Connected Home Concept House Demonstration – CTIA 2014

Luke took a look at AT&T’s new Digital Life Connected Home – a system designed to keep you informed about the status of your home no matter where you are.

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Michaelangelo Parkinson says:

Did the Linus build with that like house wide watercooling thing come out? Can’t find it

Gregorius LaFayette says:

i think the technology is cool and i would definitely enjoy this, however: i dont like the idea that skynet could lock me out of my house. maybe if it was a completely closed of circuit buried under the house, powered by heat or something, i would consider. never would i connect something like this to my wifi-router.. like, brb nsa

nin spearing says:

hack hack hack if you can hack into wifi/ networks come here and lets play

maxi12233 says:

A guy from 2088 – “Hey there stoneage people – I don’t even need to think or poop anymore, a machine does it for me”

splewy says:

Sounds like a great idea until your house gets hacked.

WigWoo1 & Skip & Jay says:

Did anybody realize that the house in the thumbnail is Drake & Josh’s house?

Fader says:

Yeah but wheres HAL?

Jiří Tkáč says:

In Europe we have loxone.

Thimmet says:

Fuck AT&T and fuck all the corporations pushing the total surveillance state (even further).

Logan Snyder says:

I want it all! This is pretty freaking awesome. Amazing functionality.

clark format says:

Watch dogs!!

TechNickViews says:

I see so many security issues with a fully connected home.

Tang William says:

if your house lost the power all of the design like that will be useless !!!

pctomactechtalk says:

This is great and all but I though Crestron and other companies were already doing this exact thing and in some cases even more so?

Fuiger 6 says:

Watch DOgs confurmd

Jack Carver says:

Dislike. Didn’t watch. Never going to.
I know you need the cash but guys, there’s a limit from where it’s coming from. You Linus, who once said that your sponsors where companies that you trusted, services that you tested before promoting. First Ting that you know shit about because they don’t provide Canada and now AT&T which stance on customer policies are law infringing. I see that the LinusMediaGroup has come a long way, and left some of their core values along the path. You are losing your authority, just like TotalBiscuit said, honesty should not be a feature or an asset in media content, it is essential.
You should feel ashamed of yourself Linus Sebastian.

Bob Robertson says:

Hasn’t anyone seen the Simpsons episodes where the house goes mental

Dark Synergy says:

this is what will likely to happen in the future, a celebrity couple enter the room and the camera sense it when they have sex which will automatically start recording and send it to the cloud. The rest is history as you know it.

Kyli Rouge says:

My house already does most of this X3

Thank you, Homeseer with X10 and Z-Wave!

Kirito Cray says:

This is awesome. One disadvantage of it: I’ll be even more lazy that I am now, and that’s a big *WUT*

Trent Blackburn says:

I would’ve loved to see an actual demo of the product rather than a well-disguised advertisement for it.

UnknownXV says:

I think this is incredibly cool. It’s funny how adamantly people oppose change. But I suppose it’s always been this way. People were terrified of TV. Same thing with computers. New technology scares people. 

Dylan Poulsen says:

I want to thank you so much because i am 13 and because of you and what you have taught me I was able to already build 2 desktop computers! Thanks so much keep up the good work!

DevLin HD says:

What happens if your house gets hacked and you get locked in,  your house gets flooded etc.

John Smith says:

This is just a fucking stupid idea. Cameras in all your rooms, people that buy this are retarded.

Gentry Rolofson says:

I do want a connected house wow how amazing.

Techrodd Studios says:

Waiting for Google House now 

AjaxParadeMacy11 says:

with all of this automation, how are people going to know if their house is haunted?


We need The Venus Project!

TVperson1 says:

Where’s the button that makes the house get up and walk away?

Anon Mason says:

Something about the home knowing when you’re gone, which allows a thief to know when you’re gone, defeats the purpose for me.
Maybe when they rig it to a party in a box, then they’ll get somewhere.

Samuel Petráš says:


Kevin Connolly says:

I would like to see more coverage of Z-Wave in particular, and home automation in general. I have done my own research on Z-Wave specifically but would like to see more on what service providers are building on top of it. Thanks and keep being awesome.

KoLeBe 110214 says:

The future hackers will be our future dangerous thieves.. 
They can just open our door easily and take everything in our home.. 

Viking 2121 says:

Ok, Now this might be a problem or it will be a problem by making people lazy, Which I guess the gym’s would make a killing when that day comes.

RaketeN says:

“masturbate room”

মহামান্য আকাশ says:

I will only use these technology if I meake these things and code this app by myself. END OF TALKING.

Uriel marino says:

es patio, no “padio”

dolblox says:

Grandma Go To Bed!

MSWindowsinside says:

Only for rich people.

ironsurvivor1 says:


Zach Watevah says:

more like masturbate room

BrandonHLM says:

NSA wet dream 

d34n1097 says:

I can see this becoming pretty big in Japan… they love convenience over there, so not having to do small tasks after a hard day at work would be a godsend… just like the konbini (convenience) shops XD it would also come in handy over here in the UK… I can see it becoming a popular option… like the Japanese… we like conveniece… unlike the japanese… we don’t have vending machines in the wilderness!!

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