Xiaomi Mi6 Camera Review – “iPhone”-esque Dual Cameras!

In this video let’s check out how the cameras on the Xiaomi Mi 6 perform.

Where to buy the Mi 6 from?

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Sunder Singh says:

sunder here too . 🙂

Aashish Karki says:

may Mi 6 Never come in India!

Mr Android Guy says:

This time Xiaomi is a winner with mi 6…….one plus 5 may be failed…..

Mariel Anthony Causin says:

oneplus5 vs mi6 pls

Elwin Rayan says:

OnePlus 5 will still be getting better with it’s updates which the mi6 won’t.

Hmode says:

Xiaomi is suck , have a big proplem with notification and wadges , dont buy it , go to google and type “xiaomi notification”

dayaban sagar says:

the camera is better on mi6 or oneplus 5

no one says:

#Gameofthrones #trailer2 is here!!

Akash Dikpati says:

If Mi6 is released in India with a price tag lower than the OP5 the OnePlus is gonna have some tough time selling their latest flagship.

abhishek kushwaha says:

if mi6 launches at 25-26k then this would be a better deal than op5

vinayak joshi says:

The portrait mode is way too impressive ❤️ just breath taking

Suresh Golla says:

Ash and Sundar, please don’t recommend MI phones at all to users, all models have serious signal reception n call clarity issues but no one is mentioning about it. Every update they are getting worse and basic requirement of the phone is not fulfilled. so sad MI.

Yawar Khalid says:

xiaomi can never put decent microphones in their phones. I’ve had a Mi5 and I’ve seen reviewers complain about the same tinny sound in videos.

Rahul Gahlawat says:

I was hoping to buy op5 but why op5 when u can get mi6 a lot cheaper with almost same config

Vasudev Dubey says:

OnePlus 5 will beat the Xiaomi 6 with ease

Sanath ramesh says:

nice video .sundar, have you tried your voice for the male version of siri 🙂 🙂

Harsh chauhan says:

sir, which one to buy lenovo z2 plus 64gb (price 11000) or redmi 4 32gb (price 9000)

Techlamators MS says:

Finally a mi 6 camera review after a very long time ….☺

Praveen Kumar says:

Amazing Camera Quality, please compare with S8 & iPhone 7 OR at least 1+5 / 3T

rf ck says:

superb pics…you must do a comparison with iphone 7 plus and oneplus 5 when it is available.

Nishant gupta says:

literally this one is better than honor 6x and op3t i can’t comment on the op5 until i see a camera review of it

all about jugad says:

The video from front facing camera is ok but too much shaky
I know that it do not have ois . but still it is good on this price point.
Divy Pratap Singh Rathod

Pradeep P says:

camera performance is really great..nice video!!
Ash your thoughts on this camera??

Atharva Deodhar says:

plzz change that logo

SvK SH says:

don’t know why…but this camera review seemed to be the best camera review to me….great review…and like those samples also

Senki Roy says:

I love Xiaomi

Vedant Goel says:

is it available in india?

Mittakolu Sai Kiran says:

guys plz review the galaxy a3 2017 plz

Nishkam Singh says:

Please do a camera comparison btween Mi 6 and oneplus 5.

Bikram Singh says:

Oneplus 5 vs iphone 7 plus vs mi6 test should be done

Senki Roy says:


Ajay Thakkar says:

i month a go i bought s8 plus like i pre-orderd it n now one plus 5 Will come out at 4.30 something… so ash i want to know from u should i sell my s8 plus n buy oneplus 5 or just keep my s8 plus?

amar sarma says:

is there is any hope to get mi6 in india

adi tya says:


Techlamators MS says:

I want more mi 6 reviewzzzz !!
Please do it as quick as you can

Subbir Ahmed says:

Hello Sundar! Do a complete comparative camera review between OP5 & Mi6. Thanks.

Ravi Singh Kunwar says:

sunder u play cs1.6 in lamda server ur nick name is GODLIKE NA

Subramaniam M says:

So how would it compare with the oneplus 5

Ashish Joshi says:

Ash Will Xiaomi Launch mi6 In India Or not ?

omar Farooque says:

make mi 6 vs oneplus 5 camera …..

Aayush Jaiswal says:

Awesome camera,better than op5

Hrithwik Bharadwaj says:

I can smell tons of videos launching today

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