D-Link Mydlink Home Smart Plug Review

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ZenithMusicNet says:

Love the casual friday humor style, Dave!

Calvin Cropley says:

I’d these things for the kitchen. Coffee Machine and the toaster. How about you Dave?

KingleonidasDoesMC says:

Smart plug sounds like an interesting thing to play with 😉

CommunityStraightUP says:

Subd from this video. Thanks.

WM 1032 says:

This is the problem, it’s unstable and the Android app is buggy but you can use this not just for turning lights on and off. I have an AP with CCTV camera connected and sometimes, I needed to perform a hard reset of the device, this can do it remotely so I can access my cctv while away.

SirJamez0 says:

My timer broke for my heating system so I decided to look into a nest, hive or climote system. those systems are massively expensive! argos have a home automation package with one of these plugs, a motion sensor and Ip camera for € 160, very cheap, and exactly what I wanted. but I see nothing but bad reviews about the Dlink products. I don’t know what to do now. does anybody know what these products are like one year on from this review?

BlindFury says:

I think you need to look at it as tool.
Like a 3.5mm to RCA audio converter.
Does everyone need one?
But certain people in specific situations will.
And that’s enough of a reason for it to exist.

Joel Batista says:

Funny and sensible at the same time. With so many gadgets calling for people’s attention, I do agree that some are just trying to create needs that do not exist. 

Dwight Castillo says:

Your videos are funny!! Hey I saved 84 cents!!

Lachlant1984 says:

So this D-Link smart plug is essentially the same as the Belkin WeMo switch, I have the WeMo and I find it very useful because I program it to automatically turn on my reading light in my lounge room, just like you can with those very cheap electromechanical timers you can buy from your local hardware store or electronics store, you know the ones, with the little tiny pins you stick in the holes to set them, but I find the WeMo switch much easier to set and it’s more flexible too.  I’ve not heard great things about D-Link products.  I really like my smart plug and yes I use it all the time, as I say, I’ve programmed mine to turn the light on in the evening and then it turns off late at night, then the light turns on in the morning before I get up and turns off when the sun comes up.

BackForwardPunch says:

It could make sense for the disabled, I guess… If it worked properly.

Pankaj Gaonkar says:

is this review seriously !!!

konradpol says:

The only thing that i can find use for this is if you are away from home for a weekend or a few weeks. You can setup a water pump in your back yard and have little hoses going to each flower pot etc or your vegetable garden. Then you can water your grass, vegetable garden, flowers etc…. this is the only best use that i can think of. Or you can just get a neighbor to do that….

pharmdoc3 says:

That was HILARIOUS!!

Joshua Rando says:

Thank you for addressing the location of the comment section! I always get lost on Youtube. 😉

tony Pettersen says:

van gogh does tech reviews!? id never guess

Darren Gator says:

Oh yeah excellent complaint oops meant video Dave! LOL

WM 1032 says:

But I do agree, I don’t think DLINK has spent enough time with their R&D when it comes to this device and others such as Powerline devices. I have one of their powerline device and it only worked twice, I can’t make it connect anymore.

tibitop says:

not useful for you doesn’t mean its not useful for anybody, waste of time listening over 2 min that this aint ”useful”, but thanks anyways. and yes i bought this because its a livesaver for me – VERY USEFUL

brian weber says:

Personally i really like these outlets and find them quite useful. granted I am using my Wemo and find it much better to use than these Dlink products but i am using both. I have two to setup a white noise machine and a lamp as wake up alarms. At 6am the white noise turns off and the lamp turns on waking me up in the dark with a sort of sunrise simulation. Those alarms cost 140-200$ so it was a much cheaper and frankly a better more versatile option. With scheduling i can leave them off on weekends so i can sleep in. The idea of an internet controlled switch is still rather silly to me, but i can see it as being useful. For me the true benefit is advanced schedules and times. The hardware store timers with pegs cant hold a candle to the flexibility of these. Another example is my bedroom ceiling fan and wemo lightswitch. My area cools drastically at around midnight so if its hot i dont want the fan running all night long. If i want the fan on i hit the switch, usually by hand and not via my phone, and it will automatically shut off at 1am to prevent me from freezing up at 2-3am and getting up just to turn it off. works quite brilliantly. While i wouldnt call these essential products i wouldnt call them novel, frivolous or useless.

Wu Denis says:

Well, some of you may find it useless, but I have an aquarium tank and when I have to be away from home for days, it’s a good way for me to control the light, of course, by using it with the wifi camera.

brenden hunt says:

I disagree. I think it is such a cool idea and is the stepping stone to futuristic smart homes. By buying products like this, it creates a market which in turn creates competition to create bigger and better technology in that area. I am thinking of getting one to control a garden watering system, by the use of my smart phone at work

V Singularity says:

Oh it’s D-link, their products are just bad. Cheapest in the market in my area, tho.

ResistanceIsUsefull says:

Too funny review!

SpyBomber64 says:



DS Tech says:

If you want to control your lights, get a hue bulb. You know they are going to work.(even though they are overpriced)

Juliet Nambalirwa says:

Wifi Rain Dance!!!!!!! Fucking Hilarious!!!

magzire says:

I can see many practical uses for it especially for ponds and gardens etc. Not on the ball here dave.

Troy Sheppard says:

well i was going to buy one of these but thought i would have a look around in the net first glad i did lol cause now i wont even bother Cheers for that from Australia 😛

Guillermo Ortíz says:

I’d use it for the christmas lights in my parent’s house, so they don’t have to unplug everything.

xerox2k4 says:

It can answer that burning question when you leave for holiday,did i leave the stove on? well now you can check on your phone from the airport

Peanutsreveng3 says:

This is still super early steps towards an affordable ‘smart-home’, a decent system that ‘works’ is still another 10 odd years away, by the time common standards are formed and software’s being written for all IoT devices we’re talking probably 15 years until it’s common in average-joe homes.

Gemini Bodyshop says:

ha ha ha ha ha oh my god brilliant best review ever

Marianne Suesli says:

We have a holiday honme and and extra heating device (apart from our main heating system) which we switch on 2 days before we’re driving up to our hol home: gives us some extra heat and that’s where I’d use such a smart plug. Up to now, we can switch on/off this device via a SMS message device (costs around 300 bucks!!).

Wezilla says:

I bought this long ago until I start use today I gotta say it very cool. I have large digital clock and on near ceiling wall and it need to turn off but I can’t reach it so I use this smart plug and saving power…easy to control.

doomtomb3 says:

See Dave, there’s really no need to make a revolutionary product. It’s just to make another product to trade for people’s money. As long as it’s marketable with good margins made in China it’s a done deal. Somebody, many people, will buy it

Glen Goncalves says:

I just picked up the ihome smart plug and I have to say it works very well for what I need it for. I live alone and have to travel pretty often for a few days. Often times I don’t even have a set time or day when I’m supposed to return so a timer wouldn’t work in my case. In the summer while I’m away, I leave the A/C off. Problem is that when I get home, my place is a sauna and I have to run the A/C for at least an hour on high to get a comfortable temperature. The same could be done with the heat in the winter. So in my case, these gadgets do serve a very practical and efficient purpose.

Tuan-Minh Nguyen says:

It would be a great part in pranks though, OOOOH, LIGHTS FLICKERING ON AND OFF! SPOOKY!

Darren Gator says:

Smart plugs are useless. I have a surge protector with a remote that I purchased 10 years ago for use with my Christmas tree and well I use it to this day on a lamp that the wall outlet is behind a couch.  I paid $18 for it and came with 2 remotes.

Lambo RiDDicK says:

Bloody hell, all the switches in living are just couple of steps away, why do we need this useless piece of shit? I didn’t really get the use of the smart switch. 

I watched from 7:55 to the end of the video almost several times. The way you getting excited is amazing (made me laugh). Great review Dave !!!

Stupid Flanders says:

These devices are definitely not necessary, and they definitely don’t save you money. However, they can be convenient. Smart plugs allow you to more easily make sure that things are turned off when there’s no need for them to be on (after you’ve left your home or just the room, for example), and they can prevent the inconvenience of having to walk over to the plug to turn off a light after you’ve sat down or something. Definitely not groundbreaking, but the arguments against it seem similar to the arguments that were probably made against TV remotes. 

DBsnap13G0D says:

I think that the “smart plug” device should be near your main router … and NOT near your mobile phone. Or not? 😀 That one has been programmed to be used when you are NOT home … so i don’t get the point when you have your phone next to that device and say “it says no connection” … 😀

Victor Castro says:

I think the potential is in the software. This is just a remote switch. nothing more. but if the software could turn them on when I walk into the room for instance, without me having to pull out my phone. or if the lights could dim when I turn on my TV. etc. if the software is smart enough to the point where i don’t have to use it. then it becomes something interesting.

Michael Cleveland says:

I just bought one of these to use on my coffee machine, just so you know. I found your review while looking for a setup video. In any case, I’m part way through the setup and keep getting stalled at the Select your home Wi-Fi Network prompt. I’m now starting to wish I’d watched this before buying the Smart Plug as I’m having a number of issues getting it to hook up as well.

PoliticalHell says:

I wonder if you could wire up your house to have digital control over every light and plug. Now that would be fun! If I ever own a house, I’ll try that.

doomtomb3 says:

ComplainingForever.com by Dave

Haha jk this is silly device

Barrett Adix says:

I think I would use it to turn on my lamp with my morning alarm to help me wake up

pejko says:

Hi, I am a quadriplegic and am looking for such a device to turn things on and off from my laptop

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