YI M1 Mirrorless Camera REVIEW (4K) Worth the cheap price?!

-YI M1 Mirrorless Camera ➜ https://goo.gl/827z4T
-YI 4K Action Cam ➜ http://amzn.to/2lCo1Ra
-Sony A7S II ➜ http://amzn.to/2kLxqnu

YI 4K Action Cam REVIEW: https://youtu.be/uXa49dOj_oY

The YI 4K Mirrorless Micro 4/3rds (MFT) camera can shoot 20MP stills, 4K 30fps video, and has a touchscreen display! Though it’s super cheap price tag, is it a cheap camera?!

I like the clean, minimal camera design. It’s lightweight and small’ish size, easy to carry or toss in a bag. (Though its build quality is mostly cheap plastic feel). Very simple, easy camera controls, touch screen, swipe through menus or gallery photos, I like the intuitive pinch to zoom everyone is familiar with.

The photos that this camera captures, are just fine. They look nice and all, but nothing that truly blew me away. Same goes with the 4K video, nice to have a optical zoom lens, manual exposure, focus peaking, manual focus (though it’s digital ring control, meaning you’re spinning for days to get correct focus point).. but comparing everything to my simple phone’s camera, nothing is extraordinary.

Other key features; “anti-shake” (ie Electronic Image Stabilization – doesn’t work that great, and needs to be stepped down to 2K to be turned on), HDR (images look nice, but major halo-ing on edges), time lapse mode easy to configure interval and durations settings and it’ll auto compile for you. Panorama mode is like your phone, drag across horizon and it’ll auto stitch together. Bluetooth + WiFi app to remotely view/download your photos, but that’s it, huge bummer no remote viewing or control of live camera.

*Biggest Issue: the auto focus is terrible. Tapping on screen when taking photos, it often misses focus, or when in video, the auto focus is WAY SLOW and often unusable (see many examples in my video review). It’s using only contrast detection which is kinda old school and needs improving, especially compared to my lightning fast Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dual-Pixel auto-focus system.

Main Specs:
-Sony IMX269 20MP image sensor
-Lens mount MFT (Micro Four Thirds system)
-3″ LCD Touch Screen and easily configure manual parameters such as shutter speed, ISO, focus, and more.
-Continuous Shooting Speed: 5 fps
-Focus Description: Contrast Detection
-Focus Type: Includes Manual Focus (digital focus ring)

In conclusion, I really like YI’s action camera, but this M1 mirrorless camera seemed to drop the ball. For myself personally, if my phone can capture and accomplish all the same images, videos, time lapse, HDR, stabilization, etc that this camera can capture, why purchase a separate device? I like the touch screen display, and of course having a physical zoom lens is important. But I’d love to see an articulating screen next time, and other major improvements, and I’m excited to see what they come up with in Generation 2.

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Anilplays says:

does it have a microphone and if it has is it good ?

Octavio calvillo says:

Can you da a review on the G 900 chaos (Its a wirless mouse)

Jered Conway says:

I mean can you

sicilly jesel says:

thank you for your effort reviewing this to us, help me to choose before I buy, your awesome sharing your knowledge to us

tareq rahman says:

What is price??

Sander Pool says:

I think you pointed out some serious flaws, thanks for being thorough. things like user interface lag and incomplete apps are often skipped in reviews but you noticed and told us.

ComputermanAM13 says:

Hi Ben! I’m looking for a good 4k camera… In your opinion is the S7 as good as a mirrorless?

J P says:

damn! wanted this camera. Thanks for the review.

Gowtham Raju says:

Pls suggest me I want to buy action camera yi 2 4k or sjcam sj7 star which one is good.
Or yi mirrorless digital camera

Alexander Evdokimov says:

Excellent and honest review! Nice job!

Shlomo Levi says:

people that constantly repeat a cheapest camera, are google ban you. it obviously not the cheapest solution. for example new sonya5000/5100 you can find cheaper

Rafid Shidqi says:

Hi Ben, thanks for review! Do you think this camera would be compatible with other lenses out there?

Ashton Persaud says:

your videos are the best

Jered Conway says:

Since this camera doesn’t cut it and you do a video on a camera the same price that you think would be good

rc profi says:

new vlogging camera ?

Alhareth Altayib says:

Thanks for the quick and informative video. 5 minutes used instead of 20 minutes wasted. Subbed.

Shailesh Das says:

wow didn’t expected such a letdown from Yi Mirrorless. helpful review

Jered Conway says:

Hey Ben I was wondering what lens you bought for this camera

Tech Wizard says:

Hey Ben, does the YI M1 have a port on the side for an external mic??

Charlie says:


Bobster986 says:

Give them time and they will be right up there with Canon, Nikon or Sony.

EverythingIOSX van Reingold says:

As a photographer HDR is useless. It ruins the photos and wastes a lot of space.

rcfreakawesomestuff .steven says:

hey ben i love the trd thanks

Eduardo Frances says:

Thanks for the review! one question though, is the AF bad even with the new firmware update???

Jason Li says:

Last time I was this late was… oh wait, always.

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