Which 360 Camera Should I Use?!

Review of all of the 360 Cameras we have shot with so far!

Samsung Galaxy Gear 360 15.0 MP Ultra HD Action Camera ‑ 4K
360Fly Action Camera ‑ 4K
GoPro Odyssey
Freedom 360 Rig (6 GoPros)

Samsung Gear 360: http://www.samsung.com/us/explore/gear-360/

360Fly: https://www.360fly.com/

GoPro Odyssey: https://gopro.com/odyssey

Freedom 360 Rig (6 GoPros): http://freedom360.us/

Our Videos:
Shot with Samsung Gear 360: https://youtu.be/HsuWu_70PU4

Shot with 360Fly: https://www.facebook.com/devinsupertramp/videos/1233749233309465/

Shot with GoPro Odyssey: (New Video Coming Soon)
-Teddy Bear Heist: https://youtu.be/gl2zhyje8aM

Freedom 360 Rig (6 GoPros): https://youtu.be/lNm1eta-QQc
-Easter Island: https://www.facebook.com/devinsupertramp/videos/1206793066005082/

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Margaret Baker says:

Have you checked out the Ricoh Theta S by chance?

3D-VR-360 VIDEOS says:

Gear 360 4K is my favorite. Next level: Insta360 8K.

IchTMaster says:

When you take 16 GoPro’s you have got a nativ resolution of 3.840×34.560. that means a videofile of 132.710.400= 133MP!!! Which computer can manage this huge videofile?! ;D

Aliex Folgueira says:

Until we get crispy images 360 is a non starter for me

CBebop 4Ever says:

I don’t like 360 video because it’s hard to just take it all in like traditional video offers with one camera angle.

Jackson Peters says:

even the ozo feels very beta. until a camera eliminates parallax with properly centred lenses while still hiding the mount, CGI is the only truely polished frontier for this medium. example? check out pearl. first VR film to be nominated for an Oscar, and truely a testimate to what is possible in this medium.

Adam G says:

Have you tested the Nikon KeyMission360?

Yabo Productions says:

make more parkour videos

ZackG32 Vlogs says:

360p hah puns

RadaR84 says:

Did you have chance to play with nikon keymisson 360?

Streamin Freedom says:

Great vid, have the fly, thought about getting the Samsung, but this helped, since I’m a Mac guy.

Michael Taylor says:

Have you ever thought about filming with the Blackmagic bmcc camera?

Steven Webb says:

Hey Devin & team! First, thank you for inspiring me. May I ask, why did you not include your review of the Insta360 Nano? I found it to be the best value camera when I bought mine. It’s super simple to use and it’s good quality. Nothing amazing, but its simplicity makes up for it IMO. I got the impression you filmed the review but didn’t include it in the video?
Love the videos, have been watching for many many years. Thank you.

shenmueso says:

subbed for future 3d 360 vids.. cant wait to get a ps vr.

PolioVitruvius says:

I preordered the Nikon KeyMission 360. After a week of playing with it I returned it. It is half baked and not worth the money. Image quality is OK but not great like you would expect from Nikon. Image stabilization ONLY works at 960p which is pointless to say that a 4K camera has stabilization when it only works at 960p. Intentionally misleading. Wifi connectivity worked about 1 out of every 10 tries so I spent about 80 percent of my time trying to get the stupid thing to work, not shooting.
Fortunately there is a freelancer in the UK (Stephen Jones) who is developing the best quality rigs for the lowest price (Brahma 360) with real time streaming.

Glenn Tiljen says:

I started with the 360fly and absolutely hate that black ball at the bottom but like you said it is so easy to edit and use, samsung 360 I’m using that cyberlink product and I hate cyberlink ough. It is a challenge man, I heard Nikon has one now I forget what it’s called I think a Key Mission or something

Mathew Abello says:

Nikon 360 action cam


Thx. Good info! I heard Nikon also has one nowadays.

Schneemann says:

I heard about that Nokia 360° VR Camera. And it costs $40k

Piccont Production says:

Awesome video about 360 cameras. Finally i know which camera i need to buy, i want good resolution for action sports and that is 360 Fly, Thank you so much for this video and i look forward to another one.

devingraham says:

Here’s my 2 cents about the 360 cameras we’ve tried so far! New 360 video coming in the next week or so! So Stoked for you to see it! Thank you NOTIFICATION SQUAD! 🙂

Ben Litfin says:

Programing wise, can you have multiple 360s and jump from one stand to another? You have highlights at the end of the video to jump to other videos. Is it possible for a more immediate jump to another camera angle?

Charles Stevenson says:

“we’re all Mac people”

Thorsten says:

I am no fan of 360 videos.

Reed Graham says:

Nikon key mission 360 ? why not work with that

Simon Lauffer says:

What’s about the Nikon Keymission 360?

slimsloppy says:

I’m more interested in what camera/lens setup you used for this video

RickMakes says:

I have a Ricoh Theta S and I noticed you didn’t include it in your review…probably because video is terrible on it. That being said, it works pretty good for carrying it around in your pocket to snap 360 images. The stitching on it tends to be pretty good. People in the Ricoh Theta community really want to see a 4k version which would make the video more bearable.

Alpinebear says:

you speak same thing again and again which makes me very very bored

Alicia Millane says:

Nice video. I’ve been working in 360 for over 2 years now and have a very similar view in camera rigs. I’m wondering how you deal with the odyssey rig and lack of straight up and straight down. Inside the oculus/gear/vive does that pull you out of the experience when there’s a black hole on the nadir?
I’m using a full 360 gopro 10 mount and dont think I’d be able to go without top and bottom of the scene – but we have been considering and talking with the Odyssey folks.

Lukas Eggenschwiler says:

hei Devin
You should checkout the Zcam s1. Very easy to use but very impresive image…

andrearusky says:

would be good if you could show footage shot with all those cameras to compare them

Joe Vlogs says:


tavtel says:

Surprised you didn’t mention the Vuze by HumanEyes. 360 3D in 4K. Eight lenses in a compact unit. Releasing in April, 2017

Barooq Nation says:

What about the 4th 360 camera that you have on the table? It looks like the 360 nano no review on that?

Valtteri Huuskonen says:

+devingraham Have you tried the Nokia OZO?

Thành Trần says:

Hello, im a fan of you. i want to buy glidecam. But i dont know buy HD 2000, 3000 or 4000.
can you help me to choice the cheapest?
Im using canon dslr, lens wide, mic. Thanks.

kugutsumen says:

Take a look at the Lytro Immerge it’s a depth of field 360 camera

Baron St. Von says:

What’s everyone’s thoughts: Will 360 video be here in 5 years still, or will it mostly vanish as a novelty?

Sleeklab says:

what do you think about the ricoh theta s? and have you tried 360 with only 3 gopros with the lens mod for wider angle? we are doing that and loving the results. best!

Traveltrippie says:

Can not wait for the 360 video!

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