Xiaomi Mi5 Camera Review with Sample Pics & Videos

Xiaomi Mi5 Camera Review with samples I also compare it with Nexus 5x in artificial lighting the Mi5 has a 16 MP rear facing camera capable of 4K video recording it also has optical image stabilisation (OIS) the front facing camera is a 4MP with 2 micron pixel that does very good in artificial and low lighting and I show you a lot of sample pictures & videos in this review so that you can judge it’s camera performance.

My other videos on Xiaomi Mi 5 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKMZZ5TCKSx3HVHDptBsNzMu


ريان جبل says:

I don’t like your oration ,your way of talking is off-putting and really bad . I must be blunt and have to be honest .

Tejas says:

on antutu

Ashish Joshi says:

moto x style camera vs mi 5 camera ?

Максим Черняев says:

optical stabilisation is a crap

Bittu .shaswat says:

can you sell your MI5 because i want the black variant but xiaomi is only selling the white variant

Urban Genin says:

Sir which mobile is best buy under 25000 in india

Anurag Manjhi says:

how does it compare to s7 in outdoors…??

Nepth D says:

sir upload image pls.

Akshat Thakkar says:

what about the iPhone SE.?
Going to review it or no.?

Abhishek Deb Roy says:

Sir… I m really confused between I phone 5s and Mi 5.. please help, Which one performs better in terms of camera n Performance, Storage Memory is not an issue for me.. plz help

nihal rai says:

From where u get this black Mi5 ?

yerra Durga Prasad says:

what about time lapse

Kirti Maheshwari says:

i like the way you speak…”i have taken some shot and vvvvvvvvvvvideo “

Pavan Kolamkar says:

hey ranjith can u plz reply
my fiend wants to buy a android smartphone but the only thing he cares is the camera
so which would be the right smartphone
nexus 5x motox style or mi5
plz replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akbar Raza Syed says:

Anyone Have Any Idea When’s The 128 GB version is coming to india because just 32 gb for 25 k isn’t worth it…. Please Reply.

Ranjit Bhogesara says:

which camera is better mi5 or lenovo vibe x3

Tejas says:

can you please do a benchmark test os s7 one in open and the second test the phone dipped under water.

Ketan Thakur says:

Hello ranjit, iphone 5s worth 22k! Please reply.

Murtuza Gabharani says:

Which camera is better oppo f1s or mi5

Deepanshu Dev says:

i am confused b/w oneplus x and mi 5.. what should i buy??
mi 5 i guess is not that durable and posses a heavy UI which may lag in long run..
suggest me sir..

Sujay Kumar says:

Hello +Geekyranjit, Could you please review Creo Mark1 mobile. Camera specs seems to be amazing..

Homemadepyro Serbia says:

Guys please help me out, which camera would you say is better, nexus 5x or mi 5? I’m asking for both image and video (video sound as well) Thanks! 🙂

srihari krishna says:

Sir can u give a dedicated video abt Nexus 6p vs xiaomi mi5

puneet makode says:

can you please review creo mark 1……………

Daniel Cavalcanti says:

Very good quality for the price ! And One more time, Good review man!

Shaunak Guharay says:

They removed the SME-HDR based Live HDR from the Mi4. Quality in that mode wouldnt be as good as normal HDR, but it was really fast. It could take HDR bursts at same speed as normal bursts.

쪼쿠르 says:

mi5 720p 60fps???

Matteo Va says:

mi 5 have front flash using screen light?

Rahul Chauhan says:

sir which is better mi5 or nexus 5x is it good to buy xiaomi phone i afried that tha spces was good but brand is trusted or not ??

Sanjaya Bihari says:

Hi Ranjit, I have observed that the phone gets heated in the below scenarios. Have you observed the same? The service center guys were of no help. They don’t just want to accept the fact and have no solutions.

1. While using camera for photos and videos
2. If I put the phone inside the pocket. This is very weird and surprising .
3. While charging it gets into almost 46 degrees

The other issues I have found is that the RAM usage gets into 70 % or more automatically, even though there is no app running in background. Once you switch off and on then the usage comes back to 50%.

Also the finger print does not work always.

Any suggestions.


yasharth shukla says:

sir i am confused between samsung a7 2016 and mi 5 which one you suggest me and space does’nt matter me much

Zulamir doot says:

Thanks Ranjit. I was just listening to the video (audio) of Xiaomi Mi5 on GSMarena. I was quite dissapointed listening to it, I decided to watch your video because I know you make in depth camera review it turns out to be quite good. I assume this was fixed by a software update?

Teja Karlapudi says:

What’s the megapixel count in 16:9 aspect ratio?

Techno Addictive says:

mi 5 ,one plus 2, or iPhone 6 please reply……

Agil Sulistiyo says:

in Indonesia is very damn hard for get black version like that. white, white and white.. why white.. idk. i dont care about this think note have a memory slot… but i wanna black version man.


is it better than one plus 3…please let know

Sunny Choudhary says:

stop at 3:24 nd look behind ranjit his leftside it looks like a kid hitting the walls or is it something else

Shantanu Patil says:

Sir why don’t you Pout in your selfies

Manish Yuvvraaj says:

kon sa aap acha h 4K video ke liye


Please review xiaomi redmi 3 and xiaomi redmi 3 pro.

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