Best Smart Home Tech Ep. 2 (Amazon Echo Dot Review)

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Vore Playz says:

Can I give my channel a shout out

kimura kano says:

Hmm well im debating to get one or not. The price is right. Ive got a home theatre setup, bose bookshelf and the HK aura onbits way for my deck.

I have points holding me back.
1. I live in Canada
2. Im not convinced home automation is there yet.


Jacob Henson says:

I just got one too. But Alexa can not change the color of my hue lights like Siri can ? Maybe I just can’t figure it out.

Vore Playz says:

can u give me a shout out #auto correct

Shadow Cali559 says:

what kind of lights are those the pink ones by computer

IceBreaker2557 says:

Dude, such an awesome review! Defintely got yourself a new sub from across the pond here in London! I’ll make sure to tell my mates to sub too! I was so confused about whether or not I needed one, i’m a huge Apple fan as well, wanted to know if you’ve tried controlling Apple Music through an external bluetooth speaker? Also what are your thoughts on the echo dot 2?

GimliBoy says:

5:43… My Siri started, I can’t belive it xD

GimliBoy says:

Why is everybody comparing a piece of additional software in a phone, with a piece of hardware which was designed to work perfectly with a piece of software which was made to only do that one thing?

kimura kano says:

I can order dominos
I can dim lights
I can order an uber
Check weather, news and play music ( Siri of which call all do, just not as nicely)
IFTTT my nest and ring doorbell.
All cool.


It doesnt use natural conversation like google home.
It wont have the power of google analytics. .

Tanner M. says:

I just found your channel from this video. Cool stuff man. I subbed. Keep up the good work and keep them videos coming!

Rose Thibodeaux says:

I love your honest excitement for the product. Super cool!

SayHiToMatthew says:

does play music with out the speaker ?

allah bless says:

probably asking for too much. But can Alexa play specific songs from Spotify? or at least Amazon music?

Alejandro Olivas says:

Anyone have an idea when they will be available again?

Matthew Pina says:

So could i hook it up to my 7.1 surround sound system?

D Rossi says:

I bought my first Echo last Thanksgiving on sale, loved it so much I bought a second one full price in March. INCREDIBLE sound, haven’t used my stereo since! Wasn’t sure about the Dot until one of my co-workers bought one and brought it into work wanting help setting it up. I was totally blown away by how great it sounded just by itself. I’m ordering one for the kitchen now, and it will be easier to transport than the Echo – even though I also bought the rechargeable battery for the Echo so I can take it anywhere. I loved your video – clear, concise, and fun, while still very informative. Thanks for doing a great job! Subscribing!

SafeMoversOfNewEngland says:

call it echo

杰JieJie 杰 says:

the difference between Amazon echo dot and echo is just the size?

Carlito says:

sadly it’s been discontinued .

Vore Playz says:

it’s 50$ over here

Vore Playz says:


craszhtube69 says:

Just got my Amazon Echo Dot 2nd gen ($49.99) today can’t wait to set it up. I also has the original Echo and love it. Paired with TP Link modules can control light and fan. I use it a lot to setup alarm every night, love it.

Johnny Vo says:

Subscribed! I really enjoy your channel! Just out of curiosity. I have you tried to hook up the Echo Dot to say a Stereo Receiver? I’d be curious to see whether it would switch to the correct input automatically or if you would have to switch it yourself.

Denny Crane says:

“Alex set alarm for 10 seconds from now.” Yeah… my echo just responded to that and set the alarm. Jerk.

DerHeteroGamer Ω says:

can i tell it to “shut the fuck up”?

Stallion Disliker says:

samsung power bot cleaner i will like to s it controle that

Harvey Relihan says:

I have to agree with your assessment! Excellent device I have many.

Vangjel Xhollo says:

this really cool good job keep it up bro!

Shane Phillips says:

I just bought the echo dot new version($50) in white. I cant wait to get it.i also skipped the first echo and echo dot

jarred mesa says:

nice video but the real question ever one wants to ask is where did u get that badass jacket? lol

CJ Worm says:

great video!!  Think I might get one

SepprikMC says:

Can i use this in finland/ any country?

Vore Playz says:


Dani Dearest says:

Getting mine tomorrow! GREAT video! You got a sub from me! Keep it up!

nick mejia says:

Nice video man try to include some broll in bettwen your jump cuts

Vore Playz says:

no in a video

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