ZTE Axon 7 Real Camera Review: Ambitious but flawed…

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ZTE sells the Axon 7 at price which seems too good to be true. For $400, does this smartphone have the goods to compete with other budget busters like the OnePlus 3? Can it give more expensive phones a run for THEIR money? Here’s the most in depth look at the Axon 7 camera available online in our Real Camera Review!

2016 will be remembered by gadget fans as the year of the “budget buster”. This year represents a turning point for manufacturers building phones in the $200-$400 range, where they significantly closed the gap between mid-range fare and higher end devices.

The Axon 7 has a terrific collection of specs on paper, but how does this package compete against similarly priced options, and can it still hang with more expensive handsets? This Qualcomm 820 powered phone boasts a 20MP Samsung sourced camera sensor with optical image stabilization, phase detection auto focus, and an f/1.8 aperture. It’s also the first smartphone we’ve tested which uses h.265 compression for higher quality video. This is an incredibly ambitious collection of hardware and software to be offered for $400, so it’s time we ran this phone through our Real Camera Review set of tests and benchmarks.

Looking at exposure, saturation, white balance, low light conditions, image stabilization, zooming, HDR, macro, panorama stitching, and UHD video we’re going to determine if this camera is hot hardware or just hype. Do you want to know what the Axon 7 camera is really capable of? Here’s the most in-depth look available online!


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Mirza Abdullah says:

What touch pen are you using?

Wanderson caceres de souza says:

The moto x style is good quality.zte not is quality good

Toby says:

If this was waterproof, it would be the best phone ever!

cikopelo says:

im no professional photographer so the camera of the axon will be fine.
75% of my phone usage is watching youtube and movies. 😀 so i think i get the axon 7 instead of the OP3.
Just because of the better screen and amazing speakers.

Jason Booth says:

After reviewing this review Jan it’s clear that ZTE had a clear vision of value without any real noticeable compromise. The exposure adjustment slider isn’t even available on the G5 or 1080p 60fps video… $400. This sensor looses detail around the edges of the most noticeably probably due to the wide aperture.

Paolo Esposito says:

OnePlus 3 or ZTE Axon 7?

AcePicante says:

Weird to see that that Fedora-wearing, Sax-playing graffiti guy and suddenly know exactly where you are. Shoaks represent!

Lucas Goodwin says:

I think we’re getting a little jaded about “picture quality”. It’s fucking great, shut up! Go watch a movie from 1958 on a black and white tv then come back to this phone

McIver Pc says:

my facebook live does not work at all

Lani Pierre says:

Why does the narrator keep saying “megapickle”??

Cembo Hurricane says:

I love the Axon 7 camera.

Gal says:

Good phone, it should always be 50$ less than OP3 IMO. If you do care much about camera, just spend 499$ (or less, just took the first Amazon price) and get a G5 which is in a whole different level for almost the same price.

Marc Hora says:

sir comparison between 1+3 vs axon 7 plsssss

sexonnaplatter says:

I am have watched reviews of this and the Sony Xperia XZ, wondering if the XZ is worth more. I am still undecided and losing sleep. Help?

compmanio36 says:

Axon 7 now has RAW format on manual mode with the Nougat update.

Billy Murray says:

I did not understand 99% of the terminology you used but what I did understand I liked (-:

Science-is-god says:

Great phone, BUT BATTERY life is AWFUL.
There are seemingly dozens of battery saving settings but who knows what the hell is going on.
I returned it to Amazon and will use my MOTO X gen 1 until I find a phone with decent battery life

Siddhrajsinh Solanki says:

please tell me which is better zte axon 7 or oneplus 3. i have seen your op3 review but in all aspect which is better one.

Lord Riddle says:

Custom system = best phone 2016
Verry good phone on 400$
It is even better than SGS7 personally for my family’s hands. So more and cheaper

Rogelio M. says:

Any comments on the shutter speed? I currently have the Droid Turbo and taking pictures is painfully slow, often missing the action and taking a blurry picture instead. Thanks in advance.

Garrett1974 says:

Any 60fps sample videos? 1080p60 that is

CC CC says:

does this phone work in the usa? does it come with google play store? I recently purchased a vivo xplay 5 and had to send it back to china cause it was not compatible with google play store

hyperactive99999 says:

beautiful phone i have just returned mine because i dont like the software and battery is not all that good also you cannot block unwanted calls and messages like Samsung

Harry Nguyen says:

Did anyone notice how he said pickle instead of pixel at the beginning?

regional Jack says:

where csn i get this phone in Canada

RyoJeon Keyboards says:

Just curious, was the tunnel from Bolsa Grande High School?

Mitch C says:

I hate when people complain about lack of professional options on a freaking cellphone. If you’re such a professional photographer enthusiast, just use a actual camera that satisfies these professionals needs. Camera PHONES are for average users who just want to take a quick shot on the go. Not someone who’s looking for professional results. ⬇

Albert Fagstein says:

fake review

McIver Pc says:

do me a fav see if the facebook live works

TSpancer80 says:

Thank you very much for this detailed review, it helped me a lot.

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