Xiaomi Mi5s Plus Camera Review – A Dual-camera Monster?

Xiaomi Mi5s Plus Camera Review – A Dual-camera Monster?
Camera samples: https://www.flickr.com/gp/146228843@N02/HN98H2

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All in all, I think that the Xiaomi Mi5s Plus has a pretty good camera setup. It is not on par with the most expensive flagships but it does a pretty good job considering it’s price.

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justin bergmans says:

i think the huawei p9 is still the better dual camera. the Monochrome shots seem nicer on the p9, thanks to Leicas image processing.

707Guido says:

Light painting, bokeh , are available in this phone? and in the mi5s? Huawei has a lot more features in their phones right?

Viyus Avery says:

as usual xiaomi’s cameras are just not up to flagship quality ive said it before its not bad but its not a flagship’s camera

Derrick D'cunha says:

I like how happy you always seem to be in all videos. hahaha 🙂

OHBvy555 says:

Im choosing between oneplus 3 and mi 5s plus(6gb)
Any advice for me? Thx!

AkoTo Marjon says:

Front Facing is super oversaturated

Daniel Esimu says:

I don’t know how google implemented theirs, but you said it best Linus Xiaomi EIS was a bad experiment okay it is better than nothing but at this price point the 1+3 & Axon 7 have left you in the dust.

TechUtopia says:

epic epic bro, so many cool pics. have u used stock cam app,tried to play with other ones? regards

LooFz1 says:

can you answer it pls…Is there any difference about speakers between mi5s and the mi5s+ ?

Aftab Ali Fasahath says:

with every other company upping their camera game, the real features to watch out for are low light photography, saturation balance in daylight, OIS and manual mode.

Eduarda Fernandes says:

The battery and the cameras are good?

Chinamobilemag.de says:

Awesome camera review. Too bad that Xiaomi doesn’t get the camera thing right recently. Same shit that happens to Meizu, they aren’t as top notch as they used to be as well.

Narayan V says:

Superb Review

Vishal Giri says:

great review!!

shakti dubey says:


Fernando Álvarez del Vayo says:

Great video, I am reviewing this phone at the moment and I basically agree with your opinion 😉

zaimin92 says:

Oh, thanks you heard me. Anyway, lets compare this with Huawei P9. I wonder which phone performs better in photography especially the monochrome one.

Eric Lwin says:

Just adjust the settings for a while and it will be fine. I agree there are minor cons but overall it is flagship camera.

Kal 01 says:

where are you from linus?

Abdul Rozak says:

mi5 or mi5s for a camera ?

Fly agaric says:

Thanks Linus. I liked sample comparison to S7, but IMHO it lacks the same comparison in low light. You should add low-light samples from Auto->Stereo->S7 – this would have shown how good (or not) job the Stereo mode does.

Gelios GT says:

Where to buy and how much it costs?

Charlooth says:

motog4 plus or mi5s or mi5s plus?

Antonis Grigoriadis says:

Great job as always m8 ! Keep on!

moth says:

well, i think now only lg v20 is doing good job with dual cameras. rest is like w/e

Jeffrey van Zeijst says:

what’s the maximum exposure time to set in manual mode? iso as well? on my s7edge they removed the greyscale filters and it only does 10sec. exposure as maximum..that helps to get starry skies at night..but would like a device to be able to do atleast 30sec..so please if you can answer that be awesome! thanks in advance

Jitendra Chauhan says:

Nice review

gameesgamees says:

So it can’t beat Samsung S7’s dual pixel in low light anyway. Well. Dual cameras are just a marketing stunt for the most part. I guess it kinda helps a bit here since the cam is f 2.0

Elisek says:

What is You opinion. Is it better to take Mi5s Plus for 450$ or S7 Edge for 500$ ?

MHD 77 says:

mi5s plus or mi5s ??

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