Best ‘Smart Home’ Tech of 2015

As we’ve seen at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, ‘Smart Home’ appliances are only getting smarter and more prevalent. In this video, we have compiled five of our favorite ‘Smart Home’ appliances of 2015. Do you have a favorite ‘Smart Home’ appliance you can’t live without?

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Canary Home Security:
Ring Video Doorbell:
Amazon Echo:
LIFX Smart Bulb:
Google OnHub Router:

Google Plus:


BS Shapiro says:


Robert Elliott says:

how about the Asus brand Google on hub? is the TP link better? what’s the difference?

BS Shapiro says:


X Blocky says:

How does that bulb connect to secured wi-fi? Do you need wifi password?

INIT B says:

you stupid I am first

Megan Carter says:

In my case, the Rink doorbell!

AverageLouis says:

How do you control this when ur away and your wifi is off

TheAppleGamer 0 Ye says:


Megan Carter says:

Is my favorite.

monstamasta375 says:

not sure why routers are “hard” to set up. I just pluged in our netgear router, turned it on and connected to it with no set up.

marque27 says:

the way you say bulb, it sounds like “boolb”….quite weird.

Mohammed Abdulbasit says:

Good job kids

Kevin chakkalakkal says:

I have an tp link onhub right now and it’s worked great for me so far

The Meme Bear says:

11th vomment

William Wallace says:

Okay isn’t it feel that you can use the jekyll. Disk space is for a common problem. Divulged to the man with the stubby beach.

Khanin the Uhnahkian says:

Yes, you use her everyday Beu( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Георги Стефанов says:

Nice video

Next Thinkerz says:

Nice video!

Sammy Hildebrand says:


Vikings Scandinavia says:

The Lifx bulbs are 60 bucks per bulb.

INIT B says:


TwiTch says:

Someones got a boner for cylinder shaped gadgets.

Guessing you own an apple trashcan also

serge08sti says:

great video! any other suggestions for smart bulbs?

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