Editors’ Choice: Lutron’s light switches are a smart home standout

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Lutron Caseta in-wall dimmer switches are the best performing, most feature-rich smart switches you can buy, and they work with just about everything — including Apple HomeKit and Amazon’s Alexa.

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Abraham Song says:

Currently, Lutron caseta wall dimmers are by far the best out there. They are rock solid. Yes, they’re expensive, but they are more than worth it.

The Tech Nerd says:


معن سليماني says:

Does this switch need a nutural ( + is there IoT switches that are reletivly cheap that don’t need nutural) and if so do they are flash compatible (TASMOTA Firmare) other than The SONOFF && SHELLY Devices

Lachlant1984 says:

How well do these switches work with LED bulbs? I’ve heard that a lot of LED bulbs don’t work so well on dimmer switches because they draw far less current than regular bulbs do and sometimes they flicker or don’t dim down properly.

Ralph L. Baer says:

The Pico costs about a dollar to produce, I used to work at Lutron, it’s like a cult.

Sobano S says:

Ours doesn’t quite work right. We cannot turn the kitchen ceiling lights completely off. What gives with that?

TheGreenday240 says:


SS S says:

I’m just starting with smart home integration, i have a Hue starter kit. Is it better to look at smart switches or just use smart bulbs?

benji richter says:

try plum lightpads

First Happiness says:


Dig intheCrates says:

This looks like a completely useless product to me. A bunch of features and connectivity options I would never use. All I want out of a light switch is on/off

REGNARTS00 says:

Compatibility is huge strong point for lutron? Where the hell is smartthing integration then?

Paper Plates Clothing Co. says:

I pray one company just buys all of the smaller companies; there’s just too way options when creating a smart ecosystem within a home. Really I hope everything can consolidate into 1 hub that controls everything

معن سليماني says:

I live in saudi arabia where mostly things are based in the UK Standards

Freeda Birda says:

The most arrogant management of any company. My friend applied and they wanted his gpa from years ago. So many ppl I know started doing well not out of college but after work experience

the Creative Assembly machinimas says:


bertraminc says:

Another big white brick… fail.

Brian Martin says:

Does it have a smart memory? Like if I accidentally trigger a scene as I’m by my house, will my phone know the lights are always in the on or off state (even with a phone restart)?

Erik Rognerud says:

Are there any 3 way switches I can use with Alexa?

Rixter says:

What ever happened to actually using your fingers to turn off the lights?

toriless says:

Make sure you buy the PRO version of the bridge if you want full integration. The other version will not work with Alexa, etc.

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