Editors’ Choice: Neato’s connected cleaner sweeps up the competition

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The Neato Botvac Connected is the best-performing robot vacuum we’ve ever tested, and its well-designed app finally brings remote controls into play.


Francis Underwood says:


Bruce Gamble says:

Nice Video!!!

krantz55 says:

I’d rather buy the best Dyson stick vac for that kind of money.

Dan Rigsley says:

The Neato with out the app is actually only $299. So they bling up this Neato and added a remote app and jack it to $700? I’m sure the internals are all the same. This is sad.

FastLikeUNO says:

Yeah……. $400 no more sorry im not making my target minimum of 120,000 salary at At&t yet… lets get real

B Hamid says:

700 and made in china.. and the comment, its not entirely perfect, well, no thanks!!!

White Kita says:

I love vacuuming my floor, so I much rather do it myself than have a robot do it for me…

bsnarm says:

wats with these stupid companion apps anyway.. does this thing vacuum well or not. STICK to answering that question.

TRUpachucos says:

Was this compared to the Dyson 360 Eye as well or no?…

Eric Xu says:

It’s not an ‘isolated’ issue is multiple customers have the same issue.

unknown94 says:

Technology is making us lazy.

johnnieace45 says:

Broken right out of the box, doesn’t vacuum as good as the Roomba so you make it Editors Choice? Why is that?

Don DeWaay says:


Angel Varela Faroppa says:

Better than roomba 980?

AudiophileTubes says:

If the prices come down to about $250, I would buy one.

the Creative Assembly machinimas says:

i have the XV model and works well for the price (300) but it does not make a perfect result. If you put your hand on the floor you pick up some dust. I have had the roomba and even if it casually went up and down, going in same places many times result was excellent. I think Neato should add a “2 (or 3) times per spot” mode so that it takes longer but result is perfect. Or you should be able to schedule cleaning more times a day.

Danyal A. says:

I would pay $200 for it

bigman55434 says:

The new Neato Botvac Connected is a great vacuum….WHEN IT WORKS. Mine just died after 2 weeks and 29 hours of total use (per the hour meter). The LIDAR unit died, according to tech support, so now I have to figure out whether to send it in, or try and swap it at the store. What a joke.

keagan !! says:

I have this one and the roomba 980 and my roomba is $200 more but it CLEANS .And the neatos all Break because I have had to get 5 replacement models of my xv 12 and i have now had 3 for laser issues and like they said after they picked it up it said it was still picked up

Scott D says:

A review for a very expensive product that has no long term use data. In my experience Neato robotic vacuums do not last and are very difficult to repair. This is in stark contrast to the approach iRobot takes, with a modular design that makes swapping parts easy. I would never recommend a Neato, plus their customer support sucks far more than their vacuums do.

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