August Smart Lock & Connect Review | Lock and Unlock Your Front Door Using A Smartphone

August Smart Lock & August Connect unboxing, installation, and full in-depth review!
August is a safe and simple smart lock for keyless home access using an iOS or Android device! Check out my full thoughts of this elegant smart lock along with the August Connect accessory!
Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Dan Peter says:

How is this working out for you?

Elbert Lim says:

Can you use this outside the US? Since it asks for your number. Would you prefer this over the other smart locks? Thanks.

Andy P. says:

Jesus balls this is the most thorough review of any product I’ve seen. Well done man. Looks like an awesome product. Thanks for going through literally every detail

alfred cheng says:

It’s cool, but I find it too bulky. Hopefully they make one that is going to be less bulky. Btw Joel are you going to get Nest thermostat or any other smart home appliances because I find that it’s a good idea of doing reviews of these products and putting into a playlist.

Jacob Johnson says:

I wish that you could open your door by just taking your phone near it and using touch id!

TwoWheelsLover says:

Hi +JBTech17 can you give me feedback on how the connect is working cause i have read some bad reviews about getting disconnected from the wifi. Thank you in advance

andre moffatt says:

I love it I am getting one very soon

Rex Tsai says:

Nice review. But my lock is different from the inside it has a long plate with handle not separated like yours. Can it be done ?

Jose Martinez says:

Good video, but what bugs me is your screen door with the opposite handle that looks like its broken.

sam sneed says:

great review.. Garbage product

Christian Gunn says:

Great Review….I see you have the Sky Bell…would you switch to the August Door Bell?

Latin Label says:

Great review!

Alexander Rios says:

but anyone could remove it from the outside, only raising insurance and would achieve not only steal the smart lock, also would have access to the house

Cactus Tweeter says:

Yes I am going to get it.

Ainsley Brown says:

So when your phone dies and your charger is in the house… Yeaaaah you see where i’m going with this.

Wendy Acosta says:

I noticed on your video and perhaps it’s worth a mention, the August SmartLock doesn’t control keyentry door knobs – which eliminates the option of a keyless entry {using wifi/bluetooth} if the lock on the knob is active.

Klaas Vaak says:

its shit, realy easy to come in

Nate Phillips says:

would love to hear the ‘review’ part of it…after living with it for a few months…

Hanan Haj-Nabou says:

Do you think it’s strong enough to lock and unlock a stiff deadbolt, because my deadbolt is really hard to open

ladiejaymes says:

Great video. I just happen to see an advertisement for an online exclusive at Sam’s Club today and found your video. The video answered all of my questions.

Iwantsomepowerade says:

Will top and bottom both lock? Or would you have to buy two?

Sina Bakhshalian says:

What a comprehensive review… Loved it.

Felix the cat says:

Awesome video, thanks. If you’re not an employed by them, perhaps some royalties are due. Given that their website DOES NOT explain it. BTW, is there a monthly fee for usage?

Santo Diablo says:

Is this product going to be sold in spanish-language countries???

Joshua Carter says:

super cool. so this an be used as evidence against you in a court of law. nice!

The Angry Fapper says:

Could this still work if i decided to remove the keyhole on the other side of the door? i want it so that nobody can get in my bedroom, even a locksmith.

Im 19 and am forced to live with my grandmother and she hates cats, i have a cat which i keep in my room 24/7 and she’ll go as far as getting a locksmith to unlock my door so she can KILL my cat.

Dragons Life says:

Good job with the video. Very good

Corican Yu says:

I just saw it in Bestbuy today. Love this product but it’s a bit expensive. The price haven’t changed after 8 months..sad

TechExamined says:

Very nice system all around.. Great job on the video Joel!!

Noah Campos says:

It is realy cool indeed!

William Melendez says:

I just bought the new version over the weekend and just installed it today ! It’s freaking awesome ! New version has HomeKit enable , therefore, I could tell Siri to unlock and lock my door lol. I like !

Corey Pattison says:

bro people will still bitch about charging their phone monthly. Trust me, evolution has left us insatiable. Great for business. Not so good for sanity and being a rational adult. It’s pretty exhausting knowing we have to constantly change. I’m not lazy but I can appreciate relaxation given my already exhausting work and lifestyle. Thanks for the video though. just installing my August lock. Can’t get it to connect so I’m gonna go swap it. Thanks again

Ana Elsy Rivera says:

Great yes I would definitely get one for my home

TickleMe Spewnz says:

Lol, He has that and a smart doorbell.

1996killerman says:

now wait the whole auto unlock feature works if you dont lock the bottom lock ? i assume if you lock both locks and you auto unlock the august the bottom part is still locked right ?

Kuky Carter says:

not literally tied:good point. lmao

Andy P. says:

The thing that frightens me is that once you connect a product like this to the Internet, someone can easily hack their way into your home with no signs of breaking in or anything.

A.Aziz Al-Mubarak says:

JBTech17 will it show you if someone unlocks the door manually from the inside ??

if you have the connect feature… will it give me a pop up notification of manually opening the lock???


Jerry Lederman says:

Hi,enjoyed video,are you having any issues with battery cover falling off?

BestiDeviceHelp says:

Is there a cydia tweak to bypass data Throttling?? Please let me know.. Thanks

Dan Peter says:

Does the app constantly have location services on when auto-unlock is on?

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