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TheFullMonte says:

You are definately my favourite review channel! Not just because of Chelsea! 🙂

Jp A says:

as the famous Ansel Adams quote goes, “there’s nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”Meaning, don’t focus on equipment so much that you forget about what really matters.Always remember to put your vision and creativity first, and let the tools follow.

x47plm says:

I enjoy your channel and I do trust your reviews,heck I even purchased your ebook. This video was hard to watch because of the constant zooming in and out,was that really necessary. The problem with YouTube videos these days is youtubers think they have to keep doing things that they see on other channels then the entire community is one big copy of all the other channels. I look to your channel to get good info,not to see the latest in cheesey special effects. This zooming in and out constantly is not cool it’s annoying. I do love your honest reviews and I’m just being honest with you,sometimes simple is way better.

El Criticon says:

Tony, let’s make it simple. You’re overly sensitive..Polin is neurotic… and Grainger has a young Asian girl fetish. Who cares you say? The Australian authorities might with respect to Grainger, but I digress. So you makes negative reviews from time to time. That’s just the way it is. Do you think I enjoy busting your chops? Of course I do, but I would still do it even if I didn’t enjoy it so much. Like your negative reviews, it just has to be done.

Chris Peden says:

Sure sounds like damage control to me. Clearly you didn’t watch Fro’s review or even Matt Grangers with the audio on because their experience was nothing what you say yours was.

It’s also possible you had a bad apple. That doesn’t mean all of them are bad. QA isn’t perfect.

Fhhcgio Dryin says:

Don’t feel bad. You, guys, are that lighthouse in the dark age of greed. Honestly, I’m tired of that fake positivity where everybody shows teeth to each other while keep knife behind the back. Just keep doing what you do as long as you can because we need truth- not fake reviews. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO.

Adventure Widely, Love Broadly says:

I have more respect for you for being honest in your video, instead of just saying everything was good with a new product. Keep having integrity!

Robert Quinn says:

Thank you for your honesty and commitment even through the hailstorm of negativity from brand loyal haters.

Carl March says:

I’m sorry, Tony, but I think your review is based on very limited use and more or less expecting the Z6 to focus like it was a point and shoot. Even you point out that serious videographers are probably focusing manually a lot of the time. In my hands, AF-F works very well with proper lighting – one of your complaints was in an extremely backlit situation. IBIS works extremely well when the user exercises reasonable control over what they’re doing – I don’t think you gave it a serious test. Complaining about sensor dust is just petty. All cameras need their sensors cleaned from time to time and I’m certain that if that Z6 was your actual camera, you’d make sure the sensor was clean – it’s not rocket science. Canon may have a good idea in protecting the sensor – but it’s another mechanism that could fail and that I think most can live without. I’m not suggesting that you can’t make legitimate evaluations and unbiased criticisms of the Z6 – that’s your job. But, in my opinion, this review came across as short shrift, and much below your usual standards.

Károly Zieber says:

I would like, then dislike just to like this video again. Tony, your logic is unchallengeable, your intentions are pure. You are so polite, I still believe, you are Canadian 🙂

Prasad Palav says:

I agree

Alejandro Tamagno says:

Clearly sponsored by Sony. Sony bought your house too, why aren’t you honest about that? And what about the Sony tattoo being the real reason why you never appear shirtless in your videos? Lastly, if you change just one letter to your name, what do you get??? SONY!!!! illuminati exposed

ThePigvincent says:

“Nothing astonishes people like common sense and plain dealing…” R W Emerson

Kevin Warner says:

You’re not giving “negative camera reviews”, you’re simply pointing out OPPORTUNITIES for the camera maker. I’m serious here. When giving feedback, start with “what works well…what are the good features “, etc. Then point out the opportunities for improvement. I know it sounds politically correct, but it works. Most people accept that kind of feedback. I know i would if i was pushing a product.

Chrystal Frost says:

It’s good to give the good and bad of a product in a review.

Watch Viking says:

Don’t change! This channel is the KING of camera reviews.
Long time fan <3

Charles Edwards says:

More professional content I’ve come to expect from the Tony Northrop channel! Very objective content, nice!

O0oOo8oOo0O says:

To sum it up: You had the same branches non-focussing problems as Matt (7:54), but in your original video you didn’t mention them and even came out with 98% focus accuracy. You are useless.

David Montgomery says:

I would rather have the positives and the negatives, instead of a middle of the fence reviewer.

inkstatic says:

This is why I watch your videos.

Richter Tomatala says:

During the video I was just asking my self: what camera are you recording with? It has a great quality

Todd Leech says:

Thank you for your honesty

maxloverU says:

You broke my heart on z6 and z7 even though i will buy them anyway someday as i want better video camera than d750

Norman De George says:

Why do I never hear of Pentax cameras being used? They take decent photographs don’t they?

MrNando340 says:

I trust your reviews. In fact since past 3 years, I have learnt a lot from your videos and when selecting camera or lense, I watch your reviews first. In my opinion if someone decides to buy a product, it is all his own decision they shall not hold you responsible.

dib says:

I hate Jared Polin.

Raí Biason Toffoletto says:

We value your honesty!! When I bought your book, you basically wrote in your gear guide “this camera is awful and we don’t recommend” when talking about the canon eos-m 1 … I had just bought the camera, and four years later I still love it! There are problems, but for me, I can live with them and I’m happy. So I value your honesty and it was much more rewarding for me to buy something that you told that wasn’t that good, and in the end liking it!! If you have told me, buy THIS, THIS is great, and I hate the product… I’d be quite disappointed. Keep the good work! =D

Melody Chest says:

Call the suckers as it is guys .. appreciate you for that!

ytb V says:

Returning my z6 now.

Michael Stockwell says:

While many do in fact tune in to reviews to feel validated in their decisions, I still think that the majority of viewers do appreciate honest, informative reviews that are short on fluff and long on actual testing and analysis formed from years of experience. Personally, I don’t watch any review to be sold something and as someone who’s been into photography channels on YouTube for well over a decade, I can spot that kind of thing a mile away. Many prominent channels, which I won’t get into naming, have gone that route and today seem like nothing more than commercials for specific brands. I’m a bit disappointed in this general trend and have no time for it… but I do understand it. As the years have passed and YouTube slowly became a full-time source of income for many, more recent changes have curtailed those income streams and necessitated sponsorships, etc. Suffice it to say that some reviewers have felt it necessary to have sold their souls and abandoned all pretense of integrity. I’m very glad to see reviewers who aren’t simply ‘yes” men or women and tell it like it is. Thanks for the many years of doing what you do Tony and Chelsea!

Simon D Yates says:

Definitely appreciate the honest reviews. I was at first disappointed by your video on the S1 from a few days ago. I was disappointed because no one else brought this up. I rally wants this to be my next camera. I want full frame, 4k camera with IBIS, and good working AF for video. I went back and sure enough, in a lot of videos, I did see the same issue. Thanks for the honesty, and hard work. My next camera is for personal use. It is a lot of money, but I expect it to last many years and create great memories.

DreamArena says:

Saying everything is great is the easy way. You hype more people so get more likes. Companies like you so they fly you out more. You make more money. I commend you for not going the easy way and going the right way.

Desert Gecko says:

Did Matt put you up to this?

You guys get it right, we hit the Like button and all in the universe is good; but get it wrong and we’ll let you know we pay attention. Get it right and stop whining.

Devtron says:

I appreciate the honest review, I’m still trying to decide which full frame mirrorless to go with. I also don’t have any brand loyalty although I’ve only shot nikon aps-c. I think I’ll wait til the 24-70 2.8 and eyeaf come out for the nikon and if they fix the problems.

MarkieMAN64 says:

You’re “too positive”, people think you’re biased. You’re “too negative”, people think you’re biased. Utter nonsense. What you said about people wanting to confirm their own opinions by watching reviewers was good.

richard gould says:

This is why I like your channel, not all positive or negative. I’ve dropped a few high profile youtubers recently for that reason

D Balleri says:

Tony, who cares what the trolls say about you all taking money, gear, etc. Just keep doing what you’re doing, the way you’ve been doing it!

Jens Thillerup says:

The abrupt zoom in and out in the video I find most distracting. Please avoid.

Johan Stenberg says:

Isn’t it Jared Polin walking there in the middle of the crowd at 1:01?

RandomVideoProduction says:


Tony & Chelsea Northrup recently i just brought a used nikon D7200 which comes with a warranty from a large retail company called harvey norman ( SIngapore) which the owner had brought from. he told me he had the warranty extended which was true but he himself was not aware of the policy terms and told me that i could claim if it was broken.when i purchased it from him, the D7200 was having a broken diopter as it can’t focus but everything else was working. As i looked at the cosmetic of the camera it was in pretty bad shape but it did not show any dents so i brought it with the confidence of a big retailer warranty. Upon claiming the warranty i was told to send it to nikon for diagnostics and the receptionist there easily spot cracks and body misalignment. currently i am waiting for the outcome, but from what they told me the extended warranty do not cover accidental damage and after reading it is pretty much useless. i just burn a hole in my pocket and am really lost, the seller currently still replies to my message but told me to outsource the fix, nikon estimate that it would cost 500SGD which is about the same amount that i brought it. i hope you can advice as i am shocked to see a warranty plan (product care) that is useless.

Kiril Karaatanasov says:

You are doing reviews right! Thank you.

Other people skip over negatives but that is misleading……I am Sony shooter and am happy you told me all the pitfalls you saw on A6400. I prefer to know what I may be buying.

BenelliMr says:

And sorry, I did this comment anonymously, using my nickname; due to my extremely limited motorbike “Benelli” . But I need to do this because of my job. In exchange I keep my comments very honest

Juan Donis says:

Keep doing what you are doing. In my opinion, photography is about honesty.

BenelliMr says:

Unfortunately you spend a small fraction of your time (and money) on cameras and gears. But the overwhelming time you have to be shrinks: how can I formulate my words in order to upset a few less people. Most people don’t want to hear the truth; they want to hear what they want to hear. They have biased opinions and want you to confirm what they believe.
This is not exclusive for photography; it is true in all fields. Social networks made thing worse, much worse. And, as you explained so well in one of your previous videos, anonymity of social networks allow it to go toxic, independent of the subject

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