Xiaomi YI 2 4K Action Camera REVIEW vs GoPro (4K)

➜ YI 2 4K Action Cam: (Gearbest) http://goo.gl/uIXHfh or (Amazon) http://amzn.to/2alivbM
⇢ Waterproof Housing Case: http://goo.gl/bgOuBK
⇢ Extra Batteries: http://goo.gl/0UrhCQ
⇢ Accessories Kit: http://goo.gl/5TCkMN

The YI 2 4K is a fantastic action camera for a great price! I’ve been using GoPro’s for many years, and though they’ve created a great product and pushed the envelope for development, they’ve definitely had their recent problems, a couple including an expensive price point, and no built-in screen for it’s highest-end model, the Hero 4 Black. (Kinda absurd IMHO.)
The YI 2 has “borrowed” a lot from the GoPro playbook, yet improved on it, created a BETTER product, AND it’s MUCH CHEAPER in price!

Here are some of the main specs of the YI 2:
-155 degree wide angle, f/2.8 lens
-1400mAh battery, (~2hr recording time at 4K 30fps), (8hrs standby)
-2.19 inch screen, 16:9 ratio, 330PPI
-Dual-band WiFi
-Dual Microphone
-Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), 6-axis

Watch the video for my full review – side by side comparison shots to the GoPro start at: 1:34 (In my opinion, I’d say the YI 2 footage looks just as good, or slightly better (slightly sharper) than the GoPro. I do miss Protune, but maybe we’ll see that with a future update.)

Other negatives or wish list items I forgot to mention:
-I’d love to see a cutout backdoor add on for the housing case, thus I can use the touch screen controls when the case is on (if I’m not going underwater with it of course)
-The Flat color profile seems a little off, maybe it’s the White Balance or other settings, but I’d like to see this improved with future firmware updates
-There is no “digital crop-in” or “Narrow FOV” modes – not a big deal, I never used those modes anyway, but just FYI
-The microSD card slot is under the battery compartment door, thus not easily accessible if it’s mounted on a tripod

In conclusion, I really like the YI 2 action cam, and IMO it’s the new best action camera on the market, for now! (Especially for the price!)
I’m looking forward to see what GoPro has planned for it’s next Hero model, and we’ll see if it can reign again…

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Alexander Levit says:

Any way to get rid of fisheye lens in Camera?

Rohan Pokharna says:

i m not a video blogger but I am going to 15 days vacation on my bike . Can this Action camera take good photos like DSLR

Leo G says:

Thanks for the review Ben is it Water Proof?

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

For all you folks complaining about the Protune comparison, the Yi did NOT have the firmware for flat profile pushed out yet at the time of filming, AND I purposefully placed the gopro in protune over normal so you can see the dynamic range comparison of the two.
Besides, you should watch my NEWER video comparing the GoPro 5 vs Yi 4K: https://youtu.be/uXa49dOj_oY

Ben Morningstar says:

Hi Ben. hows the performance when connecting or connected to the Yi App? does it load fast? Coz i currently have the Yi Cam 1 but Its very slow when opening/connecting to the app or even browsing the photos.

Izzat Ramli says:

How about long term usage?

er888win says:

Hi, does this come with a wifi remote?

BigB says:

does it have a 3.5mm headphone jack or anything. for example if I want to mount it on my helmet and talk trhough an external microphone is that possible?

Anjoy Planet says:


Vianney Bogaert says:

Hi, I just bought the YI 2 camera and I’m searching for the app to have so you can share all videos and photos taken by the camera. What’s it called ? (On the Apple store) thx all

Mohd Ashraf says:

your subscriber number right now is 66,666


Do you know the sport cam GIT 2? Is it as good as yi 2 4k?

Keith Koch says:

Does it work after putting 30 minutes in the freezer or after sitting 90 degree heat? That was my disappointment with my GoPro3. If fail in the cold and head when I needed it. Thanks. I did send in for repair and their service was great but same issue.

EnX High says:

Is this a commercial?

Conway79 says:

I was going to buy the Yi until I saw that you can’t use an external mic. That would have sealed the deal for me. Now I’m looking at the Git2 or the Drift Ghost instead.

ЧИКИ Бамбони says:

джЫоми Уебан

Andy Wright says:

What about comparing size and weight?

MEDiAgamer says:

The camera actually looks better, and same with the footage then with the gopro, but the reason I think this won’t be as popular as the GoPro is because of the name. These days marketing is just as important as those fancy features. If no one knows about it, it doesn’t matter what the specs are.


Hi, I am from Brazil and recently have watched your sports cam battle Go Pro vs Xiaomi yi 2 4k. And I would like to ask you to make a review of the sport cam GIT 2. Thanks a lot, I really love your reviews.

trevorc4113 says:

I’ve been struggling to find info on whether the Yi 2 can shoot at 24ps in at least 1080p? Do you know if it does?

Sasai Motion says:

ermahgerd… mine is only 79.99…

gfrp says:

XIAOMI is a great bussiness from CHINA

RJS98 says:

I can’t believe this guy got his gopro from gearbest. I heard that they are really bad

Sebastian Gonzalez says:

what about the anti aliasing on the yi compared to the go pro?

john wilks says:

Hi, is it possible to apply power similar to a dash cam but with wifi switched on, i want to use it as a birdbox camera. Regards C Barlow.

Han Chee says:

I got my action cam from Amazon. using usb thumbdrive for audio. allows video and audio to be clearer since the actor can wear the usb, btw distance is no problem. usewindow movie maker to syn the video and audio

Mike F says:

great review, thx for the effort

Josh Bledsoe says:

It appears from the video that the Yi does not have the fisheye lens? Or at least, the distortion at the frame edges is very minimal compared to my GoPro Hero4 Black. Is that the case?

Tarik Gradascevic says:

Well, I used to go “sigh… can’t afford a GoPro…” but this makes me interested ! I don’t see much justification for GoPro prices anymore other than “Hey, it’s written GoPro on it !”

Ig B says:

Yi2 for this price is absolutely winner.

Ziggy K says:

Thanks for the video it’s awesome! Does YI 4k have the same lens size as gopro 4 ? I’m asking because of macro lenses and filters compatibility (and strangely no one in any review mentioned that). Thanks and keep up the good work.

NYC Camper says:

in terms of 4k quality which is better note 4 or any newer samsung galaxy phones or the go pro or yi 4k

FlareGFX says:

Doesnt ship to Australia ;(

Attila Vigh says:

When it comes to action cameras, is it really a good thing to have such an ugly stabilization as the YI 2 has? c’mon. 1 thing that I really want in an action cam is the stabilization to have a super stable image at the end…. And the video modes…. In my opinion it worth me to spend 500+ for the goPro, because that is an action camera! But if I would need a camera for just fun. for family and recording christmas presenting, I would but YI for sure, because of its price and practical clever things. But as an action camera Gopro is the leader (today). About price: Yes GoPro is expensive (I also feel it unrealistic a bit), but as this is the best alternative for an action camera, it worth the price for those who needs the best. (And this is coming from an SJ400 owner, not a gopro owner… just a wannabe 🙂 )

R360ЯN says:

go pro is nothing but a name, just like apple
pay more for less

Archana ghanekar Chaphekar says:

does this come with night lapse mode to click star trails as gopro hero 4?

David Hagerman says:

tat makes go pro look bad

Yashank Desai says:

Is it waterproof?

Damien Thorn says:

There is some mild boxing in the glare, and while pleasant, also a definite blue shift. Not a massive issue for general use, especially dashcam, however, the motion crinkling on the side is a deal breaker for this kind of price. Note, too that the side-by-side was using the Gopro in flat-colour mode. At half the price, it would be worth it, but until then I would keep looking. For the record, I would not recommend GoPros either. It is simply an overpriced brand.

Sagar Edit's says:

how mach cost camera in indian rupes

Yuuki Tenpouin says:

Can we use the Yi 4k with gopro accessories ?

A. Manev says:

What do you prefer – Sony HDR-AS200V or Xiaomi YI 4K???

Jakob Sauter says:

hab Video zu xiaomi xi

Jay Vara says:

hi can this be used on a drone?

econojon says:

the yi 2 4k is best compared to the 4. I would have waited for the yi 2 4k+ to compare to the 5.

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