Xiaomi Yi 2 4K Action Camera Review +Tons of Location Footage

This is it… after weeks of testing the Xiaomi Yi 2 Action Camera, at dozens of locations, filling countless micro sd cards with 4K footage, and cover all the feature it can do… We finally have our Xiaomi Yi2 Review Done.

This video covers nearly everything you’d basically want to know about the Yi 2 Action Camera. We cover 4K, under water, color profile, bit rate, video quality, stabilization, battery life, and tons more. Sure somethings get glossed over but for the most part this review is long, to the point, and answers all your questions so you can make the right Action Camera purchase for you.

(Camera was provided by Xiaomi for testing and feedback.)

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Pre-order on Xiaomi: http://yitechnology.com/actioncamera2.php?id=5

Pre Order Yi2 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/29ald8J

Pre Order Yi2 Bundle on http://amzn.to/29hg8t4

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More Info on Yi 2 Specs/Features: http://www.yitechnology.com/actioncamera/index/id/5/status/1.html

Micro SD Card suggestions

Transcend 64 GB MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-I/U3 : http://amzn.to/291yxLy

Lexar 633x 64gb XC format U3 Class (newest version): http://amzn.to/1PdCPv1

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Kevin Hurt says:

what is this custom gimbal you are using? Works great so I’d like to see how you made it

ILham svl putra says:

This is was great review, but today i’ll see about the color of Yi very different than gopro. Should you give me choice which one of the best of action cam?

Preslav Hristov says:

+MarkHawkCam Sorry if the question is stupid but which is better : Xiaomi YI 2 or GoPro Hero Session ? And also can you do a test or review in the future ?

genin69 says:

The title says YI 4K but then in the actual video you are reviewing the YI 2.. you do know they are 2 different cameras?

Chia Ern Lee says:

Hi MarkHawkCam,
Great review on the cam, very informative and short.
Question: Not sure if you or anyone there face the same problem as me. The 4K, Ultra 4k, 2.7k videos I was recording always seems to always ended up with 480p video when play on my laptop. No issue when recording in 1080p though.
Any opinion?

aaalllen says:

What a great review. Thanks!

utsav v says:

Hi Excellent review.. After watching it I both the action cam.. Can you make a video on custom gimbal and all the gimbal you use to get smooth action.
Thanks you

Indy Mogul says:

When using the timelapse video mode (converts to video in camera) is it 4k? Thanks!

Muhammad Aiman says:

Do anyone else’s hear a fart in the background at 24.40

daniel muvdi says:

can you connect an external microphone?

iversonphilly1122 says:

Hi. Very good and detailed review, like all the others! I found the “AS50_vsAS200_vs_AZ1_files.rar” Files (thx for uploading by the way) but are there some Files of the Yi 4K? 1920×1080 in 30fps would be perfect to compare! The reason I ask for in this video at 16:56 and 23:49 the 1920×1080 resolution in 30 & 60fps looks very bad, so I’m not sure if the Yi 4K just makes great videos in 4K? Makes the Sony HDR-AS50 for example better videos in in 1920×1080 in 30fps?

David Kusnadi says:

Nice review Mark…

FIFA Fanatic says:

Hey, I have a couple of questions:
1. When starting a Youtube channel, would this be an efficient camera for vlogs? if so what setting would I use for vlogs?
2. I’m planning on doing a sky dive, what settings would you use for this?

So as you can see I’m mainly interested in the quality to choose along side it’s fps

Robert S says:

can you upload some footage to dropbox?

THE NEW says:

Is there a hdmi output cable out there? Or any kind of cable for me to hookup to my TV?

DrOnE GuY UK says:

I brought the camera and i find it to be no better than an average smart phone. Im unimpressed totally with it. If your tv is pal then you will lose frame rate. On pal you get 4k 25 fps and on ntsc you get 4k at 30fps and on pal you get less fps on all settings. Its awful fast movement i.e driving a car and indoors forget it that ain’t happening its awful. Either spend a lot more money and get better or get a decent smart phone avoid this camera it really doesnt look like the videos people are posting.

oldschoolrock4evr says:


Artem Synytsia says:

Very good review. Thanks.

Vladimir Korsun says:

Top #1 review of yi 4k. Like!Sub.

Eugene Vlogs says:

what I like about GoPro is good colors, these Xiaomi colors are terrible…

Aurélie ABBINANTI says:

Hi i just bought this camera but in China so it is in Chinese. do you know how i can switch the language of the camera in english please?

Robert S says:

what action camera is good for photos?

Baciul Alex says:

the yeee camera

Karlito Serrano says:

What about a match against AS200 – X1000 – AS300 – X3000 as I almost bought the AS200VR 🙂

Jafa Cakes says:

Great video! but all i could hear the whole time was Kermit the frog.

Martin Kadlec says:

Great video.

I would like to ask you if there is exposure setting in the photo time lapse mode (like on the gopro 4 silver / black) which is good for continuous 12Mp timelapse of night sky. And what else you can set up in this mode

THE NEW says:

Another question.  How to I transfer pics and video from the camera to my cellphone?  I thought I saw something that transfered them wirelessly via the app?

Ninja Potato says:

Nice Review, what did you use during review yi color or flat?

OutTheCut D2x says:

I have a mac desktop but I’ve heard rumors that in order to have 4k video or to access that I’ll need a iMac book pro?

Tomas Č. says:

you did a big job, Mark. Nice review! After the review i made an order for the Y2. 🙂 Thank you very much and keep going!

Uğur Önder Bozkurt says:

Hi. What is the model name that you used in biking attached on your back/waist. Thanks.

Rakshit C says:

I’m considering getting an action cam. Budget of around 300

Original Yi+Gimbal(FY G4qD or similar) or Yi 4k

Which would be a better choice

artemorbid says:

great review-looks like a great camera

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