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Jessica Jean says:

I’d like to see him toss around RED 8k lol

Hidden Realm Designs says:

i cant stand to watch anymore, sorry i know there are tons of subscribers but just cant handle it

The Lifeless Youtuber says:

I think He is Mad

Sk Raghav says:

hi, Casey pl suggest me wide angle lens for my 80 D Canon. I want to shoot landscapes and building,.. lense should have stabilisation be would be an additional benefit for me. I want lense which serve my still and video photography both…Please suggest.

Situ Zhao says:

If I was a camera I definitely don’t want to be a Casey neigstat camera

Mico Bonanno says:

NO NO NO the best Camera is obviously the RED camera $50,000 for just camera the screen lens and every thing else needed to use it $170,000

R.K'S play'Z says:

Casey I need an camera but I can’t afford one or any other camera you can give me one dslr any brand pls just dslr

Hana Said says:

I have the same exact one

Ihsan Seecharan says:

do u live in new york

Ragnarok says:

I really fucking hope you get killed

Don'tBreakTheBank says:

*Title* *update* : How to abuse a camera !!

abe mazza says:


Mohammad Barkat Ali MBAR says:

oi harami .. ki sob bal sal vedio .. making koris …..

Mike Dee says:

That’s a good idea with the tape covering the name

Silas Piacenti says:

I don’t know a single thing about filming. To me, both cameras are very good. Can’t see a difference… And I really enjoy your videos!!

BennyCFD says:

Well, I think for the price you would be pretty pressed to find (for the money) a better camera than a Canon 5d markI full frame DSLR.

GottaHitThat Sub says:

that camera is 800 $ that’s so much and you are youst throwing it

nusratnuchi says:

He’s so harsh to the new camera? Breaks my heart dude.

RandomChannel Offical says:

Should I get a 80D for Photography

Josh Meade says:

The best camera money can buy is the ARRI ALEXA 65, nice one

Ikmo Monki says:

francine is savage af

Erich Barck says:

You’re funny as hell man, loving your vids

will vaughan says:

Gh5 or a7sii is so much better Than that thing

AGeekyGuy says:

I didn’t see the difference in the cameras, on a 4k screen, and no link to exact setup like done in previous videos.

ShaK says:

Tanto ci sunno i soidde.

Sreenath kr says:

dis respectfullll

Ihsan Arofiq says:


Tanya Makena says:

Now I see why you never got what you wanted for Christmas as a kid! If this is how you treat your stuff, I wouldn’t even bother buying you as much as a coloring book! Just because you can afford stuff like this you want to act like a brat! You’re disturbed!

Scott Copeand says:

He is just showing off for his fans watch me drop this 3000 thousand dollar camera I’ll just buy another one you suck ass you twit

Scott Copeand says:

Why can’t you be more like Peter McKinnon he has class your a dick

Joshabosher Games says:

Can’t really tell the difference

#mikemerone Merone says:

I think you need to look at the green B thing in back. When you switched the lens! The green B ,Went out of focus. It back your left My right. I did it 10 times i am right …… Look…

Kicks On Fire - Sneaker Unboxings, Reviews and Tips says:

spend your money on portable Wi-FI

Scott Copeand says:

You are a serous dumb ass just because you have money now you act act like you have been trashing cameras and drones forever your a dick.

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