YI M1 Mirrorless / Micro Four Thirds Camera – Early Review – Hands-On at Photokina 2016

Our hands-on review of the entry-level YI M1 mirrorless camera at Photokina 2016. It has a Micro Four Thirds mount, uses a 20MP sensor and shoots in 4K at 30fps.

You can find a summary of our thoughts on MirrorLessons: http://www.mirrorlessons.com/2016/09/26/yi-m1-micro-four-thirds-camera/


globalimage says:

Self-addicted, funny.

richandiben says:

YI, should be popular in The North East of England.

ron shhi says:


ignition. says:

That poor tracking and swaying focus is a deal breaker for me. Thank you for the video, great in-depth and precise analysis.

orange moonglows says:

i’d rather get the olympus omd 10 or even one of the oly epl cameras.

Wilbert Ko says:

this toy worth $200

art Jard says:

the autofocus tracking is superb and garbage..

late comers says:

this company is killing big names seriously

Marco F. DVN says:

Did I see this camera before(Samsung?…;)

Wave Dancer says:

A camera for the low cost amateur segment. But this is how it starts isn’t it.

νικος γιώργος says:

No tilting moon cresta touchscreen?
No thanx…

Reborn dude says:

What’s it Cost?

fire23wong says:

Why design when you can copy Leica

tosvus says:

I’m surprised by the price so far – at this point it is not interesting. If they can drop the price and get some interesting android apps for special features not found on other cameras, it could become very interesting though.

TheChameleon2008 says:

Awesome video, and love the fact that you uploaded some sample photo’s also because many youtubers forget to do this so thats why you get a thumbs up!

groovesme says:

Good Video, I hope they let you have a review sample to get some pictures and comparisons.

Nikon D3200 says:

Can you have continous auto focus off .

MA TE says:

Boring camera for me, some shiny on it but price is not low bcs chinese believe if low ppl dont trust and quality is not up to the price for young inovator i cant see anything young and brave on it

RUS says:

The company is Xiaomi. Yes, the camera is too expensive, I did not expect Xiaomi to sell their products that expensive + the lack of tilting screen is a big let down.

hobi lari says:

great camera

flakeu says:

Great video! I just feel this new brand doesn’t bring anything new into the m4/3 system. It’s clearly targeting the smartphone users who want to get better image quality but not having to deal with many buttons and settings. I just doubt this target audience would be interested to pay that much for an unknown brand.

WanderWorx says:

Interesting camera. Would love to try it out.

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

it hits a price point 4k m43 mount. sony Exmor!.all u haters STFU drops mic

Herman Kurniawan says:

thanks for review, it’s so help us. Question: is there any possible to change the lenses with another brand?

Alexander Est says:

The build quality does not inspire confidence, there’s a difference between building a smartphone and a camera.

snake says:

I would not be surprised if the lenses are better than the nasty overpriced Sony e mount lenses.

D Ch says:

yi m1 is a plastic toy…….em10 mark 1 would be a safer choice.

deeplydeluxe says:

Yay! So, apart from the Japanese giants, we also have: Black Magic (AU); Yi (CN); and neo-Polaroid II (US). Any others?

(Personally, I’m hoping that @SIGMA join either M43 or futureproof by licencing the new Fuji G-mount for their future mirrorless cameras.)

De Thom en Jera Show says:

will you post a full review?

KingStivan says:

if the 4k is good and its like 200$ish (body) then it’s an-interesting choice even if the video quality and or the iso is not as good as the others .

Metaphysical2012 says:

I am amazed with this impressive “new guy in town” camera in every aspect.

Gusshandi Azhar says:

wish a xiaomi mirrorles with a7s sensor below $1000

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