Are Smart Homes the Future of High-Tech Living?

One tech writer shows how she has multiple devices talk to each other, but could her smart home get hacked?


Alexander Parsan says:

Lol, but Stacey still had to give her password… It otherwise would take more years as long as her password meets the strength criteria.

Sim Yong Siang says:

I never asked for this.

simplybest83 says:

That’s Chutzpah 

Jman You Rock says:

Imagine cleaning the garbage disposal when some hacker pushes a button and turns it on from 1000 miles away…

Kingston Modiselle says:

I know but they’re so FUN

bellesogne says:

Open the pod bay doors, HAL….

Black Bird Noodle says:

The only thing that I want that is tech in my house is the remote curtain.
that is so cool!

doodelay says:

Lol this was so fun to see. The crew, the subject, and Stacy worked really well together

Truong Do says:

I see no future there at all.

Gilbert Zhuo says:

Lool the hacker is using the most basic brute force. Seriously.

Thomas Rizk says:

The technological world is a rapidly changing environment filled with new gadgets and creations on a daily basis. As helpful as these new innovations are, some have obvious downsides, as seen in this video. This video reminds me of the new Apple HomeKit. After watching this, I’m curious to see how consumers will respond to the HomeKit, and I would like to know if it can be hacked as easily as this tech writer’s smart home.

Blue Ant says:

a long way to go haha

Morph Verse says:

Seems a bit of gimmick the smarthouse..
How is safety guaranteed if someone can easily hack the devices around the home connected to some private that can be hacked.

Not really convincing right now.

Derek 84 says:

Stupid ass news reporter.

R5cali family says:

Smart house! Loved that movie I want it to be real except the take over part lol

residentevil4life says:

well at least they admitted it can take WEEKS before a criminal can actually break into your computer, BUT that means you better hope your next door neighbor isnt a hacker

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