Tested: Hover Camera Quadcopter Drone

We review the Hover Camera Passport, a lightweight foldable quadcopter that uses computer vision technology to track your face and body as it flies around you. We love its sturdy compact design and ease of use, and take the drone out for test flights around the city. Here’s what we think of the resulting footage.

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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Tested is:
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Norman Chan http://www.twitter.com/nchan
Simone Giertz http://www.twitter.com/simonegiertz
Joey Fameli http://www.twitter.com/joeyfameli
Adam Isaak http://www.instagram.com/adamisaak
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Sismi Priguna says:

I wanna have one of those camera but, wait can I have 80% discount from original price? super expensive for me, wait for Chinese factory made more cheeper

Be Strong says:

Waiting for a better quality. Then I’ll shut up, and just let you take my money. It’s a great concept. Need a lot of improvement however.

ElectricChaplain says:

I wonder what type of tracking algorithms the drone is actually using. If it’s using background subtraction (very bad) or Viola-Jones it would explain tracking being worse in poor lighting as compared to hog classification. The drone doesn’t sport a GPU so it can’t use a CNN.

AJohnson0325 says:

Great idea but not worth the $$$. Not enough flight time and video quality is poor. A flying camera that doesn’t fly well or take good video.

Marius says:

That design is fucking genius. When I saw the commercial I wanted to buy one imediatly. But this quality is just too bad. And is battery life supposed to be this bad on drones?

Martin Bossev says:

great honest review. thanks!


Unfortunately another Waste of Time and Money. For $400 more, the DJI MAVIC PRO blows this piece of crap away.

Adam Gill says:

Great Review – Well presented and detailed.

BarTab Mag says:

12 seconds to boot up to long? What the hell is wrong with people?

Tse Tse says:

piece of shit

JelloFluoride says:

Pretty crap price point for the actual quality of the Video. Now if it were 300ish I’d say that was legit.

Martin Rothuis says:

so it is controlled through wifi does that mean you can also just set up a hotspot on your mobile

iiiDartsiii says:

good thing about this drone is that you can also use it as a laptop cooler

Sherif Taha says:

nice work bro i like the review more than the hover camera

Arthur Thompson says:

what about using it for pictures?

Yucannt Hahvitt says:

The dynamic range in the footage looks really poor. Looks like a case of “muh megapixels” where they wanted to have 4K so they could say it was 4K instead of speccing a sensor that was good all around.

Cleli Mendoza says:

550$? a BIG bullshit!!!

ZarTh Vader says:

How does it react when signal is lost? Lets say you are 15 meters in the air and signal is lost. Does is start to come down to land? Does it stay there until battery dies and then fall to the ground?

Tiago Maltês says:

600$ for a 8-10 minutes flying camera!?? what a rip-off!!!

Ricouk74 says:

but at the end of the day it was fun right


nice review…….but for 7-8 mins of flight, definitely a waste of money…..


8mins..thats wack

Brian King says:

For $600, I’d rather just pay a random from Craigslist to come out on a bunch of hikes to hold my phone for me.

White Noise says:

8-10 minutes? Needs to 15-20 at least …

gblan says:

Good review. I had high hopes for this one. Oh well, maybe next version.


Hiii there! What camera, lens and FPS are you recording on? i love the quality.

ParticleRings says:

this thing is $500+? even with a cellphone quality cam? I can buy something else for that rpice

Jeff Myers says:

Nice review…thanks!

Detroit12boi says:

my wife is probably going to leave me but I’m really want this

Zero Four says:

Nobody can make me believe that records are 4K video quality.. Image stabilizer are look too weak. But that could be better in the future.. For now.. Nope !

Sigma Tech says:

4:25 No, you’re wrong. All quadcopters will have a gyroscope and accelerometer (the sensors that an IMU uses). There is no way for the quad to fly without those two sensors.

Zac Hughes says:

I can’t stop focusing on how hairy that guy’s arms are.

Jon Mitchell says:

Totally not worth almost $600. 10 minutes of video footage? What type of shit is that

Gary T. says:

Great review. Great concept and design but looks like it doesn’t live up to some of it’s claims. The camera needs a gimble for stabilization and better quality video processing and the tracking is wonky. Not worth the $550 to $600 asking price.

Patricia Karam says:

sooooooo dissapointed :(!!! thank God I saw this review, seconds before ordering it! thank you!

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