BEST Home Tech 2016 – Samsung SmartThings

The Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit is a great place to begin using home tech for your every day needs.

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This video and device was sponsored by SmartThings

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Carl Mag says:

karl, great video, 1:59 – 2:01 my favorite part of the video though.

Benjamino Di Parma says:

nice 993 sitting in your garage!

4FwaYT says:


Positivity Tam says:

You just seem like a douche.

utube4greenfuture says:

Does it have the ability to auto-off a outlet without having to remember to do so?

cruzernator says:

did you rent those luxury vehicles for your videos?

Joana Admendilla says:


Canoopsy says:

Fantastic work Karl!

NM says:

In case you didn’t realise his parents own a Porsche.
You’re welcome

unboxcarlos18 says:

Also I’d like to win your phone giveaway I like the iPhone 6s Plus space grey yeah I’m a nerd

Nazira Segeir says:

I need thaaaatttt

Mario Kladarić says:

Haha only in this video you didn’t start with ” Hey guys,whats going on ,back with another episode”

JeffScott Cato says:

All is well as long as the raccoons don’t get a smartphone, Karl

Snowmation says:

Very cool bit of kit….love that you don’t actually need a Samsung phone to use it.

Random Good Stuff says:

The Porsche’s though

Alan 6900 says:

It seems linda expensive .-.

Josip Crnković says:

Subtle showing off those cars.

TheMing says:

my 2017 goal is to make my house smarter xD only problem is they are pricy especially philips hue

Elbin Cuevas says:

nice video! i also love those shoessss

Abdulbari mohammed says:

plz plz plz more videos!!!!!!!

Bryce kane says:

I love love love your BMW!

Ossy G says:

Hahaha dem racoons

mind says:

you should really blur out your license plate on that porsche. very easy to find out where you live.

David Morgan says:

You’re awesome Karl! Keep up the good work.

Paul Costa says:

This is was my first smart hub to try and it was a complete fail almost right out of the box! It tells me that my Schlage lock is unlocked when it is locked and says that it is locked when it is unlocked. It will also stay in an active “locking” or “unlocking” state for extended periods of time. Once again, a company has developed a product and half-assed it. If I have to sit at work in a total panic thinking that my front door is unlocked and that I can’t lock it with this $100 device that I have purchased, I’d rather just lock it myself. I took this stupid thing back to the store the very next day. Sorry folks, but as far as home automation for the common man goes, we are certainly not there yet because most tech sites say that this is the best one on the market and it is a FAIL!!! Then, while researching I have run across devices with this so called IFTTT technology and I’m like, WHAT??? What kind of ignorant, dumb downed terminology is this? If you have to dumb down the concept of conditional statements to the people that will be using the product then again, maybe we just aren’t ready for home automation. This device may be good for turning lights on and off but I just won’t feel comfortable with it controlling my garage and front door.

raeae fries says:

Thats cooool…

Shaun Dodds says:

People seem to think that buying smart devices make you smart. Unfortunately if you need a sensor to tell you if your garage is still open then maybe you need to check your sensor in your head?!?

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