The BEST Budget 4K Camera! $500 STEAL – Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Review (G7 Review)

AntLion ModMic:
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 (or just Panasonic Lumix G7) is the best budget 4K camera for video that you can buy today. Especially if you can catch one of the $500 sales for it.

Product Links (affiliate):
Panasonic G7 Body + 14-42mm Kit Lens:

Rokinon 12mm T2.2 Cine Lens for Micro Four Thirds Mount:

This camera features a convenient mirrorless design, provides fantastic 4K Ultra HD video quality at 100 mbps, can also shoot 1080p 60 FPS, and is compatible with a wide variety of lenses.

I recommend the Panasonic Lumix G7 to ANYONE wanting to start YouTube or making high-quality content. This review includes a video quality test, video test, review, and sample shots of the DMC-G7 4K mirrorless camera.

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Samir Fennane Vision says:

why my camera panasonic g7 shot in 50 fps and not 60 fps?

JulianGoesPro says:

sounds like you like to shoot in auto mode with the T3i, have you tried using auto ISO in manual, that’s IMO perfect if you like to not mess much with settings and don’t like shooting in AV mode 🙂 I try to stay away from the “normal” Auto mode^^

Medokn says:

Such a noice camera with that kit lens, i picked it up for $450

Kasper Nørgaard says:

Which lense do you use to film this with a nice depth of field?

Chill Vibes says:

i know this is random and late but i didnt know you were on valve guides!

May PoolQueen says:


D says:

Just found your channel. Love it. Subbed.

Victor McAuley says:

tip top review – have subscribed to your channel so keep up the good work

Mani Bamiri says:

hi…are you sure the g7 support external rec with 4.2.2 ?

Syed Mustafa says:

Nicely described video about the camera specs but if you like this camera for its 4K capabilities, shoot something better than a keyboard and a cpu.

BrashTix says:

still rockin the 600d.. def gonna focus on an upgrade soon tho glass is the primary objective atm

Kagan says:

I shoot with a D3200 and a 50MM and my camera too is noisy at ALL ISOs it crazy how much gear does matter when you are trying to take up your quality. I’m definitely looking at picking up a G7 or G85 soon. Great video by the way.

iOS Tutorials says:

Had this camera since Christmas. A REALLY great camera, I suggest that anyone should pick this up, budget or not.

british vlogger7 says:

I have the G7, it is like a vloggers starter pack camera, it has 4k video, long battery life (I have gone through at least 4 hours of shooting before a low battery indicator has flashed)
you can program the buttons to your liking, need to put a cannon lens on there? Fine! just spend £10 on an adaptor and your grand, it has most importantly the vloggers paradise…….in built time lapse mode, the camera can do a time lapse and put it together for you! It isn’t a gimmick it has proper settings proper manual control, probably one of the most bang for the buck cameras you can ever buy….period, this is what £600 can buy you
when i got mine i couldn’t find a silver one, so i assume they must be rare, which is sad but it still looks great,

My message of this comment: Fucking buy the damn thing already, there is no better option

LatchPlays says:

Now that the g7’s aren’t on sale, still worth the buy at 800$?

Foxx Games says:

definitely thinking of getting this soon!

Nick Papantonakis says:

So you said you can not take a still picture from the videos is that correct?

Spencer Halse says:

You should get the mode dial switch thing checked out because that has never happened to mine. I love my G7! Great value for money, and with the work I do, it’s not worth spending anymore than absolutely needed.

Sendim says:

Nice review!! Good vídeo 😉

Mighty Jaime says:

I wish i didnt bought the canom 70d

ItsTBiG says:

Cool video Adam! Also, since you are doin’ well with tech can you help me with something? I want to start streaming in Twitch using my MacBook, but unfortunately I don’t know how to implement desktop audio in OBS, such as it’s not there in any Apple’s computer. My OS version is El Capitan 10.11 and I run the latest version of OBS. Is there any way I can have desktop audio? Thanks in advance!

Zyren says:

This Camera is beast! But panasonic’s colors / white balance is not something to brag about… so you gotta have good color grating

Krzysztex says:

can it do slow mo in 240 FPS?

Montrenco Perez says:

Nikon A900 is the best Budget 4K Camera (US$379).

Charlie Wallis says:

Great review pal, helped me make my decision in getting this camera 🙂

VinGin says:

I loved my G7 so much that I bought two. And I got them om sale, for 350 each (including 14-42kit lens). I shoot all my videos on my channel on these bad boys.

Tricklarock says:

Was that lens at the end the Rokinon cinema you were talking about? Do you remember the price? Thanks!

That pile a Bricks says:

Thanks this was really help full the rewiew is Great

charlie brownau says:

I have the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 , when this DMC-G7 is ACTUALLY AUD$500 ill look into it , but currently for AUD$800 its a bit much

Sumanth K says:

sadly this thing costs 1500$ in india! freakkking sucks! -.-

JoshTechBytes says:

Awesome review. One day I’ll get a nice camera like this.

El mehdi Moumen says:

Canon 750d OR Lumix G7

Najeeb Badalandabad says:

should put some links on the lens you use, well the other ones besides the kit and the roki

Jorge Martinez says:

I shoot weddings with g7’s! Huge bang for my money

haxA says:

How much battery lasts on non-stop recording?

Interface Death says:

Thanks for the review. What format can you film 4K in on the G7?

NemoMclovin says:

this camera sucks in bad weather tho and it’s really hard to find wide lens or lenses that aren’t so much money. and i have a question I have a 8GB 6th gen intel hp do you think tho 4k video will destroy my laptop

Ryan E says:

Awesome review on the G7. I’ve been looking at getting either the G7 or G85. I want to get back into doing video and some photography. Thanks for the info. And it’s cool to see some good content coming out of the same area near me.

OnTheGo says:

would still go with the sony A6000

Ben Corwin says:

Why can’t I buy this thing without a lens??

Mick Logtenberg says:

Awesome review. Gonna get this in a kit for about 650 (microphone, tripod, bag, the whole shabang). This video pretty much sold me. Great work

David Payne says:

Canon video just doesn’t cut it – I’m tied between this or the A7


I’ve got a Minolta X370 Just like that, Mint condition. It works great, holding down a messy pile of papers on my desk. What a nicely built camera though! …I keep thinking there’s gotta be something more useful for it than this! …Nice Video!

Infernal says:

Thanks for the review fam, I need to buy a camera for start

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