Canary Smart Home Security Review – TL;DR Tech

Today we’re reviewing the Canary Home Security device, an all-in-one plug and play security option targeted toward renters.

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Matt Hagen says:

Chromecast support in the app?

Matthew Swanson says:

Looks pretty good. However, maybe having a quick link to skip past the reading the product page would be great as it would be quicker to just read it.

fondoo says:

i bought this from bestbuy for $199. and brought it home and it was a dead on arrival. started up immediately with yellow ring and the headphone cable to config is also a bad idea. called tech support and they told me to return it. start up with yellow ring means hardware failure. very disappointed.

peter herald says:

can you keep your videos ? if so how do i go about it ? thanks

GamerStuff says:

AWESOME review. You guys are going to be huge!

Kenn M says:

I want to get one, but will wait for the second generation to come out.

blenderbenderguy says:

As an early backer having had a Canary for about 3 months now I’d like to offer my perspective. While I appreciated your lengthy and thorough review, my experiences have not been quite as positive. When it works it works really well although there are still small glitches that need ironed out. That being said, it rarely works well. I have spent more time twiddling with it, attempting to contact customer support, etc. and once again I am on the brink of sending it back. There have been several occasions when their servers have had issues and created another slew of problems and you never know whether it’s on your end or theirs. Customer support (email only) though courteous and helpful are very slow to respond and by the time they do the problem has mysteriously corrected itself and/or mutated into another sort of problem. It’s a never ending game of chasing your own tail. There is no ‘user forum’ where perplexed owners can at least draw from the experiences of others. Canary maintains a blog page where one can find an occasional problem discussed but the answers from the one (yes, just one!) Canary rep are generally vague and often as not end up with the rep saying “please contact customer support via email”. Posts to the blog are moderated and it often takes days for your post to make it through the process, if it makes it at all. I have watched it every day since it began so don’t expect any action through the weekends….. and you’d think Monday would be an “open for business day” on the blog, but I’ve seen at least a couple go by without a ‘peep’ from the support person. The biggest, and most discouraging issue I’ve had with mine is the dysfunction of the arming and disarming, either manually or automatically. The icon on the home page  is often screwy in that sometimes it will show armed yet not really be armed and vice versa. Not exactly comforting. Notifications have been a big issue, and there is no way to personalize the notification sound. So you get the same generic notification sound that all the other apps give you and it’s easy to disregard it completely. Canary claims it wanted to limit the intention of alarming you. If I’m depending on Canary to alert me that my home is being burgled, I’d like to at least have the option of choosing how alarmed I should be when I’m notified. And the ‘learning’ function seems to have been a total waste of time. I’ve been ‘teaching’ my Canary for 3 months and I can’t tell a lick of difference since day one. Now as Canary rolls out to the general public today, I wonder how many more perplexed and frustrated owners will be looking for answers and wondering why their devices don’t work as promised. It’s been my impression that Customer Support has already been overly taxed and I can’t see it getting any better anytime soon. Bottom line…… though a great idea, and a neat looking device, it’s still in beta and has a long way to go before measuring up. It certainly is not something I’d trust as a home security device.

TL;DR Tech says:

Check out our Canary App update video!

L. Yourkiewicz says:

Are you guys wearing makeup?

George Torres says:

How do you get video in each room to work with it?

Matthias Koebrich says:

Thx for the interesting review. Can I store/save the recorded video material in a cloud service of my choice, or does the product only make sense if I subscribe to a cloud storage service that I’m forced to use (canary cloud service?)? I’m just asking because even though the Nest Cam looks very promising to me, I’m kinda turned off by the fact that you definitely have to subscribe to their cloud service in order to actually be able to use the hardware. I have a synology disc station at home – can I use it for that? Or maybe an existing apple cloud storage account?

Bendik Gundersen says:

Keep em coming! Youre doing great ;D #PCMasterRace brought me 😉

Robert zebib says:

does it work out doors

Patrick Cantwell says:

totes subbed u guys r sick

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