automatically connected to use.
When you first use the Xiaoyi camera, you must download the APP on Xiaomi APP Store or APP Store.

Lens Material: Glass
Camera Angle Horizontal viewing angle : 92.7°
Vertical viewing angle : 48.7°
Diagonal Angle : 111.2°
Body size diameter: 54mm
Infrared light range: 5m
8 built-in 940 nm infrared light (No red infrared light exposure)
Video Frame Rate: 20fps(1280 * 720)
Storage: Micro SD 32G and Xiaomi Router
Cloud video features: Support local cloud (more secure)
Talkback: Support
Adaptive code stream: Support
Alarm notification: Support
Support Agreements: IPV4,UDP,TCP, HTTP,RTP/RTSP,DHCP,P2P
Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n Draf

Package includes:
1x Xiaoyi Camera
1x USB cable
1x Charger adapter (US standard)
1x manual (in chinese)
In original package

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Estephanie Flores Gallardo says:

And night vision fight???

ABAN TV says:

I can’t find the APP To download

shamsul amin azman says:

the apps ….is there english version?

Jota Errebe says:

The best and simple ezplanation above Xiaoyi camera. Thanks a lot!!

Rawin Vatchirasrisoontra says:

How to change time zone? It ‘s base on Chinese time zone.

Paul Kliebert says:

Warning. Do not buy! Seller send CHINESE incompatible version.

Luo Dos Santos Aveiro says:

Your name is Luo ??

stupidLVS says:

Hi, can more than 2 smartphones connect to the yi camera?

So K says:

hi there is this the YI HD Wireless Camera Video Monitor IP? do you have a video showing the diference between this one and the YI camara 2?

AnalyzerYT says:

Did the camera auto start recording once it detects sd card or do we have to press the record button..I’m really confused

Oranje Renaissance says:

Hello sir I am unable to playback specific time. Everytime when I try to playback it starts from starting which is very annoying. Fox example If I want to see recording from 10:00AM I wont be able to do that it starts all the way from 7:30AM or whatever the record start time is. I cant see any option to fast forward or something else. Please help.

mrconline ready says:

can i watch in live session through this yi smart camera with internet on my android device from 1 km away from camera position?

penontonz says:

can we connect the camera to xiaomi redmi note 2 smartphone via wifi direct? i mean no internet needed. Please tell me…

soulmaaan says:

That violent scene…

Mouad Khateb says:

Thanks. Can you use that as a webcam (connected via USB to the computer)?

TheJesuMega says:

And where is the night vision?… xD

Idan Shchori says:

you give way to much visual examples of what this camera can do.
“home violance”
didn’t have to act it for 2 minutes…

Taufik Irmansyah says:

Sami Luo a nice man…yes I agree

Paul Kliebert says:

Send me an email and I will send serial # on reply.

elliott peralta says:

average of recording time with 32 Gb?

ManRide id says:

the girl is tall :v

EdmundOoi Ooi says:

Do not get tricked into buying this, as I am unable to use bcos all the software are in Chinese, unable to do any setup.

Ralph Ng says:

Is this CCTV reliable?

paulaur says:

english language app officially does not exsist. so only half english app is available. terrible support regarding this question. xiaomi should not allow to sell this camera to EU and US, but they don’t care. they do not make englush app and day this camera id for chinee market only. stupid.

Alexandr Porunov says:

You can connect your camera to your google drive account and store videos there. But you have to configure it first with this manual:

myeddylee says:

nice introduction and presentation.. 🙂

frits duwel says:

I cant record on a sd cart help please

GoodGuy says:

i can see sadako at the camera

Boualem Stihi says:

The best what I like is mobile phone

Raden Pramusinto says:

f**ked up nails

ulyssedugard says:

thank you for your little movie 🙂
i suppose it can’t do webcam ? 

thank you again 🙂

john abruzzi says:

where to download the apps for smart phone?

Gadgets says:

That was different Sami! Started off with a review of a camera and then goes into video evidence of someone pushing a girl around!

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