Easily Secure Your Smart Home (CUJO Review)

Until recently my home network (and the smart devices on it) was not very secure. That changed when I pre-ordered the CUJO. I’m already seeing a difference in terms of having a more secure network.

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X3ON says:

What it’s your network speed?

Joe Anonymous says:

There customer service is very good. Cujo is still kind of in the Beta stages if you ask me. They are making leaps and bounds, but I am not sure it is ready for prime time yet.

Al Rusk says:

I wish you could have gone more in-depth on what kind of threats it was detecting… I don’t think it would have been any local threats, and any online threats should have been blocked by a firewall or your computer’s antivirus/antimalware. Unless I know what exactly it’s protecting me from it just seems like snake oil to me.

Aakash Chandra says:

hey please reply to my comment on your previous video

Tim datoolman says:

Great video, very well done. I do have to agree with Al Rusk though, If I don’t know what threats I am being protected from It’s hard to feel motivated to spend the doe.

Chris Kitchens says:

Just ordered a Cujo yesterday, wish you could have gone into more about the setup. Are you using bridge mode? How does it work with your wifi router?

Dawid Bałut says:

Cool video. Can you please share what specifically were those critical threats CUJO detected?

Joshie B. says:

Love your background. What are those screens on each side of tv??

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