Think Tank Roller Derby Review (Camera Bag for Airports)

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Phil Indeblanc says:

if it doesn’t have top access to the camera, I’ll skip it and get a rolling messenger bag, and use something like this as a second bag for more gear. last thing I want is to lay it down and then access the camera.

Danny B. says:

Tony, I noticed a scar on your knee. Did you have surgery at some point?

PuppiesforPresident says:

3:34 My favorite thing about this channel is all the little tid-bits of helpful info tony and chelsea throw into every video. Thanks Tony, ill try not to bleed on any of my clients in future.

Peter Smyth says:

Tony has the same line laptop as me, that’s convenient if I want to know if mine fits.

Mister Svorc says:


I have one question. I am undecided about which camera should i buy. I am considering Nikon D5300 or Canon 700D. I want to picture landscape and nature mostly but i can not decide. Can u help me, or give me a suggestion for some another model ? tnx

baker2niner says:

TT makes ‘pro’ gear. It’s not for the weekend warrior. The stitching and materials are a couple steps up from the looks-good-lasts-4-months stuff. Have had the urban disguise 60 for 3 years and it’s still going strong in everyday use. You’ll see a lot of sports guys on the sidelines wearing their harnesses and straps. If you can afford it, it’s thoughtfully made and lasts a long time. If you need to go cheap, I’d get the Pelican 1510.

The cable/lock is for storing things in low threat areas — storing the gear you can’t take in closets/offices in stadiums, churches, etc for sports and wedding photographers, etc. Keeps honest people honest.

Crewchief 227 says:

Ah, a Nikon EN-EL15 charger for a D5. You almost had me that it was what you actually packed. LOL

Danny B. says:

I don’t think $400 is expensive if you are carrying at $6500 camera and $2200 lens.

Dennis Ruzeski says:

It’s expensive but it’s hard to put a price on securing your gear from damage.. a $400 investment is a small price to pay when you’ve got 10 to 12 grand in gear to move around and protect, especially if you travel for a living.

DropAGearDisappear says:

That plug is not in the links?

Marc Glasby says:

$400+ for a bag?! Wow, way too much. We are so lucky in WA to have dozens of amazing Op-Shops (charity shops) that sell bags for next to nothing. I have picked up all my camera bags from Op-Shops and the most I have ever paid was $15 for a Lowepro Toploader Pro 70 Aw, most bags have cost me between $2 and $6. Picked up a great Eddie Bauer travel bag (similar to the one in the review but not specifically for cameras) for $6. If you can buy second had bags you can save a heap of money.

Adam Craig Outdoors says:

pretty cool bag though. Minus the price of course!! But i guess if that is what you do, travel with a camera, then it would be worth it!!

jd3sdaa says:

Love your huawei watch, but this bag really is nothing special….its not as good looking as those RIMOWA cases…and the price is not attractive too, i really love your channel, but i think what i want to say is as a photography channel, if you going to review some none-photography gear(the fact that u can put camera in it does not make it a photography gear), it needs to be reaaaaaaaaaaaaally special, sorry Tony just don’t love this video.

Poul Riishede says:

“You don’t wanna bleed on your clients” – GOLD! 😀

Yuksel Pinarbasi says:

Nikon D5 body with Canon 70-200 lens?

Kamal Bahanwal says:

Please send me link for this ac connector at 2.46. Or what is it called.

CapturingMedia says:

I’ve had this roller bag for years. Never had a problems on any flight as a carry on domestic or international. The four wheels help it roll down airplane isles easy peasie. It’s expensive but worth every penny. I can fit everything I need for a shoot

liwyatan says:

Hi, great review!
That little adapter that you showed for the battery charger, where I can find it? I hate cables too. 😉

Don Mc Quillan says:

Great bag.

Daniel Bustos says:

Hah, cut out the lock thats meant to keep people from cutting it and taking your luggage.

Sascha says:

How would this compare to the Think Tank Airport international v2?

Tom Gee says:

So when are u going to do a proper review of the Fuji X-T2 AS  I write just watched a video on the X-T2 its faster AF than the D500yet people still don’t believe how’s about an unbiased review this timethe last time u done a review without even having the camera and u were so NEGATIVE                                                              Tom G

Aaron Yang says:

It’s weird I got the AC plug (2:53) right out of the box with my purchase of D750, but I didn’t get the cable.

ErebosGR says:

3:15 dat burst xD

Andy Thilo says:

Sorry but can you move that bloody candle back against the wall please? It’s really screwing with my OCD.

xiatian80 says:

Which model is that tripod? Thanks

James Moore says:

If you want a cheaper option I’ve found the costco suitcase and made a divider system for it to be excellent and its lasted a few years.

eXaviar sanTos says:

please review the toshiba transferjet wifi sd cards

blueeffusion says:

but how is that toshiba?

Francisco Santos says:

a nikon body with a canon lens.. tony.. look at to see why it doesnt fit together

James Gordon says:

Love the Zagreb style chess set by the way. By far my favorite to play with.

The bag looks nice too haha

Flavio Lombardi Vlogs says:

you dont wanna bleed on your clients.. haha

losimagic says:

Hi Tony – I can’t find those charger connectors very easily, I keep getting the cables in my searches – any chance you could link to one please? The look super useful!
Thanks 🙂

Neal Rattican says:

I have this bag. It’s perfect for travel

cabbageturnips says:

How did you enjoy Ireland?

Dalibor Mrkic says:

Good call on that combination lock, they can be picked in few seconds. Just cut it out and save weight. If you want good lock for that bag check out Abus or Abloy padlocks, stay away from Master Lock and American (now owned by Master)

Enrique says:

Sometime ago I watched a video that you made comparing printing labs, you recommended (by showing side by side photos) WHCC and I want to thank you, today I received a large print from them and it exceeded my expectations, I’m super happy with the results. Thank you for all the help and advice you give the photographic community.

Stephan Eilert says:

wow, a positive review! ahha just kidding 😀 I really like your bashing reviews, makes me confident that you are speaking honestly. Based on your videos, I got tamrons 70-200mm 2.8 VC and I love that lens. Thanks!

Igor David says:

hi, can you do review for RED camera?

Crocellian says:

Nice, quick and helpful. No silly music track either. I wish all accessories reviews were this tight (I don’t mean work flow stuff – more is better there.)

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