Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera REVIEW (in 4K)

A review of the Yi M1 Interchangeable Micro 4/3 Camera – focusing primarily on the 4K video performance but also covering still photos.
PURCHASING LINKS (Official & Affiliated) :
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2hdEYOt
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2ifSaUK
AliExpress: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/N7QVNv7
Manufacturer Product Page: https://www.yitechnology.com/yi-m1-mirrorless-camera
Full Manual Here: https://d3pk9z7j5el572.cloudfront.net/images/Yimirrorless/YI-M1.pdf
Sample Clips are on my website: https://goo.gl/Il6bTd
DPReview’s (professional) Review of the M1 https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/yi-m1

Video Cropping demonstration was done in 4K mode (which doesn’t have image stabilisation)…so any assumption that the cropping is a result of the stabilisation…are wrong.

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This camera was supplied free of charge for the purpose of making this video by Yi Technology https://www.yitechnology.com


Paul Horn says:

Thats the “charming” about your videos! You are a average guy and use this things like a average guy.

Rolly De Guzman says:

have you tried using othe M4/3 lenses?

VidThreeNorth says:

At 4K video, exposure is still a problem at 30 fps. Other comments have guessed why, but it is what it is. Also focus is very slow. I am surprised that Xiaomi does not at least have basic video recording at 4K working to at least a minimally usable level, but the lack of stable exposure precludes any thought of using it. I suppose if I could set the exposure manually and it recorded reliable with manual settings (or setting “A” as a couple of people suggested), then that theoretically would qualify it, but until I see a test confirming it, it is just that — a theory.

Still, I believe that Xiaomi might still be able to get that much working on the M1 eventually because they have done so already on the “Yi 2”. But if the extra work needed on the M1 is too much for the chipset, then Xiaomi should drop from 30 fps to 24 fps. I would rather have good video at 24 fps than poor video at 30 fps. Xiaomi might be able to get digital image stabilization working at 24 fps. While I agree that I would rather have 30 fps than 24 if it can be done well, it seems that a lot of people in the amateur world do not
realize that 24 fps is *still* widely used in professional theatre and TV productions. So if this current Amberalla chipset cannot get it done due to the extra complexity of a full exposure controlling and focusing camcorder, than get 24 fps working well and put off 30 fps till it can be done better.

Steven Leatherbarrow says:

I wonder if the crop “jump” issue is due to the EIS being on? i.e. it would not jump if it is off. could be solved by a firmware update – heck of a bug bear if you need to guess or trial your framing every time!!!

jeepcherokee24 says:

Anybody know what kind of Lapel mic he uses ? it’s great

Objectified Cross says:

My guess is perhaps it doesn’t have the “horsepower” it would need to use EIS and 4k at the same time? In which case they’d probably have to rely on some lesser quality but low-resource (i.e. light on whatever hardware/cpu/etc the camera uses) Image Stabilization method.

hellomyphone says:

You said you are not an expert in photography but this is the best YI review video so far 🙂

Ryan Anthony says:

3:34 VGA @ 240fps lol

Jeremy Ng says:

Does this camera have histogram for still photos? And is it possible to boost screen brightness in Manual mode in order to use a flash unit (I understand it doesn’t do TTL metering)? Thank you!

Euro Bum says:

What a piece of crap. No tilting LCD, no sensor stabilization, but worst of all no viewfinder! The dials look horrid. For that price, they are dreaming. Even the name is totally unoriginal. You’re better off with something like a new Oly E-M10 or used DSLR. Bravo for the in-camera charging though.

T B says:

He sounds like ashens

Aleatha Vogel says:

I love his honesty not only about this being a camera sent to him for free for review purposes but also that for those that don’t know, he’s not really a camera guy that can put it through all of its paces. I wish more YouTube reviewers didn’t try to make you believe they know everything about every category of product they review.

Mark Anderson says:

Love your country.

Alexander Orlov says:

Why someone would buy this camera for the price of Sony RX100M3?

Rob Santiago says:

look like digicam photoshoot

Fator Medo - rumo a 50K says:

This camera is shit, seriously.

TheSuperHybrid80 says:

how to take video for pedophiles tips17.30

Dbest1a Vlogs says:

Very nice camera, I don’t think it would be for me though.
I should add, I appreciate your reviews.
In my eyes they are very professional, and fair .

Dan Kelly says:

I was in town the day you were there, damn shame i didn’t meet you!

Thomas Stauning says:


Greg Walker says:

calls himself not a professional when he makes some very high-quality videos.

trainluvr says:

I recently bought compact semi pro camera and good god is it over complicated. I was hopeful that this Yi would offer quality images with little fuss. Sadly dissappointed by it. My Canon G15 has served flawlessly for 4 years, but no 60fps video. This was a fine video you made.

10tenman10 says:

Great review. Excellent work. Keep them coming.

Idan Shchori says:

great review! gonna skip this cam 🙂

Phil South says:

Hey Matt, where did you go on holiday for those pics? Looks like my recent cruise to Belgium 😀

ö. . , says:

I want to look like a Leica, but I’m just a cheap chinese camera.

Kentucky Ranger says:

Nice little camera. But… $500 is a little pricey for what you’re getting…
I know many dSLR snobs hate 4:3 format, but I beg to differ. I own a professional 4:3 setup, and it is the way to go.
I have an Olympus E-3 and several lenses. I’m not going into the tech of 4:3, but it just makes a great difference from full frame format cameras.

KAIMAN says:

was the shot in the mall taken in Karlsruhe?

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

still waiting for mine in the post

Tonio Antonio says:

24:42 Bruges Belgium 🙂

gbraad.nl says:

Not professional? serious and comprising… Nice detailed review…

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