Video Camera Review 2015: Best Camera for YouTube

Best Camera for YouTube for Beginners // Whether you’re looking for the best point and shoot camera, a web camera, a waterproof camera or a digital camera you can use to make great videos, I’ve got a breakdown of camera reviews in this video.

My cameras:
Logitech HD Pro Webcam c920
iPhone 6
Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS
GoPro Hero 3+

iPhone lens attachments:

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VaZeRainVlogs says:

whats the best cam for MacBook Pro

Paul Kwitek says:


Madahontas says:

Your videos are so helpful, and your eyes are amaziiiiiiinnng!

TNLS Srinivas says:

Thank you. And what application do you use for Video editing. (editing software)

ThatSuaveFellow says:

Ohhhhhhh helpful indeed, thankssss

Chinek Kiio says:

Great video..You’ve convinced me to get a Go-Pro…

lee james wood says:

You are gorgeous, but good advice too !

AKSO Official says:

Hey, great video. Can you get 1080p from the c920 when shooting with something else but quicktime? I recently changed to mac and it was a bit of a let down to see that OBS for eg can shoot at 720 but no more (and to think that I was planning to buy a second camera). The reason I mention OBS is that I plan on recoding/streaming a multi-angle session or even cam/screen capture combo. Thanks in advance

Freez Gamer says:

How do we edit a video on a windows laptop

Skylar says:

OH MY GOD Thank you SO MUCH! I watched all youtube videos about cameras but they were all out of my price range. I’m gonna buy the Logitech HD pro webcam. I never knew people could get such good quality with that price. Thank you!

Unnecessary Videos says:

hi sunny lenarduzzi, i am currently doing a games channel with my friends, but i am now wishing to start my own, i am not too sure what camera to use. I am thinking about using the canon G7X but i don’t know if that would still be a good camera to use for mostly haul videos, how to videos and just the general youtube videos. I know it is the best vlogging camera, but is it still good to use for my type of videos? It would be great to hear from you! I am also wondering if any camera can use a tripod stand?

Jennifer C says:

Sunny, have you done a video on external mics for these cameras? That would be cool!

Innersound says:

marry me

Coral Laroc says:

Hi, can you tell me if it’s plugged into a USB 2 port as apparently, it’s not compatible with USB 3 (which is all I have on my laptop). Thanks

TediPln says:

Ty.That was useful.

MLG says:

Unfortunately for you, your cameras to clear.

I'm Shehzad says:

I have a lot of cameras

Brian Garcia Live says:

Hey Sunny! What video capture program do you use with the Logitech C920?

sam rathman says:

Which microphone are you using?

Sam Noscam says:

I have some cameras with video options , but the battery’s die so fast , do these cameras hold more charge value ?

Chinek Kiio says:

An extremely helpful video. I’m retired, so yes, I’m constantly on a budget. Thanks for saving me a lot of time and money. After watching your video, I think even I can do this. Many thanks for posting. Bye…

Soma Danz says:

Which camera would you use for cooking videos?

JussLex says:

this may be a weird question: but since the canon alpha 330 doesn’t have a flip screen how do you make sure your in the shot? hope this makes sense

jamie hardy says:

I love your video thank you for your very important information but there is one teenie tiny easy peasy hickup where the hell am i gonna get 400 us american dollars ??? Thnks

Jennifer Michele says:

Sooo helpful! I’m thinking of making a YouTube channel, so these tips are great.

Natasha lee says:

I’m getting pro camara to famil my prom night. Do you have any ides for me

Jamie Banks says:

Love your videos Sunny! What mic do you use when you use the Logitech HD Pro Webcam c920? Thanks!

ellie mc eldowney says:

Thank you so much that really helped me!!!!! I’m only starting YouTube so I know what I’m gonna get instead of being lost

Soul's Purpose says:

Id got the Logitech C310, and I must say it sucks after sometime. It gets stuck and then the sound starts overlapping. I was just going for a cheaper option as didn’t want to spend much. But now I know why cheaper things get more expensive for you. As they turn just useless after sometime! ughhh

ItsJustAlyssa says:

this was so helpful!! I think I will look into that webcam of yours, but what editing software do you use?

Kelli H. says:

I am looking for a nice quality HD video camcorder that is small , qreat quality recording up to 8 hours with still image . Do you know some good ones out there ?

Anonymous says:

Thank you for this, I have been looking into cams for my wife’s tutorial videos that she uploads to youtube and needed an idea as to what can be best her needs.

PCS Business Forms says:

Thank you for your input on this.

Kareem Eweis says:

You look so beautiful! <3

Lorie Brumfield says:

I just bought a GoPro black and it’s pretty amazing!

Kristopher Ferrell says:

I only want to buy a camera that I can sync with music recording so that I can get a really good video of me playing and then match the recording over top of it. what do you think would be the best choice for that?

SKLVL says:

Logitech Pro cam is $65 on Amazon right now 😀

Peter Kyritsis says:

Please tell me where did you get the picture on the wall with the birds?

Bill Miller says:

I want to do a short video of a 8 inch camper tablet.
I need to be about 7-10 inches away from the tablet screen and be able to read the printing
on the screen.
Can i use this Logitech for that purpose?
I will be about 25 feet from my compter. Will a usb extension cable work.?
If this camera doesn’t work do you have a suggestion?
This was a great video with great sound.
Are you using a separate mic?

The Outdoors Unlimited With Team Instinct says:

Will a Iphone 5 shoot full screen videos? If so how do you get it to do so? Thanks

Adam Bock says:

Nice video my friend

bluffmasterhara says:

Great video! You mentioned “video editing software” 1m10s – what do you use? Thanks!

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