5 Google Home Gadgets You Should Buy!

Smart Home Tech For Google Mini + Tricks + Pixel 2 Review linked below! Epic tech for Google or Android is here including LIFX, Bose QC 35 II Headphones, smart outlets, and Google Home mini. Controlling tech with Google Assistant is awesome! Check out the Bose QC 35 II – http://amzn.to/2iD7YP4

LIFX bulbs –

Google Home Mini –

Pixel 2 Review –

Smart Power Strip –

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Bretta Stone says:

I brought these things but I say buy it on Black Friday or Cyber Monday so you can budget all this stuff.

Dylan Adrian says:

Wow, I wasn’t aware that “premium materials” included plastic and fake leather.

venom5809 says:

91 degrees to 64 degrees, that’s one hell of a temperature swing in a single day. Love my Bose headphones, best things ever.

jrKid49 says:

One of the worst tech videos I’ve seen. Congrats

Jordan Hubbard says:

Who has $80 to spend on 1 lightbulb

Tyler Helinski says:

Those nose headphones r a lot of money

WorldPain4 says:

Can the bose be connected to the PS4?

Torchyz says:

Even before he said that

c0pyimitati0n says:

Gary Laser Eyes!

Alex MacGregor says:

Nice video.

Philip Dozier says:

Everytime he said, “OK Google” my phone and Google Mini kept responding to him.

BMKHD says:

New office setup video?

Jeremy Pajot says:

U literally made assistant start up on my phone while watching it vid

Tyler Helinski says:

what r some cheaper headphones

Horváth Zsombi says:

You left like door locks and heating and windows and stuff…

Jinclops says:

Stop saying Ok Google in videos. Jesus Christ you set mine off so many times.

Emilio Ayala says:

that shirt tho! pls link!

Paytrix says:

“But I like this, because you can easily just say : “ok google” and it pops right up on your screen” As if this was a feature only the google pixel would have….

Allan Sorensen says:

what’s with the above links – that don’t work!

Yannick Reid says:

This one was a bit boring. Not trying to be mean or anything, but just genuinely sharing that this one wasn’t too interesting. Your videos usually are though.

Jake McKeown says:

My google home read the weather just then when u asked yours

Alan Downes says:

Video starts at 3:50

Cameron Spear says:

aye phoenix tho

Carlos Silva says:

Can’t open links in description…

David Frisken says:

Ahhh, so the Bose headphones DO NOT have native google assistant support. You cannot have the headphones connected to Google infrastructure – You were going on as though the headphones themselves support Google Home. It simply has an action button that you can assign in Android. So to be clear these are headphones that must connect to your smart phone.
The sound is good and they’re just excellent all round. – Incredible, I feel like I already own them, not. So according to this “review” no one could possibly ever have any problem with them – nor find better. “You can connect via bluetooth OR NFC” – NFC is used to make the pairing of bluetooth, it is not an “or”.

These are bluetooth only, and do not come with a “base” connection for PC’s, home theatres, etc. Reallly expensive for the limited use and they don’t even come with a boom mic.

This is an advertorial.

Darren Burney says:

Haha bald people wearing hats to hide it. Dude embrace the baldness. Good vid thanks man

ace7926 says:

Wow had no clue you were based in Az?!

Tyler Helinski says:


Summit Gaming Streams says:

Aye I live in Phoenix as well!

Jon A says:

This was a terrible video, so the 5 cool google home gadgets are a google home, head phones, a light, a phone, and a plug? The head phones is the only thing on this list that is even kind of unique, the rest are very obvious.

Julie LeBlanc says:

Does my phone have to be close to my google mini in order for it to work

TheNoyceLife says:

Didn’t realize you could use Google Assistant on iPhone. And the power strip sounds cool. I usually just use the Wemo outlets, but it’s just 1 port. I like the strip idea.

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