Yi 4K Action Cam Review – The GoPro Killer!?

The Yi Action Camera 2 is, quite frankly, the only Chinese action cam that has impressed me so far.

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RJS98 says:

Xiaomi is the best!!!!

Mark Haury says:

External battery charging is a piece of cake. I have several cheap and very compact universal battery chargers that will charge nearly any camera battery. Some even have car adapters and even USB charging ports for your phone or anything else that charges via USB.

Choco Thunder says:

Do a GoPro Hero 5 review

henry hernandez says:

where can i buy this, im in japan, please help

MisterDoctorProfessor says:

can you use an external mic with it?

Robert Wong says:

just to clarify when we say yi 2 this is the same with yi 4k right? kind of confuse if this is just a naming convention or its a totally different action cam.

Gonçalo Carvalho says:

What resolution did you use to record at 05:33?

Marco Newman says:

How about the quality of the waterproof case? On Amazon I see lots of complaints about it breaking around the latch area, getting scratches pretty fast and breaking at the lower back part.

Can anyone who has experience with the case tell me how good it really is?

Finley Morgan says:

Pals store Anyone identify larger this work? 2….

Prodigy Fitness says:

So when viewing the videos on a computer or downloading them to youtube they come up blurry… Any suggestions? I’ve tried so many different settings it doesn’t matter

Rai Kana Abhimatta says:

Can you use the selfie stick underwater?

BigB says:

will a micro usb to 3.5mm jack work to attach an external mic?

Scrubs says:

Rly best price – http://ali.pub/gj8uy

T&A Travel Vlogs says:

Good review… I am looking for a new action cam for diving and the Yi 2 looks pretty good.

Shahmeer Entertainer says:

Can i attach go pro things to this camera??

ExploringAndMe says:

externl mic option?

RebornChiekoGaming says:

Xiaomi actually gives a shit to their customers.Unlike Samsung and Apple

Pumpui Falang says:

Great review though id be more inclined to purchase the hero 5 black, its only about 100 dollars more in australia, if im going to commit to a 380-420 dollar purchase may as well wait an extra pay day and pay that little bit extra

Diana Saidin says:

which one more better. s6 legend or xiomi yi 4k? please comment

Butthurt Beluga says:

Would it be possible to use this camera as something like a webcam for a computer?

Sudhir Dixit says:

Yi 4K Action Cam is best camera for youtube videos

acruz691 says:

this is what camera they use for the galaxy s4…..this technology olf,if you have a galaxy u should know your phone past the s4 has more capabilities in the camera section ,the camera on the galaxy is far superior in the camera than basically the gopro its crazy…look it up yourself

Eck says:

Bye to my GoPro 4 Hero.

Ash Scott says:

It’s not 4k, and neither is the GoPro. We really shouldn’t count noise artifacts or interpolations as actual pixels. A good chunk of those pixels are just random gibberish. And the vast majority of them are the result of a computer program going, “Hmm…remember what was here 10 frames ago? Let’s just put something here that looks a bit like that did, cus people prolly won’t tell the difference, and “4k” is a sweet selling point that will part people from more cash”

Frickin Jim's Frickin Adventures says:


Jan Seewald says:

3:12 “doable over the GoPro-App” haha

Felix Aaron says:

it’s horrible i’m gonna give you a thumbs up

u13e12 says:

what setting are good? my video does not come out well at all.

Jordan Martin says:

Hi @LinusTechTips I have ordere a Yi 2 as well, but everywhere it seems like to monpod comes wihtout the smarphone adapter or the mount. Can you confirm if this is the official Monopod and if there are different variants of it and if so, which one has the Mount adapter

Atmegaown says:

Is the whole “selfie stick kit” also available for regular customers or only for reviewers, since I can’t find it anywhere on GB and the stick there isn’t the same as in this video…

Nunzio Malasomma says:

+LinusTechTips Make an update review with the GoPro Hero 5 Black and the Yi Action Cam 2!

Delenn says:

battery life expectation? Nice video!

Ee Ren says:

Don’t be racist on Chinese product!

WolfoxBenny says:

Newmowa has a charger with 3 slots, you can charge 3 batteries and hot swap with no issue

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