Abode vs. SimpliSafe Home Security + Cameras

Comprehensive Comparison of Abode, SimpliSafe, and Scout Here: http://homealarmreport.com/abode-simplisafe-scout-review/

A hands-on comparison of Abode Home Security to SimpliSafe including using both systems for free via self-monitoring and using them with paid plans. Review includes a comparison of equipment as well as both home security cameras, apps, and third-party integrations like Nest, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT.

I purchased SimpliSafe and Scout, but received abode for testing at no charge. This does not impact my opinion. I was not paid to make this review nor am I paid if you purchase abode. I would, however, receive a small commission if you purchase SimpliSafe using the link below.

Purchase SimpliSafe: http://amzn.to/2mFyreL
Purchase Abode: https://goabode.com/sale/


Greenid Guy says:

This review is now outdated as SimpliSafe has introduced its generation 3 model.

Bob Buchko says:

Great review. Based on this, we got Abode about a month and a half ago and we love it so far. Thanks!

Thom Rowe says:

What are the differences between the hardware kits? What do you get with Abode that you don’t with SimplySafe or vice versa?

it's Rose says:


10/12/2017 abode has announced several updates including a new 1080p streaming camera with two-way audio, new door sensors, expanded Z-Wave compatibility, ecobee support, and smart RGB lighting support.
7/14/2017 SimpliSafe Interactive Users can now manage system sensors from the app. Soon you will also be able to add sensors using the app.
6/27/2017 SimpliSafe Interactive Users can now change system volume, entry and exit delays, and more from the app.
5/24/2017 SimpliCam now supports motion based event recordings.
5/3/2017 Manage master, duress, and four custom PINS from the SimpliSafe app.
4/23/2017 Customers with Interactive Plans can now manage email, SMS, and push notification alerts from the mobile app. The alerts page allows you to add new alerts or modify existing alerts for alarm events, system activity, or system error.
Camera customers can swipe on notifications to immediately view live or recorded video associated with that event.
3/23/2017 SimpliSafe video recording on-demand now live.

enigmarocker says:

Rose, you are both gorgeous and brilliant! Thanks so much for the fantastic review and article. I just grabbed an Abode thanks to your review. 🙂

hoopernop says:

Rose, have you ever tested Home8? I’ve heard good things about it but am not impressed after buying it. I’m wondering if I”m missing something or is it really just junk. Thanks!

SkylessKnight says:

Abode requires a constant Ethernet and a Wi-Fi connection? Looks like a RJ15 instead of a CAT5e to me

Tony Padgett says:

I just got the starter kit from Abode. Do you have any recommendations on where to place the motion sensor? Also, is there a way to automatically set away mode when everyone has left the house and automatically turn off if just one person has returned?

Atash Properties says:

Which one do you have ?

Vinh Bennett says:

Thank you Rose – excellent, unbiased review! I saw your video linked on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/Abode/)
Also – looking forward to seeing your article on Abode. Keep up the great work!

Brad LeCompte says:

This is the best reviewer of do it yourself home security tech I have found yet. Great videos.

more jello please says:

I read abode but totally said adobe in my head lol.

Anurag Singh says:

thank you Rose! This is very helpful

JonathanIsrael708 says:

I was just reading your article on these two (and Scout)!! I’m still having trouble deciding between simplisafe and abode (haven’t really looked into Scout). Waiting for your upcoming article on Abode. I don’t care much about automation so I’ll probably end up with SimpliSafe and a diy camera system.

JonathanIsrael708 says:

wait.. abode requires an Ethernet connection (cat5/6)?? That knocks it out of my list

undefined2.21 says:

Hi , Do you know what firm Abode uses to offer 24/7 professional monitoring? I’m trying to see if Slomin’s shield is more reliable in that sense.

Robert Thompson says:

The starter bundle is currently on backorder for Abode. I know it was initially funded on Kickstarter. Just curious about long term support and company viability. Very intrigued by the product.

gueeds23 says:

I’m I correct that the SimpliSafe cameras don’t have a time stamp feature? That would be a huge negative for me, but I don’t like Abode’s product design at all.

David McCabe says:

Great comparison Rose. I have been thinking of trying Abode as our home security system instead of forcing SmartThings into that role. I like the whole kit idea, cameras, and key fobs. Great job.

Bob Martin says:

Abode is a little better, but the upfront costs are crazy expensive compared to SimpliSafe.   Plus Abode is a relatively new company…not that it’s a bad thing, but I did have some issue with many of their devices being on back order, etc…I personally just feel better with a more established company.

it's Rose says:

I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

tempest411 says:

Why would someone want either of these systems as opposed to say, Frontpoint, which I have and as far as i know does pretty much all the same stuff? Well, it doesn’t communicate with Alexa, but that’s a solution for a problem that never existed in the first place…

devwreck127 says:

Awesome review, thanks! Who is their monitoring company, by the way?

jmchez says:

Hi Rose, great job as always. Thanks for your eminently understandable reviews. Have you heard of or looked at the Home8 security system? Keep up the good work.

Jason Mohr says:

Your reviews on these products are great! I’ve read your in depth article as well and really appreciate that you have experience with the various systems on the market. Can you tell me… if you had to choose between Arlo cams or Nest cams to complement your Abode system, which would you choose? I realize Nest currently has direct integration, but Arlo has a free cloud option which nest doesn’t. Does the direct Nest integration to Abode make the cost worth it?

eliran gibli says:

Rose Thank you.! . U.. Number one in the world for professional Review!

Tony Padgett says:

Have you ever tried the “Glass Break and Vibration Sensor” or the “Acoustic Glass Break Sensor”? Would you recommend one over the other?

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