Combine Smart Life Products Into One App & Link to Google Home

Learn how to link multiple Smart Life products into one app and connect the to the Google Home. Once linked to Smart Life you can also add as an Amazon Alexa Skill.

Smart Life Compatible Products:

Oittm Smart Bulb Adapter:
CrazyLynx 2 Pack:
Koolertron Outdoor Smart Plug:

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Everardo Garcia says:

Me: Hey, Google.
Home Mini: • • • •
Me: Make me a sandwich.
Home Mini: Okay, but I must warn you that it is a non-reversable spell. Okay? Here it goes. *guitar strum* You are a sandwich.

RM Hutchins says:

I enjoyed your video. It was very helpful. Thank you!
Your videos are very pertinent to today’s changing smart-home environment (I’m trying to keep up).

Natange Sararas says:

Dose it work with ifttt

Karen Collins says:

What about connecting two of the same type to the smart life (i.e. 2 smart plugs)

Mark Duda says:

any suggestion about outdoor cameras working with “smart life” app ?

shangaosurprise says:

Sync my devices was the most helpful part of this video for me.

Brian Martin says:

Hey Brett, love your videos. No matter what I do, when I click “add device” in Google Home iOS, it says that generic screen that normally displays when setting up a chromecast the first time… “your device has setup a temporary network… join it to setup the chromecast”. I’ve tried to find every menu and dropdown and icon and it just doesn’t exist as far as i know.

Any help greatly appreciated out there for iOS users!

James M says:

Simple my azz! I can’t get that dumb bitch Google Assistant to even turn on the left and right or one and two lamp correctly.

darshan patel says:

Is it possible to connect sonoff 4ch switch to this app? I tried but everytime i could not connect

Michael Manning says:

is there a way to connect a Sonoff product to smart life? not Ewelink

James Murray says:

Brett, are the Etekcity switches compatible with Smart Life? I’ve been having some problems getting it paired.

Almon Dao says:

So what products works with this app?  Is there a list somewhere or which protocol does it use?  IFTTT, ZigBee, Zwave?  Or if I go to Amazon, I enter a search for “Smart Life” will it return all the devices that is supported by the “Smart Life” app?

lindylisa77 says:

Is there a place to find a list of devices that are compatible with the Smart Life app? I love it! It works well and was easy to set up, but it’s like hunting for a needle in a haystack to find more devices to use with it. I found this (awesome!) video while searching for more confirmed compatible devices. Thanks for the great content!

Blink182Airwaves says:

Does Kasa not work? I got TP Link smart plugs for my birthday and they don’t work well compared to me telikin

99guspuppet says:

truly useful to see this actually work Bret thank you 9.5 / 10

Dennis Menace says:

Does it work without Google Mini?
Just with a Google App like Reverb for Alexa?

Matthew Brinsfield says:

Thank you thank you thank you, I don’t know how many hours I spent trying to figure out that all I needed to do was say “sync my devices”. This thing was driving me nuts to add more devices to google home.

Billy Zhong says:

“Alexa, show the camera” —— . The professional wireless IP Camera manufacturer.

Alvar Lagerlöf says:

How did you get the explore option in the hone app? I do not have it but I have a home mini and the other settings.

Kym Dupuis says:

Good share mate. The “sync my light command” is a real time saver i did not know existed!!

I’m struggling with a few features with the smart life app, maybe you found ways to solve.

1) were you able to put different device types in groups? Some of my rooms have a mix of RGB Bulbs and Wifi Outlets. Other have RGB Bulbs mixed with LED strips.. I can’t figure out how to make the whole room be in the same group.

2) were you able to create a scene where you could select color and intensity of the lights that are in a room?

Dmitrij Za says:

U’re lucky, I’m trying to do a sync about half an hour with android & iPhone & still nothing can do with my wall switcher

Steven Ede says:

Perfect!! I should have waited until the end …. “sync devices” was exactly what I needed to do!! Instead, i re-paired everything (facepalm).

P Schmied says:

Tech with Brett: Good video, except that there are multiple apps in the play store called Smart Life. Is it the “Smart Life -Smart Living” app from Tuya. It has only a 3.6 point rating and a lot or recent negative user reviews fpr the US version.

ItsInova says:

*I love these bulbs.>>>****   I hooked them up to my computer with the Hue Sync and now they change light according to the music I play, or the video game I’m playing, on top of just being great bulbs. They’re so bright and vivid when colored. I get tons of use out of these in tandem with my Echo as well, but do use them from my phone at times. Anyone looking to get smart bulbs should snag these, despite being a slightly high price point, they do an amazing job!*

Gabriel DeRapp says:

Sorry I don’t have a thumb big enough for this really really super instructional video. Keep up the good work Brett

that guy says:

Is there any way to get this app on a windows phone? I can’t seem to find anything and bluestacks doesn’t seem to be able to do bluetooth on the pc

Luivan Portilla says:

I Buy this smart plugs to control my electric blinds and use it with my Google home but it doesn’t work because I can’t Control “scenes” with Google home

To control electric blinds there is a plug to close and a plug to open but both plugs can’t be on at the same time because the motor will burn so the only way to do it is create a scene to power on the plug to open the blind and at the same time a task to power off the plug to close, so I Create two scenes one for open and one to close but I am not able to action the scene via Google home
Can you help me please?

victor cardoso says:

Hey! When I try to connect the app with my lights, always shows a message of “Failed to Add, retry” you have any idea why?

RM Hutchins says:

Thanks — again! I added a couple of SmartLife outlets, and I could not sync them with my Google Home; watching your video, I learned how to sync the outlets to Google Home, and everything is working fine.

George Fouriezos says:

Aargh. Step by step watching your video, it was “did that”, “check”, “yup”, … then you said the magic words: “Hey Google, link my devices.” That was the missing piece. Can’t thank you enough for your detailed instructions.

Zack P says:

I’ve collected multiple devices to the Smart Life app using my dual band router, but suddenly my most recent 2 of 3 WiFi light bulbs refused to connect saying that it only works on 2.4 gigahertz. Does anyone know of a way to get these bulbs to see the 2.4 gigahertz on my dual band router like all of the other devices were able to see? Absolutely nothing has changed on my setup since I connected the multiple other devices and even one of the exact same kind of light bulbs.

Brad Gray says:

do you have it synced to your garage door? I can’t find an app to use with mine.

Lizzy z says:

Good afternoon Brett ..The smart life app does not connect my two smart plugs I’ve tried many times but it just gives me the fail notification … I tried the Tuya home and it set up right away.. but it’s not on the list to add to the google home..what can I do????

R.B. P. says:

Thank You!

Jack Crow says:

I just connected a power strip at the ex’s house. It was easy. The app is well designed. I have smartthings, but I think I will use wifi only devices vs a wave at her house. In smartthings, connecting a powersteip requires a custom handle and such. WiFi is definatley the way to go.

Tim Carroll says:

What if you don’t have 2.4GHz network, I bought a bunch of these last year and my new router puts both 2.4 and 5.0 under one SSD and my phone only uses the 5.0 network…

David Dobson says:

Where can i find a list of devices that work with the SmartLife App? Ive been searching everywhere to no avail

Charles Scioli says:

Hey Bret, Thank you for all the knowledgeable videos. Need help just recently bought a set of the Omoton smart plugs. My Question: When I try and add a second device to the Smartlife app like adding my wife to the account it disconnects me and only allows one at a time. Any help much appreciated.

photogher says:

I have several smart plugs and all of them are working well on the Smart Life App. HOWEVER, Google Home app doesn’t detect any of the smart devices, and in the Google Home App there also is no menu option that says “Home Control.”

– Yes, I pushed in the buttons to make the plugs flash quickly for discovery and pressed “Devices” on the Google Home app. Scanning for devices found nothing.
– Yes, my smart device and mobile phone are on the same (2.4ghz) wifi network.
– I then tried opening smart life from the Google Assistant after linking the 2 together and Smart Life doesn’t work with Assistant. Every command is either not understood or it says Smart Life isn’t working.
– I tried giving the Google Assistant the command to “sync my devices” and it didn’t understand what to do.

I don’t have an actual Google Home speaker product, just my smart devices and Android devices.

How do I get Google Home App to be able to ‘discover and find’ my smart plug devices?

Sunny Sharif says:

hi can i control sonoff wifi switch with smart life app? i need to do sunset on off function..cant figure ths out

Kerry Small says:

Hay dude. Could you possibly help me out. I have a smart bulb going through the smart life app. Or rather I did but I changed me internet provider as the it was cheaper so I disconnected the smart bulb from the app so I could start again with my new wifi. I had it all up and running with my old network provider but with the new on, it keeps failing to connect with my new wifi even though it has the name of my new wifi and the correct wifi password is typed in.

cattycattyahh says:

When I ask it to sync my lights it says it does not understand? Any help? Thanks.

Cleveland Johnson says:

Cant get my smart life to connect

Kantonio Smith says:

Do you know of any Motion sensors that connect to this app? I’ve got some Smart light switches that I want to automate.

devilxxmaster says:

Con el google home (por lo menos en españa y a dia de hoy 18/05/18) no se puede acceder a Home Control y por lo tanto no es compatible. Si alguien tiene alguna solucion y puede ayudarme se lo agradeceria

Daniel Pogosian says:

Nice detailed presentation. Thank you.

vivian rosser says:

I love my gadgets and your video has been a tremendous help to a 70-year-old child at least that what my son calls me lol. I was having trouble connecting my table light and smart bulb to my google home mini but thanks for your advice it’s now all working like a dream. I subscribed to you a while ago and I am so glad I did so. Thanks

Charles Scioli says:

Hey Brett, Thank you for the great videos! Question: I have bought several of the Iselector WiFi smart plugs and I want to be able to use it to control my Led tv and my cable box, I have them connected to Alexa and she turns the tv on and off no problem. What is happening is the tv itself does not come on even though I leave it in the on mode for the commands. Thank you

Jonathan Leon says:

Hey Brett
My lights are not turning on but my plugs are. What’s the problem?

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