Best Budget SMART THERMOSTAT Review (Nest Alternative/Killer?)

I have found an amazing alternative (+ its way cheaper!) to the Nest and Honeywell thermostat!

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In this video The Deal Guy is reviewing the best smart thermostat, i would say maybe even a nest killer? This home automation thermostat review is one of the best nest alternatives at a great price for a wifi thermostat! This best budget smart thermostat is one of the best digital thermostat for 2017. This smart thermostat is one of the best tech reviews of a thermostat of a honeywell thermostat competitor.



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michael reid says:

Awesome deal I’ve been looking for a good smart thermostat but they are all so expensive. Thank you Deal Guy

theking022282 says:

I got mine on March 8th and installed it the next day. I can tell you the installation was easy, but the programming was a bit difficult. The touch screen on it is also a bit off. You touch an icon on the screen and sometimes it doesn’t work or it clicks on something else. Using you phone to program is easier. I just wish the instructions were much clearer on how to program the thermostat. I am happy with the thermostat though. Hope this helps.

Tony Shingler says:

I just received one of these yesterday! Installing tonight. Can’t wait. Thanks for the review

theking022282 says:

Purchased the Thermostat a few days ago. Can’t wait to get it installed and save money. Thanks Mr. Deal Guy.

MISSY gold says:

I can save every penny thanks

smith n says:

Hey Matt does this work with a heat pump system? I really want to buy it but I can’t if it’s not compatible.

Daniel Castañón says:

Been looking for a nest alternative. this looks good and is much affordable. Will do research about multiple units within same building. Thanks for making this video.

LuLaRoeBette Dillon says:

i’ve been away….so glad to be back to watch!!

dereck knight says:

hmm wonders if amazon will match this price for this thermostat. been living in my apt for 6 years. not planing on moving anytime. so I think this would pay for itself real fast out here in seattle

Joe Scot Schroeder says:

Thanks for presenting a pretty awesome thermostat at the lowest price and a great presentation by the HVAC guys! 🙂

Travis says:

Looks like an awesome product!

Lyle Campbell says:

I picked this up Matt. Good deal – installed myself. Works great. Touch screen is a little touchy but not much of an issue once you are on wi-fi

Catherine Marchand says:

Oh, Matt. Don’t be lonely.

Lawrence Hargreaves says:

Those are very sweet! Thanks Matt!

rosebeern1 says:

Love Matt Granite watch you every morning.

Tyler Muma says:

I love how you read and respond to comments Matt, always brightens my day at least!

Tom Bower says:

My existing digital thermo has FIVE wires. There is also a yellow one.

Andrea Toh says:

wow great deal!

Alex Matias says:

amazing savings for people I love this channel makes me save so much and much-love to Matt

Terrance Mann says:

Great deal…when I move out of my RV into a home again…I am definitely getting one of these!!!

Alex Matias says:

channel is growing good job guys


just got one of these and everything mentioned is true. truly a great buy

Pixleninja Gaming says:

It looks so cool you do the BEST deals EVER

Michael English says:

I bought a nest and love it. A programmable thermostat can save you so much money each year!

johnson gurung says:

amazing review

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