Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review With Battery Life, Benchmarks & Camera Samples

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review, The Redmi Note 4 starts at $160 and you get a lot for the price. Deca-core Helio X20, great 1080p screen, up to 3GB of RAM, Dual SIM, 16GB to 64GB of storage with MicroSD support. So is it the new mobile to bet in the sub $200 price category? Is it better than the Redmi Note 3 Pro? Let’s find out!

Best price with Paypal: http://goo.gl/btp4qP & http://www.banggood.com/search/xiaomi-redmi-note-4-mtk-x20.html?p=QZ14021624945201505Y
Cheapest price: http://goo.gl/5u3Jv1

Photo samples: https://mega.nz/#!lId2VQZK!_vs7ftkFu6pu1VEd9e2FIuyLl_rVNPF7UaKeWT8HAXY

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Camera used: Sony A6300, shot in 4k 100mb/s SLOG3. Edited in Adobe PP CC. (First test review with this camera)

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ajay achuthan says:

redmi note 4 has powerful GPU …..can handle open world games like assassin creed … plz ans me

latest song lyrics says:

Pretty good

Charles Caesien says:

Does it feel warms when you use the device?

Fred Man says:

Best YouTube Tech channel.
well done mate.

Elton Bade says:

What quick charger did you use sir?

Alex Wee says:

gps ok? izzit too heavy?

Riandy Fadly says:

nice review im waiting for redmi 4 prime vs redmi note 4 comparison

nobody says:

160$ ????? not when i click on the link…

Zaroon Ahmed says:

Hey friend please tell me which games you played in this video. Please tell me fast i m waiting for your reply

Zotar says:

I think I am going to wait for the Pro version though.

Samuel Kurnia Putra says:

Is it really SOT 7 hours? Because i read in many forum it only reach max 4 hours


hey guys
the camera is Opaque
i just got one of this for my birthday but the camera quality is shitty as shit
maybe its the configuration or setting i dont know

Mint Peal says:

Is the microphone decent?

Jack Lala says:

I saw coc game lol..

velonimo says:

need information Redmi note 4 charging time? from 10-100%. how long?

Swag Daddy says:

How would this phone compare to more popular smartphones like a Samsung galaxy?

DannyDoDar Gaming says:

Getting a phone for VR, budget is £200GBP, was going to get Redmi Pro 64gb. Is there something out there with better performance that I should consider?

Vlad Piero says:

Which one would you go for this or the Redmi Note 3 Pro? 🙂
Also, what is the difference between the Global ROM version of mobiles and the Chinese-English Version?
Why is the Chinese-English Version always cheaper than the Global ROM? :-/
Thank you!

Snyggrumpa29 says:

redmi note 4 or one plus 3?

Voshchronos _ says:

Not caring about screen size, should I get this or the Redmi 4 Prime? Which has better battery life and which is better for gaming? Which has the better camera?

GX AVA says:

is that avakin life on your background sounds?

Vector Rcf says:


Derek H says:

OK so I want to know this or maybe the Coolpad ? Found the 64gb version of the Coolpad. I just wonder which one is overall better

Dunde Man says:

Is the camera better in this phone or the mi max?

Diana VF says:

hi, xiaomi redmi note 4 or note 3 pro? wich is better?

Alexus Pastrana says:

Does the capacitive keys have backlight?

Fetrq says:

Which is better mi5 or redmi note 4?

noel serrao says:

is it good for gaming

Lawliet says:

when you put your shades on you kinda looked like Abraham from The Walking Dead haha

Fuugo Tiong says:

Hi can i ask got redmi note 4 pro version got not, because i buy redmi note 3 without pro version cant using SD-memory card its was very bad

Snyggrumpa29 says:

redmi note 4 or one plus 3?

Wonka ID says:

hi techtablets, today I’m gonna buy some stuff from Xiaomi, now I’m using Mi4 and gonna upgrade to new phone

can you suggest me a good stuff
1. Xiaomi mi max 3/32gb (SD 650)
2. Xiaomi redmi note 4 3/64gb (Helio x20)
3. Xiaomi redmi pro 3/64 (Helio x25)

please reply, gbu!

Mynameis notFaythe says:

Which is better this or hongmi note 3

Prathap Singh says:

sir redmi note 3 and redmi note 4 which is the best and how much take time battery charging redmi note 4 is it available redmi note 4 [4GB RAM with 64GB]

Prometheus Crystal says:

Is the update to Global Rom or still Chinese Rom

Shikari says:

bhen k lode…ulla banta hai..madarchod 4gb ram bhi hai isme..GANDu

RavidEO says:

hi men I gotta to know how you do the knock lock on this phone I have Redmi note 4 and I can’t do the knock lock ????

Zaroon Ahmed says:

Thank you dude

Afzal Khan says:

can you please review it again after installing google now launcher,
so i should know better about performance etc ????

Zaroon Ahmed says:

Reply me fast

Matej Bangievski says:

Should i buy the Redmi note 3 Pro or the redmi note 4 ?

أحمد ضياء الدين بكر says:

can I move app to sd card please answer

x Jeremyx says:

Anyone can tell me which battery life is longer and better,Xiaomi Redmi note 4 or Xiaomi Redmi note 3?

boulinbombastic86 says:

download open camera for recording videos, you will see difference and for pictures use the original camera app.

Tristan pernelle says:

le xiaomi redmi note 4 c’est le même que le xiaomi redmi 4 ?

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