Apple’s Home meets the CNET Smart Home

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We put Apple’s smart home app to the test on a large scale.

Best smart home devices of 2016 –
The CNET Smart Home:

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Pulak Khan says:


Luke The Blook says:

what if someone hacks your phone and when your away they turn all the stoves on

MiracleWarriors says:

“Siri ,Wake up ,wake up wake up,Siri !”

leiya107 says:

I can’t take a tech journalist seriously if he keeps talking to the earpiece or screen thinking it’s the microphone

Danny Sun says:

Hey siri burn my house

Shelton Lee says: much would it cost to have all these damn smart blinds, smart bulbs, smart door lock, smart thermostat, smart home camera….

Jamin Shanti says:

Amazon Dot >

Adam Rydström says:

the microphone is on the bottom idiot

Varga Edmond says:


punani simpson says:

How lazy can one homo sapien possibly be?

Dream Dream AI AU YEUNG BEN says:

The problem with Apple home is. If a few members. You need all the family members have iphone first. If one of the family members do not like to use iphone or have a member (old people) do not know with iphone or children usually do not give expensive iphone. This member will not be able to control the household electrical appliances.

FastLikeUNO says:

Like a boss… blinds roll right up!

ruzzell907 says:

Home Alone 10 haha

ALB TR 92 says:


James Roach says:

Right when he said hang on it’s to dark in here my phone turned off

someone says:


dogeun Kim says:

whos watching this in 1995

SocAnxDis says:


SimpleMan.45 says:

Sounds cool, but I don’t know if I Would trust my home security with Siri. I can’t even get her to read me a text most of the time.

fabian puello navarro says:

You all know that lights have switches to turn them on and off, don’t need to buy expensive/”fancy” equipment to do that

adammusic says:

I still cant comprehend why apple hasnt upgraded the microphone, so siri can hear us better. That should be focus #1.

mitttube says:

You don’t need to say “Siri” every time. Only when you want to activate it.

v1d300 says:

Should have told how many hours it took to setup the whole Apple Home thing.

MinderestingPictures says:

Even the tech pros from CNET don’t realise that the microphone of the iPhone is AT THE BOTTOM of the phone…

kekchan biggest fan says:

Maybe it didn’t hear you right because you were talking to the earpiece :^)

Ed says:

The problem with smart home stuff is the cost.

Nintendo j says:

wow useless

Otk_Obelisk says:

I’m usually all in for tech but I’m not quite comfortable with a smart car or house just seem like a bad idea.

κωνσταντινος χιτζιος says:

#Apple Get over 3000mha batteries

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