Amazon Echo vs Google Home!

Which of these connected home powerhouses deserve the title of “best”? Well, it’s complicated. Here’s a quick test of their capabilities.

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Victor Oates says:

the issue with this video is the user clearly did not set up the echo as he did the Google home clearly demonstrating a predisposition to Google

APatriotVirus says:

Hello fellow Glen Burnie resident.

Erislandy Valdez says:

saying Alexa sounds so much better than saying “ok Google”

Hunter Schading says:

google home wins me over by being able to carry on a conversation. Plus being having it just came out reminders will come for sure

tcphll says:

I just asked my Echo “Alexa, are you smarter than Google Home?” The answer: “I like all AIs.” They are evolving, but at least they seem friendly. What a time to be alive.

Haitham Badarin says:

Alexa is very mature compared to the google Assistant!

jay smith says:

How you connect it to tv?

PanzamaGaming says:

Google home with screen confirmed

Melchi Zedeq says:

if alexa and google were guy assistants

Alex are u better than Google?:
Of course! Google’s G is for Garbage!

Jim Barber says:

technically they didn’t answer his “what time does best buy open?” question

Ian Pitts says:

Ritchie Highway!? You live 10 minutes from me! What!?

Reza Pratama says:

Well, Alexa has better joke..

Jane says:

Do u like Chromecast 2 or Prime?

Anton Iliev says:

I have just cancelled my Echo order as it seems like Google outsmarts it…

Devin Hennayake says:

Yoo!!! I live in the same exact city as you

Ivan Goldner says:

Alexa just sounds better

Tapz says:

android center I was debating on getting the Google home or the echo just was wondering mostly I’m going to use it for music so which one should I get which one would has a better speaker and I love bass so I need help thx 😀 🙂

3636lk says:

OMG play Hamilton…..really! LOL

Jason Hoselton says:

So which should I get?

jay smith says:

Connect your nest to amazon ughh

TrustableYT says:

whoa, what a coincedence. I added bb-8 and the echo to my Christmas wish list

Goko Smileski says:

alexa shut up…. LOL

1 says:

the thing is tho the Google home hasn’t been out for long Amazon echo has Been out for almost a year now

Kyle Weir says:

LMAO at “unreliable af”

You are breathing says:

I had to mute my Echo Dot after it started executing the commands from the video.

Ben Rogers says:

I’m surprised. How does Google Home not support reminders yet?

jay smith says:


Statik SA says:

Playing Android Central on Unreliable AF xD

Charlie Shay says:

is Google Home volume at its max? it sounds more muted than Alexa

Frank Sclafani says:

lol all the comments from my fellow Maryland residents. Glen Burnie ftw!!!

Tousaint Sharpe says:

No perfect device yet But right now google is doing great things big up google.

David Ekstrom says:

Having Google Home just isn’t practical.. What if you want to use Google Home anywhere in your house? what, buy 4 Google Homes at $280 CDN a piece? I don’t think so. lol Also, imagine listening to Spotify, and having to say “Okay Google Next” vs ‘Alexa, Next” may not sound that bad, but you will notice it once you start listening to music, and your constantly changing tracks

tcphll says:

The Nest test isn’t accurate. You just need to add the Nest skill, which you obviously didn’t. I have the Nest thermostat and can control it from my Echo just fine.

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