Amazon Echo Review | Home Automation Demo using the Amazon Echo 2017

Amazon Echo demo of a Home Automation using the Echo.

By using home automation the Amazon Echo will simplify your life in 2017.

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The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Google Home also work in Canada, the UK and Germany.

The Amazon Echo, also called Alexa can turn on your lights, thermostat, TV, and almost everything in your smart home automation. Google Home review coming soon

This is the best review of the amazon echo with ifttt recipes and tutorial. You can use your Android phone, tablet or iphone and ipad to access your Amazon echo.

The Amazon echo can find your phone. Just trigger Alexa to find your phone. The amazon echo can update your shopping list, and play your favourite music. Once you are finished unboxing and setup the Amazon Echo you are ready to enjoy the funny parody.

This is a short review of the Amazon Echo, used for home automation. It’s a quick demo of Alexa and how she can be used in Canada.

Everything in this video does what the commercial says. A diy home project for some, but most rely on technical advise for their home automation needs.

Amazon Echo will simplify your life. How to use the Amazon Echo. Alexa or Amazon echo also comes with hidden Easter eggs.

You can also buy the Amazon echo dot, and the Amazon Tap. The echo can connect to many iot (internet of things)

You can buy the Amazon echo at or if you are in the Toronto Area, you can purchase it by contacting us through our website

Located in the Toronto area, Canada with surrounding areas of Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill, Bradford, Barrie, Unionville, Mississauga, Stouffville, York Region Ontario

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Totty says:

LOL! probably the cleanest kitchen I’ve ever seen. XD

Sega Boy says:

Every time I watch this channel I feel like the cable guy could come over at any moment and clothes are on the floor.

Anand Sharma says:

way too hard to concentrate on Echo Review

Turd Doodlesworth says:

What site did you find these GILFs from?

1337fraggzb00N says:

Time to fap.

Theolazz TheOne says:

You ppl also clicked this for the review aye? xD

Ramix Nudles says:

“Yes. I can see that.”
Sorry, that’s as far as I got. I guess I’m too old fashioned. I set my own thermostat, unlock my own doors, turn on or off my own lights. But it is a nice view.

Luis Torres says:


Alex J says:

Hello, nice channel and nice videos. How did you do to conect your Smart TV with Alexa ? Do you use a plug and which one ? Thanks for all.

Teh LaughingMan says:

I mean am I really suppose to ignore this?! Also if it were really chilly in there we would have been able to tell.

Richard Warner says:

What exactly was this video about?? 🙂

Nilo Baranda says:

“Alexa, why is my couch so sticky and yucky?”

Carlos Viteri says:

wow she is beautiful

Kara B says:

What the eff am I watching lmao

Home Automation says:

What do you think of the Amazon Echo? Let me know.

rajesh kumar says:

i thought alexa is a soft core moive

Pankaj Lotus says:

I wonder why you not provide video in 4K, I want to use my smart TV to that extent, so it will be great to watch it on my Smart TV. I am following your channel for ideas. What is better Google home or alexa????

anthony reyes says:


Suzzy Larry says:

hmmm, more bulging ideas

MrSailerrman says:

Nice jugs! Also great video!

Alan Fong says:


omar dias says:

You are cute girl

Alex Pablo says:

That ass tho!!!!!!!

B - DUD says:

everyone knows why did they come for

Vapor General says:

oh she’s Canadian. That explains alot.

inti gomez says:

you dont need wife anymore alexa can do things for you..

Amberlodge1 says:

What has to be pre-installed in order to control the lights, tv,heating etc

Silva Stacka says:

Please consider dark hair again 🙂

rajesh kumar says:

7:35 i just hit the subscribed button after this happen

rolliseventeen says:

camera not shaking, must be a girl.

Killroy Jenkins says:

those hairs look fake

thedon0926 says:

The reason i bought an echo.

Crystal maddison Gellar says:

lol I always talk to my Alexa I’m crazy too

Gary Moss says:

good job

Mounir Benjelloun says:

Please Let Alexa Take A Break. Whoa!

Tom Simeone says:

I’d be like Alexa, turn that fucking shit off right now! not turn it up.. lol

FullMetalRaven says:

alexa, is this lady on the video single?

Anthony Clay says:

7:40 – I died.

Apapapap papapa says:

Nice wig

Ibrahima Conde says:

ok cool

Ciprian Bindiu says:

Alexa, what’s her name? 😀

Joseph Cullen says:

I would feel as though an electronic device has more control over my home than me if I had one of those Amazon echos or dots

TWB The Worlds Best says:

Video made my Echo go crazy!

Kego talbot says:

I dunno seems kind of of pointless. The things that it does for you are so easy to do yourself anyway. How hard is it to turn on lights, a tv, and the thermostat? Apparently someone out there thought this button pushing thing is just too difficult. Also, 90 percent of what Alexa does, your smart phone already does. However, I would say the find my phone feature might be worth it alone.

Gabe Maldonado says:

Alexa, where is the pool boy?

asdwqe says:


sumit kumar says:

I want more videos of you on that lovely dress

sambit das says:

nice figure

Edgar Supertramp Retana says:

No necesito saber inglés, ni siquiera de que trata el video, pero vaya que lo he disfrutado!

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