The best 4K camera to date? Sony A7S II Review

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Moritz from Fenchel & Janisch reviews the Sony α7S II that can shoot 4K video at 24 and 30 frames per second and up to 120 frames per second in 1080p to create slow motion shots. The review gives an overview of the most important features and settings like the flat picture profile S-Log3, the 5-axis optical image stabilization (SteadyShot) & the low light capabilities with up to ISO 409.600.
The Alpha 7S II also has useful settings like focus peaking, zebra to judge exposure, timecode and full manual audio control.

High resolution sample photos captured with the A7S II:

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Marcel Fenchel and Moritz Janisch are a team of filmmakers based in Frankfurt, Germany.
Their film production company, Fenchel & Janisch, produces commercials and corporate videos for a broad variety of companies from different branches.
Since the start of the DSLR revolution their goal is to provide interesting and straight to the point filmmaking and editing tutorials for beginners and advanced film enthusiasts from all over the world.
Besides famous tutorials like “The ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking” or “How to get the Filmlook” that both got over 1 Million views on YouTube, Fenchel & Janisch also share technical gear reviews, short films and behind the scenes videos. The documentary “Format Frankfurt” was entirely shot with HD DSLRs over a period of three years. The full-length film premiered in May 2014 in German cinemas and is available on video on demand:

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ukmonk says:

had my Sony A7S2 since launch and I love it. its amazing!!

Mike Messiah says:

How does it fare against Panasonic Gh4

ZT says:

4:19 “120fps in 1080p”
You can get that on an iPhone lol

Vijay Mishra says:

Which Adaptor are you using to use Canon Lens?

Brandon Celine says:

Hi please can someone help me?

when i film on my Sony a7sii my lenses wont find focus on Continuous AF and they just jitter searching for focus, even if it eventually finds focus it still goes in and out on the subject.
Can anyone advise what i do??Thanks

See Mee says:

i see Fenchel but where the fuck is Janisch?

Tampatec says:

I can’t recommend Sony as a tech that repairs Many Sony products their customer service is bad and electronics don’t hold up compared to canon and Panasonic. Casey neisat which is a film maker uses canon cameras. info from my years as a tech.

itsGoosie says:

Fenchel, does the A7sII autofocus work during video while using a metabones and canon glass? I have been searching but I can’t find any concrete info.

RyanBCreative says:

This would be the god of all SLRs if it had a higher bit color, swivel LCD screen, and 60fps in 4k! Right now I’m still with my GH4 the low light is pretty bad but it gets the job done.

Miguel Cisneros says:

Which one should i buy? Canon 80D, 6D or Sony a6300? I want it mostly for video production. Is 4k really worth it? Can someone point out why would a Canon (80D or 6D) be better than a Sony a6300?. Thanks a lot 🙂

bankhead39 says:

im confuse why ppl are so crazy about this camera with only 12mp

williamjver says:

The Golden Voice of Moritz Janisch.
Another great video by Fenchel-Janisch

The Tinker Wins Prods says:

Saying that this camera “should be used by” or “should be for” Youtubers is like saying a Ferrari should be driven by someone picking up groceries. 10 or so years ago (before the world became politically sensitive/correct) one might finish up this comment by typing: STUPID.

robert moran says:

Low light. It’s an amazing system without question. I own one and it’s stellar.

HammerBann says:

The “Bildquality”? 😀

disadadi says:

Sony F65 is better. From 2012 I believe.

j rae says:

How do you do the split screen before and after grade difference of the same clip?

Ryan Thomas says:

When will the newer model that doesn’t over heat come out ?

Lorenzo Yearby says:

Only 8 bit?? I thought the camera can now shoot in 14 bit RAW??

Faraz Alam says:

Which EF to E mount adaptor are you using?

RS Studios says:

Please do a review of canon 5d mark 4

Pablo M. Daza says:

Now i know which camera to buy

Jhay-M Productions says:

Hi i was wondering if the stabilisation inside the a7s2 works on Rokinon lenses ? or do you need a adaptor ?

BHF says:

Great review, thank you.

Susanta Shuvo says:

Please suggest me which Pro DSLR Mirror-less camera is best to buy for today-es film making? I have a Canon 7D & a 70D & some kit lenses. Now I want to buy a pro DSLR & Some pro lenses for my upcoming pro projects. My budget is around US$5,000.

Survival Deutschland says:

what is realy sad is then this camera is mostliky useless for the most youtuber`s because you cant see your self while filming, what a shame acctually

Sergey GreatDayPhoto says:

WHY MARK II ? it’s no canon! 🙂 Just “7S II” boys 🙂

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