Best CES 2018 Smart Home Gadgets for an Amazing Home

CES 2018 Smart Home Roundup:

In this in-depth video, we go over 23 new CES 2018 smart home devices. There are some updates to well known smart home brands and some devices you might not have heard of before.

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Anthony Phillips says:

I like the looks of the honeywell all in one security system…like that it doesn’t require subscription and will be perfect for my garage! Looking forward to that hitting the market!

Gina E says:

really cool ty!

Andy Ball says:


Eric Stroud says:

This guy’s voice though…

Martin Wichmand says:

Bad review to subjective

R Coleman says:

That was among or maybe the best smart home CES rundown! Thanks a lot.

Can you comment on what to do as an Apple HomeKit person. They are being left behind. I try to buy HomeKit stuff but for cameras and security, they suck. I am Ring guy too. I have gotten into Google home with a mini, link 10 and a Chromecast Audio. I like my Roku too. Do you use multiple systems? Please include a bit more about HomeKit.

Frenchyk757 says:

Did you see any new smart home tech from Netgears Arlo brand?

Rudi Hendrix says:

Cool! Thanks for this! Finally something different from CES. All other tech sites covered the same stuff over and over again. You finally covered other stuff as well!

Tullock says:

I hope someone makes a generic or a better A.I where you dont have to say something ridiculously stupid and awkward like “Hey Google!”. Alexa is nice, it’s a girls name but it would be cooler if you could switch to one of your own keywords. Like “Hey Babe” Or so you dont even have to say anything before. it’ll just distinguish words like “Flush” and flush the tiolet, know what im saying?

pccalcio says:

Was there anything from Panasonic related to the Smart Home market ?
Nice video, thanks for sharing.

Algo+codehawk says:

…. your voice is so…. monotone and passionless. It makes me so depressed just listening to you talk

Ch Ada says:

whats a “Rowter”? do you mean “Router”?

David Williams says:

I’m so underwhelmed

Let's See More says:

Also like what the #ring company is doing thinking about making that a investment to them

Deseagle07 says:

Alexa, flush my shit!

oespo oespo19 says:

ALL Unnesscary

Let's See More says:

#Honeywell has some tech this year.

Murchy Murch says:

Dude. Stop saying “Alexa” you are  triggering people’s smart speakers.  You should use a fill in term instead.

thefilthelement says:

I have a different vacuum from ecovac but I love my deebot

G.G. says:

The majority of these are reeeeeaaally unnecessary.

TheWhocares233 says:

The non-remote controlled Brinks lock is a great idea…This is one of the few useful smart device videos… THANK YOU!

MarioPlushAdventures says:

AYYY im you 500th sub

Vane Fal says:

Invent something that can clean the whole house already!

thefilthelement says:

Personally I don’t need that much bling on my toilet but it would be nice to have a HUD on the mirror when using Alexa or Google home

James Jones says:

Like you videos. Watched 2 so far and just subscribed.

Wondering if with Ring’s recent acquisition by Amazon if he Spring 2018 release date is still planned for their professionally monitored security system, and if price is still the same.

Wojciech Skowron says:

Mycroft should get more attention.

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