A tour of one of the first Apple HomeKit homes

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A touch of one of the first Apple HomeKit homes with developer and homebuilder Brookfield Residential.

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Juan says:

Quite honestly, I don’t see the point. Real analog things feel better and respond faster. Can’t you go to the curtains and close it? You need to automate that? AHAHAHAHAHA it’s so ridiculous. Technology should be added where it’s needed, otherwise you’re just cluttering your life.

One Dude says:

You wrote coo instead of ceo

Burrito scope says:


Gold219 says:

3:01 *The only person who actually says “hey” to siri before a command, LOL*

the best life says:

Home automation voice control with Amazon Echo: http://amzn.to/2DtvF5v

Bob Errtu says:


krazygreekguy says:

What is the model # and/or brand of the iPad wall mount by the front door in this video?

JustPlainShit says:

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TimTalksTV says:

learn how to BALANCE AUDIO

hyperspace36 says:

So no Nest, no EVE Thermo, no HUE, no Alexa, no Apple TV, no Smart Plugs, no Climate Control, no Broadlink, no Songs, no Arlo .. WTF this isn’t nearly as smart as it could be!!! My House is way more connected and theres no sign outside “HEY THIS IS A HOMEKIT HOME!”

aukng ug says:

Lol. Funny.

iMarks Tech says:

holy hell.. this is 9to5mac? I literally thought this video was done by the average Joe.
woah you guys need to work on that lol

PanosErms says:

how can this guy sell anything? he is not even trying to be interesting

Joel Smith says:

Audio is super quiet. I am in my room with the only outside noise being a fan running on low quietly behind me. with the volume all the way up on my laptop, I can barely hear anything, had to put earbuds in.

Scott Brady says:

Was this edited on shitty iMovie for iOS? Why was this so half-assed?

Felipe Gonzalez says:

Both Apple and Google respect your privacy, but they still track by default. Fortunately, they both offer options to stop tracking. The main difference is that only one of them offers its services for free: Google.

Jay Middleton says:

All I see are comments about video and audio quality. Both were just fine lol

Jonathan Ryan says:

Probably charge hella extra for this! I think i would rather buy a standard home and do it myself lol

Little Penguin says:

Hi monkey

Luka Petranović says:

That guy who owns this looks like Granger from Navy C.I.S. L.A.

Frank Ramsden says:

Sort your audio out

DJ Relentt says:

That house has malware. Gross.

shane brock says:

Not much of a “tour” seemed more of a sales pitch.

TheGhost says:

Watch dogs 2………

Shawn says:


Leo Joey says:

“turn on _good morning_ ”

 babe that’s … 

that’s not how you.

Richard van Pukkem says:

They are always demonstrating waking up in the morning, locking the house to go away, and watching a movie. I don’t know if all this money and effort is worth those 3 events a day. I never watch movies anyway. And i keep my doorlock analog hardware.

Gamer CRJ says:

What if the power goes out??!!!

temp_ man says:

HomeKit is nearly dead, at least compared to the Echo or Google Home. I never see any products using HK. Maybe HomePod will give it some life.

Youssef El-Henaoui says:

What happens when you have android and buy this house

alex salazar says:

the fuk i live in irvine

Macklebro says:

Was this made with Windows movie maker?

Chris Treborn says:

He’s using Siri/HomeKit wrong. Aye dios mio.

JakeMini123 says:

Hey siri turn on good morning? Wtf

mrmatalino says:

Lame video

vsboy 25 says:

nice house

AngelsEdge says:

Damn looks and sounds like they used an iPhone 4 to film this crap

Legend of the Zygote says:

Audio too low… You should know I’m watching this on an Apple product! Apple doesn’t like to give us too high a decibel…

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