Xiaomi Yi Action Camera – Full Review with Sample Footage

A detailed look at the Xiaomi Yi Budget 1080p60 action cam.
Sample Clips here: http://goo.gl/kFT98U
Purchasing links below: (Click SHOW MORE)
AMAZON US: http://amzn.to/1xtTxBk UK: http://amzn.to/1xtTw0h
UK http://goo.gl/0L5Yz2
US http://goo.gl/vg5m9p
DE http://goo.gl/QPg0nq
NL http://goo.gl/D7jMQ7
AU http://goo.gl/k73GxN
BE http://goo.gl/u9RhGa
CA http://goo.gl/89s4HI
CH http://goo.gl/i5ZUbj
ES http://goo.gl/890smu
FR http://goo.gl/kwaAS7
IE http://goo.gl/HrEsLx
IT http://goo.gl/Lu00VY
Bang-Good http://goo.gl/XE3IOa

UPDATE MAY 2015: Whilst the Stills & Auto-Exposure are excellent – I’ve had second thoughts about the video sharpness. After watching the footage I recorded on my motorcycle – objects at a distance look a little soft to me. I suggest you download some samples and make up your own mind.


Dipsy Teletubbie says:

My video shots look like complete crap compared to his. Why is that? My photos look okay

Joseph Blake says:

Hey! Good video! I made one too if anybody wants to check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtoW92O0bks

Abdul Asamad says:

Oh shit guys. Great price here – it’s for 75.99 USD from EU warehouse (no tax in EU)
I hope it will be useful!

Entertainment TV says:

Should i buy it for youtube video making in room atmosphere ?

Afif Rais says:

Looks crappy

Cormac McG says:

I attached it and my GoPro Hero 3 to my drone for a side by side comparison. there’s not really much difference!

Nicholas says:

Is it waterproof?

talamascadude says:

Hello Sir, pardon for my noob question. I do know that this Yi action cam does not have LCD and most of its feature are configurable using the app from the smart phone via the Wifi. Does this mean that Wifi requires internet connection to let me control or change some settings via the app? I got the device as a gift though I do not have it yet and I was curious on how I may deal with it if I am on a place that do not have data (internet) coverage on my smartphone and I need to take control of it via the app. Please help shed some light on it. Thank you in advance.

Johan Jönsson says:

Would you recomend it as a beginners camera for action sports like parkour? 🙂


is this worth buying people ?¿ like I’m a fishermen and diver and I have a gopro session but I need another so what do u guys think ?

Charles Kenney says:

Thanks great vid;)

Joshua Wangadi says:

How does the audio compares to GoPro?

Tate Yamashita says:

if anybody wasn’t satisfied with this video check out my(up to date) full review unboxing and sample footage of this camera

benz merc says:

Does it have a water proof case?
What about linear or narrow mode?

Hikari says:

Holy crap! The legit sample clips, when ya download em, look freaking AMAZING…. way better than what i’ve seen from GoPros!

yatish bhatt says:

Camping and River rafting near Mumbai
Surely one of the best experience of our life.

If not subscribed do subscribe!

Adnan Aslam says:

My camera get very hot during operation. It is normal?

Will Hoffman says:


David Kanes says:

Manchester baby 🙂

zero 2002 says:

can I use that camera for like unboxing videos like u did id it nice ? and can u send me that app used in ur tab …link so that I can download it?

Rida Ali says:

do this camera have active noise cancellation feature while recording like iPhone and Samsung have

Romain Mixedmedia says:

Is it enough to sport mini videos (motivational), vlog… ?

Thank you in advance

Carlettis says:

Can someone tell me if this camera qill do well in concerts, in terms of: sound (if because of the loud sound, the quality will be bad, and the audio will get a lot of distortion and we will only listen to noise), and video quality (concerts at night, but with big bright lights from the stage, will look good on the camera?)

Jhon Louie Dela Ramos says:

Thank you for this review. Very informative!

Aldo Maresca says:

very useful, thanks

Mahipal Yadav says:

Do this thing has car mode like SJ Cam 4000(when camera is turned on it automatically starts recording in loop recording mode)???

Jena Bones says:

Can you disable the times stamp? If so how do you do that?

Guhan Baskar says:

which country is this? in sample clips!!! looks awesome.. 🙂

Neeravism says:

Is there a way to disable mic while recording video?

Jericho Tubles says:

hi @techmoan, I would like to ask if what is better between Xiaomi Yi vs SJCAM SJ5000 plus+? Thanks!

THEclown THEclown says:

Best option if you’re considering buying this camera, is from the authorised Xiaomi store, Banggood. People selling on ebay, Amazon and similar public sales sites can’t be trusted with gaurantees or after sales service! http://www.banggood.com/Xiaomi-Original-2_7-Inch-165-Degree-1296P-Car-Recorder-Support-ADAS-p-1016478.html?p=JQ26191551677201504Z&utm_source=bbs&utm_medium=agogo&utm_content=zhangruihua&utm_campaign=home

joblessalex says:

Hey man, the video around 8:00 looks pretty damn blocky. Don’t think this is the camera for me.

Awful MC says:

Is there a way to take the time thingy off the screen without making the video more zoomed in with an editor?

Subhasish Kar says:

its actually a good stuff .I made quadrocopter for my self & i build this camera in it…its work great

PLk productions says:

do I need to adjust the lense?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXUkFUjYikc

Gamma Putra says:

Is That Still Using The Lens Rectification at 10:39

Asif Ahmed says:

Really interested !
quality is awesome
but have a question
is this 170 degree wide angle or 155 degree wide angle?

Steaz says:

this video answered so many questions I had about the product and was really in depth with the testing and information. Thanks!

danpearson says:

this, sj5000x or thieye?

DNA100 Explores says:

Can you get rid of the date and time on it?

Entertainment TV says:

u should put indian link too

PeopleCanFly23 says:

Wait, isn’t this that flat earth guy talking (tigerdan925)?

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